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  1. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hryule

    This is my first story on ZD, so I am experimenting in these terms. The basic premise of this story can be found in the Sign-Ups thread, but I think the title can pretty much hint to what it's about. If you would like to sign please do in the Sign-Ups thread. As of right now I do not have an...
  2. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hyrule Sign Ups

    So it is summer and I am finally going to carry out with this adventure fan fiction I have had in my head for a couple months. I am hoping that people will be able to come up with a character if they would like to help. The story is quite different and has a whole history leading up to the...
  3. Jetter

    Zelda Art Let's Create Our Own Backstories

    Hello. It's me... Jetter... I haven't been here in ages, and this is just one of my random trips. I came up with an idea and thought I would share. So against my rambling I present you with the thread for creating backstories of that one character you never really new or may have met in a Zelda...
  4. Jetter

    When You Hit the Nostalgic Value of a Game

    Well, it happened to me today. I was playing Twilight Princess and realized that I love this game, and then I actually heard the music and I really felt it. I had never really notice any other nostalgia point in a game and was really happy I saw this. So, what happens when you hit the Nostalgic...
  5. Jetter

    Do You Ever Mistakenly Hear Sound Effects IRL?

    Do you? A couple days ago I heard my father say "fire" and I heard the engineer from TF2 yell "FIRE". My father did say it in a weird way too.
  6. Jetter

    What's in a Name?

    A question I have always thought of and about. I am a person who sort of believes in fate. For some reason, I always think that names have something to deal with the future of people. The only thing that throws those name theories away from my mind is the reality of it all. I find that the...
  7. Jetter

    Steam Error Problem

    I have TF2, but haven't been playing it for a while because of one reason. Whenever I try and play it, it says it is "This Game is currently Unavailable. Please try again at another Time." Has anyone had this problem and knows what to do?
  8. Jetter

    What Do You Want to See in the Sims 4?

    The title explains itself. What kind of innovations do you think should be in the next Sims game. There are still Expansions coming for the Sims 3, but what major ideas would you like to see in the Sims 4?
  9. Jetter

    General Art Under the Rose {A Journal From the Animal Forrests}

    Hello ZD. It is me, Jetter. I don't believe most of you will know me, but I have been here for about three years with the past year being very inactive. I have decided to start my first fanfiction on ZD about one of my favorite game series: Animal Crossing. It is a journal series that I plan to...
  10. Jetter

    Favorite Zelda Intro Theme

    So what is your favorite Zelda Intro Theme? Simple enough... Mine is the Ocarina of Time theme... It is very nostalgic to me... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fj-MF5RQjg
  11. Jetter

    Zelda Art Zelda Six Word Stories

    So... I was thinking of something to do and made this thread... Anyway, A six word story as you all hopefully know is a poem or phrase or sentace with six words that make up a story. A famous story using this style was by Ernest Hemmingway. For Sale: Baby's Shoes, Never Worn And from this...
  12. Jetter

    Thoughts on Interactive Bots

    Stumbling on a Youtube video about Cleverbot, I discovered Cleverbot (whoa). It intrigued me. Being free and not having to hastle with downloading, I decided to check it out. It looked fun and stupid from the video, but was interesting enough to make me chat with a robot for about 45 minutes. I...
  13. Jetter

    Reggie is Giygas!

    I was just looking at NintendoCaprisun's channel on Youtube and saw that he had recently posted a comment (this was a few weeks back) on a video titled "Reggie Fils-Aime is Giygas (Proof)". I'm a big fan of the Earthbound/Mother Series (If you didn't know, Giygas is the Final Boss in Earthbound)...
  14. Jetter

    Replaying Video Games

    I came up with this question and thought it was worth posting so... Do you like to replay Games? I thought about this since I've started to replay Ocarina of Time (my first Zelda game) since I had aged and thought the gameplay would nostalgically change or that I would understand the game...
  15. Jetter

    Ace of Spades - A Free MMOFPSSB Game

    I have been addicted to simple pleasure. It is what I call a Massivley Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter Sandbox Game. It is what a cross between Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft becomes. Even the simplicity is too strong for some people, but I absolutely love it. Here's the intro video on...
  16. Jetter

    Do You Think Skyward Sword Will Include Hylian's Origin?

    As I was watching the new trailer for Skyward Sword I had all these ideas and theories forming in my head. One of these only started because of a certain fictional man I call that strange dude on the balcony. He was the character in Ocarina of Time who told you that the Hylians were close to the...
  17. Jetter

    How Did Link Get Out Of Termina With Epona?

    I know this is a small detail, but I've just always thought about it. Anyway, at the very end of the game we see Link riding in the forest wich looks to be the same one as the one that Link rides through in the very begining. If He is riding through the same forest, he would have to have gone...
  18. Jetter

    Is Scinece An Art Or Is Art Science?

    I want your thoughts,but I believe they are both.
  19. Jetter

    Full Metal Alchemist References

    After watching the Full Metal Alchemist Anime(if you haven't read or have watched it, look it up) and almost defeating Spirit Tracks I found many references to FMA in ST. The first Big reference was of course Zelda's soul being attached to suits of armor. In FMA, Al's soul was attached to a...
  20. Jetter

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    I'm wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt with Blue Levi's and black Nike socks.
  21. Jetter

    Life Without Color

    When I read a book called the Giver, it mentioned that the city there did not have a thing called color. This got me to start wondering what would life be like without color. Why would there not be color? Would there be light? How could there even be anything without color? Nothing to...
  22. Jetter

    Artemis Fowl

    I'm reading Artemis Fowl and I really like it. My friend has read the books and said it's one of his favorite series. What do you guys/gals think of the series?
  23. Jetter

    What Type of Home Do You Live In?

    So, What type of Home do you live in? Do you live in a trailer, condo, apartment, town house, normal house, whatever. Right now I'm living at my Grandparents and there house is an old, big house. I don't know how to explain much more.
  24. Jetter

    Pokemon HG - Where's the Medicine?

    I was Playing Heart Gold and got to Olivine. I got to the top of the Light house and talked to Jasmine. She said she needed medicine,but I don't know where tht is. Please help me. Thanks.
  25. Jetter

    Favorite Eating Utensil

    Note: Idea was based off what MandyM287 said in the Shout Box. There are different utensils to use for different things. I don't use Chopsticks and have failed to when I have tried. I normally use the Fork and Spoon. I use the knife when I need it like for steak (mmm yummy). I try and use the...
  26. Jetter

    Is the Adult Timeline More Technologically Advanced?

    Note: Your Adult Timeline may not have the same games as mine. I won't be counting Minish Cap and the Four Swords Games. As you may know, a lot of the games in the Adult Timeline has different technology then the games in the Child Timeline. Wind Waker has submarines, large ships, canons, and...
  27. Jetter

    New Ways of Combat

    Okay. You all know (should) know that Combat(Kombat) in a lot of Video Games tries to be unique. One way that can make Combat unique is the use of items. Items can be optiannal or essential. Rythim in battle may be another way in battle. Create a new idea. My "new" idea would be for RPG style...
  28. Jetter

    Favorite Movie Scene(s)

    This thread is simple. Post or tell us your favorite Movie scene(s). I have many favorite movie scenes. Here's one of my favorites:
  29. Jetter

    Future Use of Controling Vehicle in the Next Handheld Idea

    This Idea is based off a way of steering through the fog in a part in Phantom Hourglass. In PH, you get to steer with the wheel of Linebeck's Steam Boat. I thought this idea would be more likely what would happen other then drawing a line. That takes no effort,but this would be a tad more...
  30. Jetter

    Link, The Name of a Hero

    So Why is every hero in a Zelda game named Link? Is it a common name? Maybe. Is it the name of the hero. It can't be or can it. It could be that the people who named Link Link named him that because something in them told them to do that. Maybe the Godesses did this. Is Link's name short for...
  31. Jetter

    Zelda's Sleeping Body Kept Secret and Moved to North Castle?

    Note: I think the Sleeping Zelda was before OoT. SS might talk about the sleeping Zelda. If they do they might be using the same Zeldas. How did Zelda get to North Castle if it's not in the Land of Hyrule. East Hyrule from Adventure of Link is brought later in the timeline,but why? Is East...
  32. Jetter

    Twilight Princess Why Is Zelda So Serious

    Why is Zelda so serious in Twilight Princess. When you first meet her she's quiet probably because of what happened to Hyrule. Later she is for no reason and she talks all fancy. Maybe because of her being part of the Royal Family and almost Queen Zelda. Please Discuss this!
  33. Jetter

    Jetter's Split Timeline Theory

    I've posted my timeline Before,but it was erased in the crash. ....../--WW/PH--ST--MC/FS/FSA OoT ......\MM--TP--ALttP/LA/OoX--LoZ/AoL I believe the end of Ganondorf the Gerudo happens both in TP and in WW. Ganon the Beast continues to live through the rest of the games. FSA finishes Vaati...
  34. Jetter

    Is Ganon's Tower in Death Mountain In Wind Waker

    In Wind Waker as your heading up to Ganondorf's in Hyrule the terrin around the tower is Rocky brown like mountains in most Zelda games. It's also filled with lava. It looks like Death Mountain and in the first Zelda Ganon's tower was there. Does this also affect the timeline? In Ocarina of Time...
  35. Jetter

    New Ways Of Using Items In Skyward Sword

    From the trailer and Demo we saw that there were new ways of using the items because of Wii motion plus. You could roll bombs,the sheild was more realistic,you could control the sword better,etc. What do you think of these new ways of using items?:)
  36. Jetter

    Link's Statue In Majora's Mask

    I didn't look to see if there was a thread about this so tell an administrator if there is so he/she can get rid of this thread. So anyway after Link learns Elegy of Emptiness he turns into statue of himself. Zora is Mikau, Goron is Darmani, Deku is the butler's son(butler's son is what I...
  37. Jetter

    Re-dead Feeding Off Re-dead?

    Well when I was watching Chuggaaconroy's Wind Waker Let's Play he said in it that in Ocarina of Time If you get a Re-dead close to a Re-dead you've already killed it satarts eating it. Do any of you know anything about this weird trick. Please post what you know!!
  38. Jetter

    The Little Man with the Triforce at the End of AoL

    Uh I saw a video today on youtube beating Dark Link at the end of Adventure of Link. The man who held it looked like a minish from the Minish Cap. The "old" man was small, had a white beard like Ezlo's, had a cane like Ezlo's, and wore red clothing. Post what you think about this. Could it...
  39. Jetter

    Animal Crossing Cityfolk

    I want to Know who plays ACCF. You can post whatever is about the game here. My town name is Ironlog. My person is Henry and my brother's is Nate.
  40. Jetter

    Twilight Princess What Did You Think of Malo Mart?

    I thought the store was great. My favorite part of it was the dance and the music in the Castle town one. there was also the hawk's eye which was one of my favorite items in the game.
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