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  1. liam9785

    Timeline Theory

    i found this timeline while searching the web and would like to know if you all think it could be true here is a link because its too big to have on here:http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2011/12/29631a766f1537530abc0ec5e6d15515.jpg
  2. liam9785

    Story Game

    to play you say any random word that you think works well maximum 3 words in a post ok ill start once upon a time.... a man went
  3. liam9785


    anyone ever heard of pewdiepie if not here you go:PewDiePie - YouTube
  4. liam9785

    Most Hated Game

    as it says in the title what are your most hated video game mine is: dragon age origins
  5. liam9785

    Spoiler Links Royal Blood

    according to skyward sword link started hyrule with zelda does that mean that the other links who are orphans excluding the 1 with grandparents and uncle are actually the true kings/princes of hyrule i know hes the chosen hero but couldn't he be both hero and king/prince?
  6. liam9785

    Favorite Fallout Game

    what is your favorite fallout. mine is personally new vegas but what's yours
  7. liam9785

    Can Someone Answer My Link Question

    Are all the links im the zelda series related in some way i know that some are ancestors of an older link. But how come they all look very similar e.g skyward sword link and twilight princess link. but there are other links that don't look like the original links e.g windwaker link and ocarina...
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