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  1. inferno

    Favorite Eevee Evolution?

    i love Umbreon because i love tanky pokemon and umbreon is soooo tanky
  2. inferno

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    i would want to play as "i am error"
  3. inferno

    League of Legends

    I have been playing since season one and i love it haha and i think i gave my skype name and not my LoL name hahaha thethorn666 is my LoL name add me if you guys want to play sometime =D
  4. inferno

    General Modern Most Interesting Place You Were When Beating a Boss

    i beat ganon from OoT on the train
  5. inferno

    Ebooks or Physical Books?

    physical books all the way
  6. inferno

    Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Hyrule Warriors With Link’s Scarf Confirmed For Europe

    any news on what the USA one is coming with?
  7. inferno

    Used Games With Old Save Files

    i tend not to sell any game i get =p but i always delete files when i buy used games =p
  8. inferno

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    zelda one for the nes and spirit tracks =p
  9. inferno

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 kart for life
  10. inferno

    MM-3DS Happy Mask Salesman... Evil or Not?

    he is the devil!
  11. inferno

    What is Your Fav Type of Music?

    heavy metal, 8 bit, and zelda music!
  12. inferno

    Favorite Kind of Science?

    physics and chemistry =D
  13. inferno

    General Art Wolfy-senpai's Art Thread

    i love the fish on the legs his face is priceless hahaha
  14. inferno

    General Art Impy's Artwork

    the cubone is too dam cute hahaha
  15. inferno

    Your ZD Accomplishments

    took me years to join this site i don't know why i didn't do it sooner hahah im happy i did join. and my goals are to meet some awesome zelda fans =D
  16. inferno

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  17. inferno

    Zelda Jokes

    oh man the pun was too real
  18. inferno

    League of Legends

    who else plays? do you like it? if not what moba do you play? how much do rage hahah? my LoL name is thethorn7861!
  19. inferno

    Motion Controls

    as long as this game doesn't have what skyward sword in the desert. those guys with the tasers! sooo annoying trying to hit them with out touching the taser hahah
  20. inferno

    Males Vs Females Game

  21. inferno

    General Art Celeboy's Art Gallery!

    pretty sweet!
  22. inferno

    General Zelda BRING BACK LE DEKU SHIELD <3

    the deku shield is in Hyrule warriors kinda =p
  23. inferno

    Majora's Mask Gyorg

    I was only 10 the first time i fought him and he was very hard back then =p
  24. inferno

    Spoiler Groose Vs Mido

    Groose is the man
  25. inferno

    Favorite French Fry Shape

    Its a tie between waffle or curly
  26. inferno

    Opinion Thread

    Skarmory is the best pokemon
  27. inferno

    Rate the Avatar!

    8/10 because its anime hahaha
  28. inferno

    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 and ayano's siggy changed every time i see it =O
  29. inferno

    What Annoyed You Today?

    first day on a new job and they didn't explain anything to me hahaha
  30. inferno

    How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex?

    I think it is a subjective matter. It really depends on the individual and what they believe in.
  31. inferno

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct on Monday

    I cant wait for this! I want to learn more about a collectors editions for the USA. I'm a sap for collectors Editions =p
  32. inferno

    Poem Contest #1

    hahaha I might! I'm about to start a new job I need to see how much time i will have. =p
  33. inferno

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  34. inferno

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    has a great taste in music
  35. inferno

    Rate the Avatar!

    5/10 not gonna lie its creepy hahaha but funny at the same time
  36. inferno

    Say Something Nice About the Above User!

    make sweets signatures =D
  37. inferno

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    lets not forget how small things are too. the size of a nucleus compared to the rest atom. if the whole atom was a two story house the nucleus would be a single period on a piece of paper. a single cell is made up of billions and billions of atoms and billions and billions of cell make...
  38. inferno

    MM-3DS The Inverted Song of Time - Was It Overkill?

    i think its good to have the song there. you have the choice to make the game harder for yourself
  39. inferno

    Poem Contest #1

    i have not wrote a poem in ages o.O
  40. inferno

    Rate the Avatar!

    7/10 because kitty
  41. inferno

    Unpopular Opinions You Have

    LoL is just a bad drug >.< its bad for you it makes you angry but you cant stop playing it =p
  42. inferno

    Unpopular Opinions You Have

    I don't like the walking dead. zelda two was one of the best zelda games i ever played. 8 bit is the best good graphics are over rated. call of duty went to hell after world at war cant think of anything else hahaha
  43. inferno

    Age of Consent

    Well when you are in your early 20's is hard to think that its a good age because its close to your age. when you're in your late 20's and early 30's its more relevant. Someone in there late 30's wanting to be with someone under the age of 18 is kinda creepy. Not to mention different cultures...
  44. inferno

    Age of Consent

    i think 18 is a good age
  45. inferno

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    i listen to a lot of Zelda music =D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb6KUqMm_sA
  46. inferno

    General Zelda Best Arrows

    i love the ice arrows from major's mask since they are useful unlike in OoT. =P
  47. inferno

    Hyrule Warriors Sheik Character Trailer

    She looks awesome! I cant wait to get this game! Any news on if their is going to be a collectors edition in the USA yet?
  48. inferno

    What Enemies Do You Want to See?

    seeing dark link again will be awesome. fighting dark link is always a challenge
  49. inferno

    General Zelda I Hate You, S&M Guy... or Ridiculous Minibosses

    in jabu jabu's belly that mini boss always made me dizzy running around in circles hahaha
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