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  1. nafizl

    Skyward Sword Keychain GET?!

    Yeah I was wondering if I should get those skyward sword keychains...my budget is 400 bucks and Im mostly getting video game stuff so what should I get?
  2. nafizl

    Vote for My 3ds Question Thing Please :D

    http://nintendo3dsdblog.uservoice.com/forums/146011-q-a-for-nintendo-3ds-tv/suggestions/2515850-how-can-us-nintendo-fanboys-say-that-the-3ds-is-be Yeah so vote for it and there will be......RUPEES
  3. nafizl

    General Modern Mish Cap Castor Wilds Swamp

    Yeah I dont know what to do... IM sick AND TIRED OF THE LEGEND OF ZELDA >.<
  4. nafizl


    Yeah so I am stuck in the first part of the mining facility like I cant even open the DOOR WHAT DO I DO!?
  5. nafizl

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Ballad of The Godess Theme/Main Theme on My Dragtooth

    Yeah my Green cheeked conure was yelling in the background and that was my first SKYWARD SWORD OCARIAN THEME TRY SO PLEASE DONT HATE OR BE HARSH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DCuj4q8B6Q
  6. nafizl

    Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Ballad of The Godess Theme on My Ocarina

    On my DRAGON TOOTH OCARINA WITH MY GREEN CHEEKED CONURE YELLING IN THE BACKGROUND! xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DCuj4q8B6Q Nobody wants to watch?????????????????????????????????????????
  7. nafizl

    Sick and Tired of Zelda?!

    Getting Tired and Bored of Ocarina of Time 3d And Zelda in General? SO I checked my 3ds activity log and I played Ocarina of Time 3d for 120 HOURS and I didnt even finish 3 heart challenge and master quest.....But its too familiar do you guys know what I am saying?I mean now I have the free 10...
  8. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3d or Master Quest Forest Escapes!

    So I am guessing everyone knows about the master sword glitch when you start a new file right?So I was wondering if anyone knows any good forest escapes I REALLY want to keep that glitch theres one I know you can do is is performing a 3 sword slash(With the navi icon on the eye) and taping it as...
  9. nafizl

    Adventure of Link How to Get Fairy Spell?

    Yeah wattup guyz and gurls:wave: I was wondering how to get the dairy spell I know you have to get this water snf give it to the mother with the sick daughter BUT WHEREZ!? I am so stumped and thank you in advance!
  10. nafizl

    WW-Wii U Iron Boots?

    Yeah where do you get the Iron boots for the windy island?
  11. nafizl

    Adventure of Link Zelda 2 Adventure of Link Death Mountain Help

    Yeah I got Zelda 2 and legend of Zelda from the 3ds ambassador program and I am stuck in death mountain I need help defeating the boomerang and the axe wielding monsters......and most enemies and yeah I know I need to keep going right so can anyone tell me a strategy to defeat the enemies in...
  12. nafizl

    I Need Help in MQ Shadow Temple -_-

    Yeah I have been stuck in the shadow temple for 2 months in master quest mind you because I cant find the small key to unlock this door so can anybody tell me where the small keys are? i forgot where I was and I JUST WANT TO BEAT THE SHADOW TEMPLE >.<
  13. nafizl

    Since Twilight Princess Got a Trading Card Game Willl Skyward Sword Also Get One?

    Yesterday I went to Nintendo world I bought numerous things including TWILIGHT PRINCESS CARDS I got crappy cards and my foil card was Riding Epona! So I was wondering if there would be a Skyward Sword Card Game and the Nintendo world dude said Probably -_- yeah so tell me your thoughts I also...
  14. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Hylian Shield MINTS

    I bought a ocarina of time hylian shield with mints in them what else could I use it for????!!!
  15. nafizl

    What Will the Next Art Style for Zelda Game?

    Personally I think that for the 3ds portable zelda game they will use the Skyward Sword Art Style or Maybe something really realistic to show the graphical capabilities of the 3ds or Wii U. I think a anime or another type of cell shaded art tell me YOUR IDEAS!!!!! :xd:
  16. nafizl

    Why Did They Change the Sword Design in the E3 2011?

    Remember in the 2010 Skyward gameplay right and how the Skyward Sword looked almost exactly like the Master Sword right? Why in the E3 2011 trailer did they make the sword with no wings and green? Tell me what you know and why the sword looks different!
  17. nafizl

    Zelda/and Other Things Characters and Movesets in the New Super Smash Bros

    So in light that Iwata announced a new Super Smash Bros for the 3ds and the Wii U Note: Yes I know it hasnt even started development yet!. So say your hopes for Zelda and other games in this thread! Tell me your Nintendo 3ds friend code mine is in my signature
  18. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Forest Escape?

    Yeah I want to play around with the glitches in Ocarina 3D and my favorite is young link with the Master Sword and does anybody know any forest escapes??? I mean not having to get inside the deku tree and having to get the kokiri sword
  19. nafizl

    General Modern Will Minish Cap Be One of the Free Games for the 3ds????????!!!!

    Do you think that the Minish Cap for GBA will be one of the free games coming the 3ds Ambassodors? OH and if you dont know what that is heres a link http://ds.ign.com/articles/118/1184922p1.html I think that Minish Cap CAN because I mean we have Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Metroid Fusion...
  20. nafizl

    Skyward Sword OR KIRBY?

    I want skyward sword but I also want Kirby Return Dream Land I am going to wait til Jan my birthday and get Kirby Return Dream Land tell me what you will get! I just want to play Zelda before my friends that's why I am getting Zelda before kirby :lol:
  21. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Should I Do a 3 Heart Challenge?

    I was wondering if I should do a 3 Heart Challenge in Ocarina of Time 3d I beat the regular quest and I am up to the shadow temple and I want to do a 3 Heart Challenge for some reason D: I want some thing to take up my time until Kid Icarus and Skyward Sword and until I buy Kirby Dream Land and...
  22. nafizl

    Games I Am Going to Buy Near the End of the Year

    I have a 3ds and a wii I am going to get kid icarus or super ,mario 3ds for the wii i will get kirby wii rtdl or skyward sword tell me what you think and what else I should get
  23. nafizl

    Link's Awkening Ghost Grave

    Uh yeah I showed the ghost that is stalking me his house now he wants to go to his grave..WHERE IS IT?! I went to the graveyard and ;ooked ALL AROUND PLEASE HELP
  24. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time 3d MQ Heart Pieces?

    I never played any side quests to get heart pieces or other items but now in Master Quest I am getting my butt kicked EASILY so can you guys tell me what extra items and heart pieces I could get? NOTE: I know about the Biggoron Sword I dont want it
  25. nafizl

    Could They Use the Art Style for Skyward Sword for a New 3ds Zelda Game?

    Since Link's Awakening followed the Link to The Past art style and Phantom Hour Glass, Spirit Tracks, Minish Cap and the Four swords games I think its safe to assume that the new zelda 3ds game NOT OCARINA OF TIME 3D will follow Skyward Sword's artwork.
  26. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Was Perfect to Release This Day and Age IN MY OPINION

    I am happy that they re released legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the 3ds here are my reasons. Me and some of my friends never played Ocarina of Time -.- Everybody is shooter crazy:S It is a very good game its even better then-SPIRIT TRACKS?! O.o The graphics needed a touch up for those...
  27. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest How Many Times Have You Died? =D

    I recently kicked the crap out of ganon and I started master quest I am at dodongos cavern and heres my opinion of the Master Quest.;) I didnt really die that much WELL only in boss battles and THE WATER TEMPLE i:cry:n Ocarina of Time 3d Keep in mind I only played TP WW LttP ST LA and I got...
  28. nafizl

    Air Combat in Skyward Sword?

    After seeing that Link rides a :chu:bird I thought of Airial combat such as swinging your :mastersword::sword:sword on your bird or other stuff like bird armor:shield: tell me your thoughts :cucco:
  29. nafizl

    A Link to the Past A Link to the Past Remake for the 3ds?

    Miyamoto said like a month or two ago that he wants to make a Link to the Past REMAKE for the NINTENDO 3DS here are my thoughts and remember to contradict, correct and or tell me your thoughts. First of all I only played Link to The Past up to just getting the master sword on a emulator but...
  30. nafizl

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3ds and Links Awekening

    I got master quest in OOT 3d and I just bought Link's Awakening which should I do first?
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