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    Ocarina of Time Deathless Minimalist Run

    Hello friends! I was just stopping by to post a quick thread about a challenge I'm doing on my Ocarina of Time 3D game. As you may have gathered by the thread title, I'm running through the game using the minimal amount of items (no extra bottles, shields besides the mirror shield etc.) without...
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    General Zelda Should WW HD and OoT 3D Have Switched Places?

    Hey folks! So originally I was going to make a thread comparing these two game together as remakes and which one was better, but the thought crossed my mind that eventually ended up being this thread; Should WW HD and OoT 3D have switched places? What I mean by that is do you think that if...
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    If You Could Erase One Behavioral Characteristic About Yourself, What Would It Be?

    Hey Folks :D So I was hit by the ever growing epidemic of bi-curiosity and was wondering (insert thread title here)? For me, I'd erase a product of my AD(H?)D it would probably be my impulsive behaviors, where I constantly race about never really sticking with one thing and constantly...
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    Fighting a Losing Battle Against Yourself

    So a sorta deep question today folks :D Okay so the question is: What do you do when you have a situation where you are trying to avoid doing something but you know if you don't do something drastic to stop it from happening, you'll eventually just do it anyway? Like, basically you have a...
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    General Art Burning Beast's Level Noob Graphics

    Oki doke. So, I recently downloaded GIMP and was fiddling around and decided I wanted to make something in the twenty or so minutes I had to mess around. I am very very new to photo editing software, well, not necessarily new, but the interface of GIMP and the various technicalities that most...
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    WW-Wii U First Issue I Have with Wind Waker HD

    So, I'm to the Forest Haven, and I noticed something that really bothers me about this game. Namely, the item get animation. The outline of Link's body becomes... different looking then it does otherwise. Almost like it's an entirely different graphical style. Has anyone else noticed this and...
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    Why is It NOT Okay for Schools to Have ANY Form of Religion in Them?

    Okay, so I'm a tad confused by the way people get so upset when something religious happens in a Public School. It really doesn't make sense to me. Why is it okay for non-religious people to have things that cater to what they believe, and religious people get the shaft every time they bring up...
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    Zelda Timeline Doesn't Work

    So this may be old news to people, but I figured out that the decline timeline, doesn't work. Originally thought to be split into two timelines Nintendo introduced a third with the release of Hyrule Historia. However, as I thought about it the day before yesterday I found out that it's pretty...
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    A Link Between Worlds Thought's on the Dark Triforce?

    So I posted an article on RD the other day, talking about some ideas I had about it. You can read my thought's here if you want: http://ratchetsden.no-ip.org/2013/08/my-thoughts-on-the-dark-triforce/ (sorry for linking, I didn't want to have rewrite the thing so it'd make more ZD sense cause...
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    General Zelda Zelda in Her Own Game?

    I imagine a thread like this exists somewhere, apologies if it does, but anyhoo I was curious what do you guys think of the idea of Zelda starring as the main character in her own game as the main playable character? Personally I don't know that I would be in favor of the idea, seems a little...
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    Highest Height That You Have Jumped/Fallen From

    Yeah, so another fairly obvious thread question: what's the highest place you've jumped or fallen from? What was the situation surrounding it? Did you hurt yourself? Post away! For me, I was running home through the woods after sneaking out to see my now ex-girlfriend and I was trying to get...
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    Ketchup or Mustard?

    So yeah, the question should be obvious here. Do you prefer Ketchup or Mustard? Me personally I go back and forth, but I'm going to say Ketchup for me. I luv both though! What you all?
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    What's Your Room?

    So I was in the SB and the idea hit me to make this thread cause a few people mentioned that they needed to clean their room and I said I needed too as well before I remembered that, technically, I don't really have a room. So I was curious, do you have a bedroom all to yourself or what...
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    Tech Help A Jumbled Up Mess All Tying Back to USB Drivers

    Okay, so recently I purchased a Kindle Fire HD and I wanted to put some vids on my computer onto it, but when I went to connect to my computer the driver would not install properly. Result: Kindle Fire was not recognized. I went and tried all the ports on my laptop, nothing. I tried it on my...
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    Lone Wolf RPG Books Anyone???

    So I was curious, recently I've been replaying the Choose your own Adventure Fantasy RPG books written by Joe Dever entitled: Lone Wolf. Have any of you guys or gals played these books? A favorite book you have from the series perhaps? I always liked the Dungeons of Togar book 10 of the...
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    2013 NBA Playoffs

    Hey everyone! So the NBA Playoffs have begun and the First Round has started. So is anyone else following the Playoffs? What team are you supporting? For me as some of you may know, I'm a big time Celtics fan, and while I dont have the highest expectations for them, anything is...
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    First Kiss?

    So yeah... maybe this should be in MD, but I dont think so. So... for those of you who have kissed someone, how was your first kiss? What was the setting? Was there a emotional backround to the whole thing? How was it? Post!!
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    What's Your Favorite Kind of Cake?

    Yeah, title says it all. For me I'm gonna go with Jello Cake. It's just way to good. :bleh:
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    How Are You in Dangerous Situations?

    Yeah, so what I mean by this is how do you react to dangerous situations? Like do you panic, are you calm, how do you react? For me, it depends on a lot of things, but for the most part I used to just not be able to handle things and would just panic. Now however I've sorta trained myself to...
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    Do You Lurk in SB to See if Anyone Says Bye Too You?

    Okay, now for a lot of you this thread wont make much sense, but for those of you with Shout Box access I was curious, do you say you are leaving and then wait to see what everyones reaction is? For me I do now and then, but just as often just say bye and exit the screen. Just wondering. :D
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    Debating the Merits of Different Colors

    Okee dokee, this may seem like a strange discussion topic but let's start out simple. First what's your favorite color than you can debate with other people why you like that color and why you don't like others. And that's pretty much it. My favorite color has got to be blue, with green as...
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    Top 5 Current Favorite Songs

    So yeah, what are your current 5 favorite songs? I'm not sure if a thread like this exists, I couldn't find one. Anyhoo feel free to repost if your favorites change, but try to have at least three new songs in your list. Here are mine: 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg9Urm2_7xQ...
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    Motion Gaming. Yay or Nay?

    I was wondering what everyones opinion on Motion Controls were. Personally, I love motion gaming, it's a major part of why Skyward Sword was my absolute favorite game of all time. I love swinging the remote like it was a real sword and doing battle with monsters and saving the princess, and the...
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    General Zelda Zelda MMO?

    Hey I was wondering what people thought of a Zelda mmo. I've never played but envision something akin to WoW for a Zelda one. You would all sorts of different classes and skills and you could be different races do cool quests and things. What do you guys think? I think it would be awesome.
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    General Zelda What Do You Think About Epona?

    What do you guys think about Epona? Do you like her? Dislike her? Don't really care? Personally I AM SICK OF HER!!! I know its been awhile since we seen her and in all seriousness wouldn't mind seeing her again, except for the fact that people treat as something she isn't namely a major...
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    Favorite Disney Villian

    Hey all, I was wondering, whats everyone's favorite disney villian? For me I'm going to say its a toss up, between Beauty and the Beast's Gaston, and Aristocats Edgar. With Gaston I always found him to be sorta funny and thought he was cool when I was younger, I mean come on, big gun, self...
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    Has Anyone Here Ever Considered Suicide?

    Yeah title is the question. Was curious to know if I'm the only one. I guess I really never REALLY considered it, but sometimes the thought crosses my mind and I've considered (with knife in hand) stabbing myself to death multiple times. Then I laugh and think: Why the heck....? What about you...
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    I Hate...

    Hey! So I was in the SB (as usual) and was talking to people and somebody said something about hating something and it got me thinking. SO how it works is like this; (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING RULES ARE EXTREMELY COMPLEX) Basically what you do (and I'll get it started) is like this; I post: I...
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    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Shadows of Amn

    Hey everybody! Beast- You know who I am and my username is SO long. :( That was a mistake when choosing it. Oh well. I digress. The thing that brings me here today is, well, what's in the title. That's right I'm posting my Fanfiction fic up on here as well as fanfiction. (I hope that's okay.)...
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    Zelda Manga

    Hey there may be another thread like this, and I'm not sure if this the right place to post but... I recently purchased the Box Set for the Zelda Manga and I finished the last of them today. I really enjoyed them, and I was wondering what other people thought of them. My personal favorite was...
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    A Dungeon Idea I Had...

    Hey guys I just checked out JuicieJ's latest thread and was going to reply when I had an idea, what if they made a game where they had 1 major dungeon, like a flippin huge dungeon, like 5 times the size of a normal dungeon, okay you get the idea... that in order to progress through it you would...
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    NFL Playoffs

    Well folks the NFL playoffs are nearly upon us where does everyone stand as far as the NFL goes and what are your expectations for your team in the playoffs?
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    The End of the World 2012

    Does anybody believe that the world will end on the 21st? Personally I think this is a bunch of malarkey but thought I'd ask. :D
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    Easiest, Funnest, Boringist, and Hardest Bosses Anyone?

    The title pretty much says it all who are your hardest, funnest, boringist, and easiest bosses in the zelda series? Easiest: Armogohma TP: For me, almost any boss from TP could be here but Armoghoma has got to be the epitome of an easy boss, on my first play through this boss failed to hit me...
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    Tech Help Wii Fan Not Working! HELP!!!

    Hey everybody a VERY sad and upset BeastModeMan97 here... yeah the fan on the back of my wii isn't spinning, everytime I put a disc in I am prompted to take the disc out and turn off the wii :mad:>:(, suggestions?
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    Tech Help Connecting Computer Screen to Tv

    Hey guys, I'm trying to help a friend who just bought a huge TV screen and wants to watch her netflix movies from her computer on it. I'd be grateful for any help in finding a way to connect the two machines to do that, like what sort of cables could they use to do that. Thanks
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    RPG Elements in Zelda WiiU

    How would you guys like to see more RPG elements in the next Zelda game? Personally I'd love to them, in particular I'd love to see more of the upgrading system but more so then that I want to see multiple choice paths, which would make the replay value better. Like by going to this temple you...
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    Could the Kokiri Be Hylian?

    I was thinking the other day after just beating OOT, how interesting it was that the Kokiri were at Lon Lon Ranch (outside the forest) when at the beginning of the game they say that any Kokiri will die if they leave the forest. For me personally I disagree with this theory, despite being the...
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