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  1. YIGAhim

    Rank the Zelda Games Based Off Of Polarization

    This is simple. Just rank the games from least polarizing to most polarizing. I'm just curious, given that the last couple games have been pretty darn polarizing (Or I see it that way). BONUS HARD MODE: Rank the % of players you think each opinion represents. For Example: "I think Metroid...
  2. YIGAhim

    Sign Ups 007 Mafia

    Hello and welcome to YIGA's first ever time hosting a mafia game! No, it's not impossible mafia, although it was a good idea which I will not spoil in case I get to do it some other time. Anyways, this is a game of mafia with no gimmicks, really. Just expect new roles and stuff Of course, as...
  3. YIGAhim

    Would a very low NPC count lower a Zelda Game's quality?

    So I am playing Dark SOuls right now and am noticing that there are very very few NPCs. Like maybe I've seen 5. Since the focus of Zelda is very different than the focus of Dark SOuls, it may be difficult to say, but do you think a small NPC count would make a game less enjoyable? Small...
  4. YIGAhim

    Super-Spy: Operation FOCUS

    "Greetings. I am sure you allknow why you have been asked here. You are to embark on a mission to Chile and will continue from there in order to stop the threat. If you fail, a nuclear bomb will drop, killing millions if not billions. Make sure it doesn't happen. Each of you have a particular...
  5. YIGAhim

    Super-Spy: Operation Focus (SIGNUPS)

    Hello! New RP. It's about being a spy and infiltrating an organization. You know, classic stuff. You must be a good guy. Sorry The Intelligence communities of the World are secretly gathering together their top operatives to join forces for a dangerous mission. OPERATION FOCUS. According to...
  6. YIGAhim

    Should Countries Assist Others in Their Time of Need?

    First off, thank you @Stormageden747 for suggesting I make a thread on this. It's simple. Should countries assist others in their times of need? From providing troops for wars, relief efforts after earthquakes, or feeding the starving African Children, and ect. If so, how much? I find that the...
  7. YIGAhim

    Odyssey vs Galaxy

    Ok, so Super Mario Odyssey is pretty groundbreaking, but so was Super Mario Odyssey. Many people now consider Odyssey their favorite Mario game, but many still consider Galaxy their favorite game, or at least, a better one than Odyssey. I am here to ask which is your favorite of the two, if...
  8. YIGAhim

    The Last Blockbuster

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/07/14/why-are-you-still-here-inside-the-last-blockbuster-left-in-america/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.39e8efb00292 There is now one final remaining Blockbuster in the Universe. What do you think? Did you ever have fond memories of Blockbuster?
  9. YIGAhim

    Survivor: Forums Apart

    Hello, and welcome to the Second Season of Survivor. Survivor: Forums Apart. In this Season, you will be pitted against 1 other tribe and 11 other people, where only one shall remain, and be crowned Sole Survivor. This year, I would like to note, the game has had several important...
  10. YIGAhim

    Bringing Back Important Items in an Open World Game

    I have said this a couple times before, but I believe that items such as the clawshots need to come back to Zelda, even in an open world. Seems kinda difficult, because that'd make the game very linear, but I think there is a way that items that we all know and love can come back while also...
  11. YIGAhim

    Survivor Season 2 SIGNUPS

    Hello all! We have a special treat for you today... Survivor Season 2 is beginning right here on ZD, and it all starts with signups! Things to know: there are no replacements You will need Discord There is a survey to take when you sign up for the purpose of the game. It will not save your...
  12. YIGAhim

    Life or Choice? The Abortion Discussion

    If a woman is pregnant and they don't want to be, should they be allowed to abort? Life, or choice? Why?
  13. YIGAhim

    Will Zelda Switch expand or shrink?

    BoTW was massive. It was huge. It had many plot and game holes that fans hated, however. Quantity over quality, or a little of both, perhaps. Anyways, do you think Nintendo will go big again and expand the size of the world, or do you think they will shrink it down to maybe Skyrim size (Still...
  14. YIGAhim

    Survivor Season 2 Comod Requests and General Recommendations

    Hello! After the success of Survivor Season 1 on ZD, there was a lot of stuff that was needed to be improved. Many of these things sound like they'd take a lot of extra thought and planning and time, so I have decided to make this as early as I could. I am searching for a Co-Jeff at the...
  15. YIGAhim

    Would Newer Fans Really Care For A 2D Switch Zelda?

    People who had their first experience with Zelda from Breath of The Wild and got hooked (Or at least liked the game and may or may not have wanted to try more), are probably looking for Breath of the Wild type games, such as Skyrim. These fans have most likely only played BoTW, or maybe a...
  16. YIGAhim

    Should I Buy A Replacement DS?

    So I mislaid my DS at school and it is now stolen. I don't expect to ever see it again. I still would loec to play MM, OoT, and many other Zelda games that I have for the DS, and want to use it for Smashing at school still, but don't want to pay a whole 200$ for an outgoing system. I am...
  17. YIGAhim

    What Does A Job Opening in Design Mean for Zelda Switch?

    As you may know, Nintendo is now searching for new level, cutscene, character, (ect) designers for the new Switch Zelda game. While there are often many job openings at many companies, this could also be a bad thing. It is good that Nintendo is trying to get fresh new ideas, but it is also bad...
  18. YIGAhim

    Can We Improve BoTW's Climbing?

    I have seen and heard little if not ZeRo complaints about the climbing in BoTW besides the rain. Is it perfect already? Is it fine but not perfect? Does it need a lot of work? I would like your thoughts on this subject :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  19. YIGAhim

    How Do you Hold Your Writing Utensils?

    Ok, so over the past few years, I've noticed that not everyone holds pencils and pens and stuff the same way. Of course that's the case. They say "Pick up your pencil" when they teach you and never correct it... Well, I want to know how you hold yours Pictures are appreciated, but not necessary.
  20. YIGAhim

    General SSB Who is Your Smash Main?

    Who is your smash main? Is it different in other smash games? I main Captain Falcon in smash 4, with Sheik and Cloud as pockets, although I am pretty versatile. I am good at Lucas, Mario, Marth, Ganondorf, Link and a few others. I suck at Little Mac, Mewtwo, and basically any other Pokemon.
  21. YIGAhim

    Would You Rather Game

    Simple. After you answer it you ask one. Would you rather sleep really well and wake up really tired, or toss and turn all night and wake up really well rested?
  22. YIGAhim

    Political "discussion" (Argument) thread

    Ok we need one of these. No more turn all the other M.D threads into this, we need a specific Republican vs Democrat battle arena. Well now it's here. First topic: Guns I'll start: I believe myself to be a strong democrat. However, I am more or less pro gun... :shrugs: I guess this is where...
  23. YIGAhim

    Ultimate Smash 5, or is it REALLY?

    Smash Switch is on its way, but we don't know much about it. We know it supposedly a new game, but so was Splatoon2, which many consider to basically be one giant Splatoon update. Is this the case with Smash Switch? Will it be Smash 5, or is it just Sm4sh Deluxe? Discuss
  24. YIGAhim

    Ultimate Would Smash 5 Destroy the Joy-Cons?

    Smash Bros is the kind of series that can singlehandedly wear out and destroy controllers. Just look at how ferociously the Melee players play. Joy-Cons are tiny little things that look like they would be broken by just being touched. Would they be able to survive ferocious Smash Players? I...
  25. YIGAhim

    BoTW 1 Year Later

    Today, March 3, 2018 is the 1 year anniversary of Breath of The Wild. After a year, have your opinion about the game changed? Are you still playing it? What are your thoughts about BoTW after this milestone?
  26. YIGAhim

    Are We Getting A Crappy Next Zelda Game?

    Triforce Heroes was a crappy game. That's what we were given as a 2d 3ds title (besides ALBW). Will we get another crappy game to take our money and fill our waiting time?
  27. YIGAhim

    Explain your avatar

    How do we not have one of these? Explain what your avatar is! I'm sure we'd all love to know
  28. YIGAhim

    What's your theme song?

    If there is one theme song that you would either like to have, or that would describe you, what would it be (Link please).
  29. YIGAhim

    Ultimate Super Smash Brothers 5

    Smash is a series most people like if they have played, and is popular, supporting a large and competitive fanbase. Will we ever get a SSB5? If so, then when, and how many characters would we get? Would we have tons of DLC? I have heard somewhat credible information that there will be no Smash...
  30. YIGAhim


    I haven't eaten at McDonalds in at least 5 years. What are your thoughts about McDonalds and do you try to avoid it or not? :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  31. YIGAhim

    What Sports are you watching this Olympics?

    Winter Olympics. What sports are you/have you been watching? I've seen: Speed skating Curling Hockey Snowboard Halfpipe That skiing long jump thing I forgot what it is called but basically the ice dancing Maybe I missed a few.
  32. YIGAhim

    Your Game Recommendations

    I thought that ZD needed a place to share recommendations for their favorite games that might not (or might, I don't know) have the spotlight, but deserve a recommendation.
  33. YIGAhim

    Will they remake ST and PH with better controls?

    They had touch screen controls that are universally disliked. Will they be remade but with reimagined controls?
  34. YIGAhim

    Will Zelda Switch have VR compatibility?

    VR is getting popular, so I would not be surprised if Nintendo makes some "google Cardboard" kinda thing with their Labo and make VR so you can play the new Zelda. What do you think?
  35. YIGAhim

    What Kind of Personality Will the Characters have?

    You know... Characters are usually either almost all goofy or almost all serious. TP was more or less serious for example, while SS and WW were a little more goofy. What approach do you think will be taken for the next Zelda, and which one do you want it to be?
  36. YIGAhim

    Should NPCs be Killable?

    Some games allow NPCs to be killable. Should that happen for Zelda?
  37. YIGAhim

    Are MM and TP Two Different Kinds of Dark?

    MM and TP are 2 of the darkest entries in the series (OoT is a different insidious kind of dark that is layered beneath the rest of the game), with Majora's Mask's main plot point being about how everyone has 3 days to live and TP's main plot point is about how darkness is invading the world...
  38. YIGAhim

    Where You Get Your News

    Fox, CNN, wherever, nowhere, straight from Trump, ext. Where do you get your news? Tell me about it I personally try to only watch local news on TV that for the most part stays out of politics.
  39. YIGAhim

    Imperial or Stormcloak?

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (My favorite game) has 2 different groups on opposite sides of the war: The Imperials, and the Stormcloaks. Anyone who has heard any scraps about Skyrim lore know what positions both sides take, and I can't report on that given my very biased opinion. So... Are you...
  40. YIGAhim

    When is too Early?

    We don't like totally rushed things, because they end up not being as good as they would be slowed down. Same case with video games. While none of us would like to wait 10 years for a new Zelda, we wouldn't like to wait 2 years for one either (at least not anymore. Majora's Mask is different...
  41. YIGAhim

    Will We Get Another Good Subvillain?

    SS had Ghirahim as a sub-villain, ALTTP had Agahnim. Sub-villains. Will we get another good one, and what would that mean for the real villain? Will it end up awful like Demise? Discuss
  42. YIGAhim

    US Electoral College

    The electoral college does not speak for the people. The people speak for the people. This is why we've landed with a potato with a big button as a president
  43. YIGAhim

    Understandable Failures

    BoTW did not live up to the expectations of many, for various reasons. Most of what I am hearing, is how Nintendo could have done so much better with what they had. Well, I want to hear what some of the BoTW failures or pitfalls were understandable and why they can be excused.
  44. YIGAhim

    Game Thread Survivor "Mafia"

    Rules: Initial Day Phases (IDPs) last 24 hours In the day phase, players may talk to other players either in the chat, or in secret conversations outside the chat. If a player wants to talk in private with another player, they must state that they are creating a conversation in the game...
  45. YIGAhim

    Gaming as a Recognised Disorder

    https://www.facebook.com/GameSpot/videos/10160000031655436/ What do you think?
  46. YIGAhim

    Sign Ups Survivor "Mafia"

    Hello everyone! So I've recently been given the Green Light to start a new alternative to mafia based off of the hit T.V show: Survivor. This game will be similar to Mafia as well, which is why it's in the mafia section. Trial Run Rules: Initial Day Phases (IDPs) last 24 hours In the...
  47. YIGAhim

    Castlevania and AoL

    So a little while ago, I played the original Castlevania, and when I was playing AoL today, I noticed that they are VERY similar. Now I don't know which came first, but I'm thinking that one drew inspiration from the other. Which one do you think handled the style of gameplay better, and why...
  48. YIGAhim

    Did You Like Korok Hunting?

    It's a simple question. Did you like hunting for all of those Korok seeds? What about most? A few? NEVER? Did you get them all? Did you give up? Answer as many of these as you want. Why did you answer the way you did?
  49. YIGAhim

    Wii U vs 3ds Smash?

    There have been a lot of arguments over this between me and my friends. The question is simple: Which version of Smash is better? Wii U, or 3ds? Personally, I prefer 3ds. I like that kind of joystick (flat) a lot more than a very 3d one like the Wii U. Also, it's portable, and easy to hook up...
  50. YIGAhim

    Which Oracle Game is better?

    So I searched up if this thread existed, and sure enough, the last one I saw was from 2013. So!... Which Oracle game is better/your favorite? Is it the more combat oriented Oracle of Seasons, or the more Puzzle oriented Oracle of Ages? Personally, I prefer Oracle of Ages
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