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  1. Phantom Zelda

    Games You'd Like to See Remade?

    Self explanitory thread, what games would you like to see remade in the future? Not nessisarily on the 3DS but on any console. Doesn't have to be Nintendo, just any game you'd like to see remade ;) EDIT: Wow, I feel stupid. I forgot to say what I thought. Well I'd like to see Majora's Mask on...
  2. Phantom Zelda

    Best Game Ever?

    I'm extremely supprised that I didn't see a thread like this but if I missed it could a mod delete this thread? So this thread is basically self explanitory, what game do you think is the best game of all time (*NOTE* Not your favorite)? If I was to pick mine would be Final Fantasy 6...
  3. Phantom Zelda

    Twilight Princess Possible Glitch?

    Alright so I'm working on Twilight Princess right now and I just got to the Hidden Village (epic by the way :D). Anyway, I had defeated all of the Bulbins (thats what they're called right?) except for one and I found the Howling Stone and played it. After the cutscene with the wolf when I...
  4. Phantom Zelda

    Twilight Princess Creepiest Dungeon?

    Well this thread is self explanitory, which dungeon in Twlight Princess do you think is the creepiest? If I had to choose mine would be Snowpeak Ruins. Something about that dungeon just creeps me out :( Also, if you look at the paintings on the walls they're of this creepy guy >.> So...
  5. Phantom Zelda

    Twilight Princess Favorite Light Spirit?

    Self explanatory thread. Which out of the four is your favorite Light Spirit? Eldin, Faron, Ordona, or Lanayru? If I had to choose mine would be Lanayru because it looks cool :D
  6. Phantom Zelda

    The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    If there's a thread like this please have a mod delete it, thanks :) Link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFu5_FBSupE&feature=youtu.be Has anyone seen/heard about this game? I just found it and it looks super cool. Reactions?
  7. Phantom Zelda

    General Classic Minish Cap Complaint.

    Alright so today I dusted off my old copy of MC and I beat another boss (maybe the 3rd? The one with the eyes on his hands) and my only complaint for the game thus far is how easy the bosses are. As many of you may know I'm not very good at Zelda games in general but the bosses so far in this...
  8. Phantom Zelda

    You Guys Might Like It :D

    Here's an awesome song I found on Youtube that this community might like. It's the Song of Storms Dupstep (kinda). It really good and catchy, perfect for playing Zelda too :D It made me want to go and kill Ganon. So here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orpimUSiK8I Happy listening...
  9. Phantom Zelda

    X or XII????

    Well I have a question for all of you final fantasy lovers. Which game do you think is better, 10 or 12? I havnt played them but ign gave them both a 9.5/10 and they were the editors choices so they're obviously good. So which did you like better. Also I was thinking of possibly getting them but...
  10. Phantom Zelda

    Golden Sun or Final Fantasy V

    Hello there :) Well I have another question. I've been looking at Golden Sun and FF5 and I can't decide which one to get. Can you guys tell me which one you enjoyed more or why and if you havent played them both just say what you liked or didnt like about the one you played. Thanks a bunch :D
  11. Phantom Zelda

    Most Disapointing Win EVER!

    Alright so I was wondering if anybody had ever done and awesome sidequest or beat a really cool boss in a game but then you got something completly useless. Just would like to hear some of your stories :) Thanks
  12. Phantom Zelda

    Good Free MMORPG's?

    Hello again, I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a good free mmorpg. I was looking at Runes of Magic and it seemed alright so I would love to hear your thoughs on this game too. Thanks :)
  13. Phantom Zelda

    Xbox Live?

    Hi all :) I just wanted to know if Xbox Live is worth $50 a year. I just got a Xbox 360 so I wanted to know this. Thanks! :D
  14. Phantom Zelda

    PZ's Timeline

    Alright so I had the urge to make a timeline so here it is: /-WW/PH------------------ST MC—FS/FSA—OoT \MM—TP—OoS/OoA—Alttp/LA—LoZ/AoL So this is my timeline and feel free to tell me how wrong I am and hive me constructive...
  15. Phantom Zelda

    Oracle of Seasons Difficulty?

    Hi all, I was just wondering how difficult the Oracle games are. I will be gatting OoS soon so I wanted to know if they are really easy or in the middle or really hard. Thanks for your input :D
  16. Phantom Zelda

    Links Awakening...

    Alright so I was looking at Zelda games I don't have and I looked at Links Awakening and it looks really fun. But I'm not to sure about the difficulty of it. Is it hard or easy? I'm not a hardcore gamer so I don't want something too hard. The DS games were easy for me but ALttP was really hard...
  17. Phantom Zelda

    Which Do You Prefer?

    My apologies if there is a tread like this. I was wondering which version of ALttP you guys (and girls) like better. I only have the GBA one. I recently went online and found out there were a ton of differences. So which do you like best?
  18. Phantom Zelda

    My Fan-fic Sign Up

    Hello, I think I'm going to start a fan fic but I first want a character sign up so I have a few names ready. Its going to be called well...I'm not sure yet I'll think of something but its about skyward sword :) I will make it up as I go and this is my first fan fic so don't be harsh please...
  19. Phantom Zelda


    As you know the new Zelda seems to have a lot to do with the sky so I was thinking, "whats a better place for flying than the sky? :P So what are your thoughts? From what we've seen do you think flying will be included at all? Please discuss :)
  20. Phantom Zelda

    Link or Kirby?

    Alright so who would win in an all out duel between Kirby and Link no rules? I'm not sure but I'd like to here you input because my friend and I have been arguing about this for a while.
  21. Phantom Zelda

    Phantom Ganon?

    I was just thinking about Phantom Ganon and I was wondering what he is. He is just kind of a reoccuring boss/mini boss but why does he keep coming back? Did Ganon put him there or what? Please respond ;) PS: If this is already a thread please delete it, Thanks! :wave:
  22. Phantom Zelda

    Where Will Link Be From?

    In ZW do you think Link will be from a forest place like he usually is or somewhere different like an ocean place or the mountains. I would want him from somewhere new but i think he'll be from the forest. What do you think?
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