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  1. Deniro

    G4tv Game of the Year Voting: Skyward Sword Needs Your Help!

    Skyward Sword is currently against Fifa 12, and it's winning by MILES, but next round is Batman, and that is gonna be tougher http://www.g4tv.com/vgdm/best-game-2011/vote/202/fifa12-vs-zeldaskywardsword/?rnd=4036079403 make yourself an account and vote for the TRUE game of the year :)
  2. Deniro

    What the Toilet Will Be Used for

    I just read on the norwegian gamingsite gamereactor.no the article also talks about that this game is harder than before. link: http://www.gamereactor.no/previews/126130/The+Legend+of+Zelda%3A+Skyward+Sword/ it's in norvegian sorry if anybody already said this:)
  3. Deniro

    Majora's Mask Minimalist Run Stone Tower Temple Second Miniboss Help

    So I was doing a Minimalist run of MM, but I've been stuck at this guy forever, as far as I know, all I have to do is shoot hm with light arrows, then slash him when he is open, and block when his not, this works fine until I run out of magic, and I hae to move further away from him so that he...
  4. Deniro

    Exclusive Video 3 is Out!

    game informers third exclusive video is out, it is very short and is showing how you find stone blocks on the ground, slash them with sword beams and treasures appear in the sky that you can go to small islands to get. It reminds me of WW treasure hunting, but does IMO look more fun...
  5. Deniro

    Deniro's Sig and Avi Shop

    Hi, I decided to try out my paint.net skills by creating matching sigs and avis, like the ones I have right now, to further improve my skills, I would very much like to create Sigs and Avis for you guys, so please come with requests!:)
  6. Deniro

    Great Sea is Hyrule and TERMINA?

    Ok, so I just had this idea that the Great Sea in Wind Waker may be a flooded hyrule+Termina, why do i say so? well, here the evidence I've found. Tingle, who comes from Termina, appears at the great sea The Postal system, who excisted in Termina, but not hyrule, is present at the Great sea...
  7. Deniro

    Zelda Art Deniro's Zelda Art

    Hey there, I wanted to create a thread for my Zelda art, so I did :wave:, first, here is two enemies from Zelda 1, a Lynel and an Octorock. both of these are drawn digitally, and both of these are drawn today. The next piece is a crew of pirates drawn in wind waker style that i drew a while...
  8. Deniro

    Trying to Make Sense Out of the Timeline

    Trying To make sense of the timeline Warning: This post is long, if you want to read only the conclusion, jump to the end! I need help on the BS and in-game happenings of MC, FS, FSA, OOX and ST. Whenever I try to make a timeline, there is always something that contradict something else...
  9. Deniro

    Placing Loz/Aol on the Timeline

    So I've been trying to fit loz/Aol on the timeline for quite some time, and here is what I found FACT: Ganon is present in loz FACT: Ganon is dead in Aol FACT: Ganon can be revived using links blood FACT: AoL is the first time the triforce of courage is used since the first princess zelda...
  10. Deniro

    Skyward Sword to Be Released in October?

    http://3dsportal.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/skyward-sword-to-be-released-in-october/ in the official nintendo magazine, it says that Skyward sword is going to be released in october, is this true? is it just a placeholder? would it have been on ZD's front page if it was the truth? Discuss...
  11. Deniro

    Wind Waker Minimalist Run

    My question is basicly; what items are required to beat the game (any%) without glitches, and are getting the sea chart not allowed?:thinking:
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