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  1. NewJourneysFire

    Isle of Rebirth LP by Mases

    I am a member over at PureZC and I've even watching the LP series on your YouTube channel. Though it seems to have been discontinued since the E3. There is a lot of requests for this LP to continue in the last video which is Part 20 in the series. Is it safe to assume that this LP series is...
  2. NewJourneysFire

    Talk of the Ancients

    This is a fun topic designed to deviate from the norm of Zelda theory, the idea is to think of stupid things you found in Temples that could be explained by no other reason be except the theory "because it's Nintendo", and than try to construct a possible conversation that could have occurred...
  3. NewJourneysFire

    The Irony Behind HH's Timeline

    Since the timeline has been officially announce, it has been met with much criticism. Some are downright offended by it, an many choose to discount it as being canon, and therefore has chosen it to still be a worthy topic of debate. While people still hold unto their own theories of the Zelda...
  4. NewJourneysFire

    Fierce Deity Theory

    I apologies if this was already posted. But what if the Fierce Deity battle with Majora's mask was the official battle that's considered canon? Since the mask has been given to Link by Majora's Mask, would it be safe to assume that the Fierce Deity was created to ensure that the spirit...
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