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  1. RubenCrapton

    Can We Have a Fire Emblem Awakening Hype Thread?

    FIRE EMBLEM HYPE THREAD! Official Hype Song Alternate Hype Song Trailers Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer Character Classes Trailer Building Your Army Trailer I'm super stoked about this game, I actually have it pre-ordered Are you guys as excited as me? What are you looking forward to...
  2. RubenCrapton

    The Wii is Underrated

    Can we have a thread about how woefully underrated the Wii is? I never really got into the Wii's library until the beginning of 2012, and boy, all those people who write it off as a "kiddie" console are missing out. -All those great 1st party titles -Some of the best JRPGs of that...
  3. RubenCrapton

    A New Generation: How Much is Too Much?

    What generation are we on now? 7th? 8th? I can't even keep track anymore, but the point is that when X and Y are released there will be over 700 Pokemon. Are you sick of having to learn the hundreds of names? Do you love the increased depth, and expansion of the Pokemon universe? I...
  4. RubenCrapton

    Wii Games Price Drop?

    Are Wii games going have price drops soon as well? I'd imagine when the WiiU comes they'll become cheaper There are lots of Wii games I want to try, but I'm holding out to see if I can get them cheaper than they are right now
  5. RubenCrapton

    I'm Looking Into Handheld Gaming. Help, Anyone?

    I'm looking into either a 3DS or DSi What's the difference between the DSi and DSlite? My favorite genres are Action/Adventure and RPG Is the 3DS backwards compatibility for DS games seamless, or does it run in bad resolution? Tell me about your experiences with handheld gaming
  6. RubenCrapton

    Wii Game Recommendations

    I've really neglected my Wii, and I have no good excuse for doing so. I'm ready to give it the treatment it deserves and get some (by "some" I mean a bunch) of games for it. I already own: -The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess -Super Smash Bros. Brawl -Mario Kart Wii -Mario Party 8...
  7. RubenCrapton

    New Zelda for the Wii U Coming 2014

    Wii U Zelda coming in 2013, will be biggest Zelda game ever I'm sorry if this has been posted, but I didn't see it on here anywhere New Zelda game coming in a year and a half, and the biggest Zelda game to date. Discuss What do you want to see from it? Do you with they would work on...
  8. RubenCrapton

    Who Would Win in a Fight?

    So in a free for all brawl between Deadpool, a Nightingale, Ezio Auditore, V, Sheik, and Batman who would come out on top? >The battle ground is an urban setting, restricted to a 4 block radius >The contestants are randomly spawned in all at the same time, but none start closer than 240...
  9. RubenCrapton

    How to Improve the Next Elder Scrolls Game

    I know we have some Elder Scrolls fans in here. This was just something I was thinking about tonight. Things to improve the next Elder Scrolls game: Keep the same leveling system as Skyrim: Add classes but keep the same leveling system The adding of classes would give it more of and...
  10. RubenCrapton

    Name Some RPGs for the PS2/Gamecube?

    Can anyone help me find some RPGs for the Gc and/or PS2? I wasn't really into RPGs back then, so I missed out The less anime-esque the better
  11. RubenCrapton

    Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask: A Comparison

    People are always arguing about which is better, so I'm going to summarize and compare the two here for you. Note: I may miss some things, it has been a while since I've played the two, so message me corrections/essential editions and I'll try to edit them in. Ocarina of Time...
  12. RubenCrapton

    Assign Each Zelda Game to a Tier

    So I saw this idea and I thought you guys might like it here, I don't think it has been done but forgive me if it has. Holy Tier - Awesome Tier - Great Tier - Good Tier - Meh Tier- I've only played three Zelda games so far (I'm on TP and I'm going to start Zelda I and II when I'm...
  13. RubenCrapton

    Minecraft Assistance Needed

    There's a power struggle between two powerful factions on my Minecraft server and I require a sidekick to aid my anti-tyranny campaign against the corrupt organization known as P.A.M. Message me for further details regarding this adventure of a lifetime.
  14. RubenCrapton

    Minecraft Sidekick Wanted!

    There's a power struggle occurring on my minecraft server, and I need a sidekick to assist me in fending off members of an evil, secret organization known as P.A.M. Contacts me for details about this adventure of a lifetime.
  15. RubenCrapton

    What's the "Derpiest" Moment You've Had in a Video Game?

    When I played Majora's Mask for the first time, and did the Hide and Seek with the Goht Kid, I kept trying to control it when I ricocheted off of the chests, and thought they made it super hard. It took me at least 50 tries before I figured out that you just let yourself roll into the chests and...
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