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  1. Chelsie

    Dad's trying to play a Zelda game again

    So a couple of years ago, I posted a thread about how my dad was trying (and struggling) to get the hang of the controls in Skyward Sword. I said something along the lines of how frustrating/funny it is so see him struggle doing something that is relatively easy (i.e running, simple controls...
  2. Chelsie

    Skyward Sword Side Characters

    So, a lot of the 3D Zelda Games usually feature that side character... You know, that side character with a cocky attitude. In Ocarina of Time, it was Mido, in Skyward Sword, Groose, and so on. Well, I am currently replaying Skyward Sword. I noticed something, I'm sure a lot of other people...
  3. Chelsie

    General Zelda Relatives/Friends Playing Zelda

    Okay, so I'm sitting with my dad right now as he attempts to defeat Scaldera in the Earth Temple in SS. He's finding it incredibly difficult (like, majorly difficult), and he's going on about how much he hates the Wiimotes/Wii Motion Plus. He says he misses the old N64 controllers. I think...
  4. Chelsie

    I Need Help with the Well!

    Hey Guys, I'm playing Ocarina of Time. And I was doing it by the walkthrough. But i was being stupid and skipped half of the walkthrough and just went to the Temple of Time and became Big Link. I've missed out on nearly all the important stuff and I cant be Small Link again due to Shiek being in...
  5. Chelsie

    Twilight Princess I Need Help With The Star Game Tent

    I need help with the star game in Twilight Princess. I'm up to the 2nd level, but it's so hard and i'm getting really frustrated with this. If anyone could give me any hints, i would really appreciate it. Thanks :)
  6. Chelsie

    TP Help

    i need help... I am making a new file for Twilight Princess, and i need help. I have finished seeing Zelda in my wolf form and now i don't know what to do:(... Please help!! i would be really happy if somebody did help me:)
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