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  1. CCG <3 Zelda

    Worst / Most Annoying Video Game Music

    What is the worst or most annoying song you've heard in a video game? It can be either a bad song (in general) or a decent song that just loops over and over to the point of annoying you For me, it has to be one of these two songs
  2. CCG <3 Zelda

    Console Gamer VS PC Gamer

    Which do you prefer to play games on most, a console or on a PC? Are you both a console gamer and a PC gamer? If you play both, which is better, games on consoles, or games on PC? Personally, while I prefer to play games on a console, I play a lot of PC games as well
  3. CCG <3 Zelda

    Homebrew And Fan Made Games

    Have you ever played any sort of homebrew or fan made games? What do you play them on? Do you prefer originals or hacks of other games? I love my Dreamcast and Beats Of Rage! Dreamcast is a great homebrew system. I also LOVE Sonic Megamix On The SEGA CD and SRB2 for the PC!
  4. CCG <3 Zelda

    Cartoon / Anime / Video Game Crushes

    Have you ever had a crush on a character from cartoon, anime or video game? What did you like about them? Was It their personality? Were they just plain cute? I'm not gonna lie, when I was 10 and 11, I had a huge crush on this girl! She was so cute and sweet and kind!
  5. CCG <3 Zelda

    Zelda Third Person Shooter

    Would you play a Zelda TPS spin-off with RPG elements? Imagine if it was done similar to the TPS like mini-game in "Link's Crossbow Training" Personally, it's something I would check out!
  6. CCG <3 Zelda

    Voice Acting In Zelda Wii U

    With The Exception Of Grunts, Giggles, Etc, No Zelda Game To Date Has Actually Used Voice Acting To Tell It's Story. Do You Think Nintendo Should Experiment With This Using Zelda Wii U? Should Link Be Given A Voice Actor With Dialogue? Personally, Why I Don't Think Nintendo Needs To Add This...
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