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  1. kindlyone

    Spoiler FI?

    I just beat Skyward sword for the first time (like 10 minutes ago) So Ghirahim was obviously some kind of Anti-Fi, so is there an anti-master sword? And if Demise's black sword was it, why haven't we seen an anti-master sword any other time. Just bringing up something that ws problobly...
  2. kindlyone

    Snow!!!!!! (not Here)

    hey guys all this snow the country is having sucks because down here in Florida we dont get any so just enjoy your snow days cause florida kids are still in scjool :( no zelda in school
  3. kindlyone

    Name Game

    Punk you better not replace my ridiculous hard challenge just to make yourself look good XD
  4. kindlyone

    Ocarina of Time Bunny Hood Guy

    when you sell the bunny hood to the guy in the middle of Hyrule field he runs off at the speed of sound why doesnt link run really fast when he wears it (i know he does in majoras mask but why not in ocarina of time)
  5. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kindkyine kinsdyone mmn xz vg a ??????????????/?///??? you don t have to caps yuor name
  6. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kimsluone kindlyone ,lkin kmgn f LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  7. kindlyone

    Name Game

    kindlyone kindkyihw kindloyone ,mkj cvv ,mbhkmn fcg Lol the game has beaten its creator (for the 20th time)
  8. kindlyone

    Zelda Pets

    i would get a cucco so that if anybody came in my house i would stab it and it would attack my attacker
  9. kindlyone

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    i believe 6. too easy(cough TP cough) or that stamina bar will make the game less fun
  10. kindlyone

    What Would You Name a Zelda Game?

    The Legend of Zelda: Fall of hyrule sounds like hyrule will corrupt from within and entire villiges will revolt
  11. kindlyone

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

  12. kindlyone

    Spirit Tracks Get 1:15 in Whip Race?

    i have gottton that heart container and this was eisely the hardest one i 100% STand this was the last heart container i got
  13. kindlyone

    Rate the Siggy!

    its barely a siggy 4/10 get a sig bro :P
  14. kindlyone

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    because the moon has already crashed into the sun causing eternal darkness why am i goth?
  15. kindlyone

    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    if you think about there are only two skin tones in zelda tan like gerudo and white like hylain
  16. kindlyone

    Majora's Mask Super Awesome Things in MM

    the giants mask is crazy my game glitched and i put it on in someones house and you could only see links legs :lol:
  17. kindlyone

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    192. holy crap another counting game lol :chu:
  18. kindlyone

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^someone played the song of storms! lol <is tired \/ likes tacos
  19. kindlyone

    Zelda Art The Untitled Story of Link ! (PG-13)

    yeah sorry the program im using kinda sucks but ill get that done next time(they were originallly there but when i transfered they disapeered)
  20. kindlyone

    Hero of Music's Graphics

    Avatar or Signature:Avatar Background or color scheme:whatever you think is best for this project Character or object:link dealing final blow to an enemy (dont show enemy just link about to kill) Text: Kindlyone999 dont let it cover up link Description and additional details: please make link...
  21. kindlyone

    Zelda Art The Untitled Story of Link ! (PG-13)

    Hey guys this story is a little off course of zelda stuff but i use names and charecters a lot in this so i guess its zelda :) Chapter I ughhhhh....... i wake up in some strangers house ... and her bed. I try to get up without any...
  22. kindlyone

    How Many Dungeons?

    wow i never said what i wanted :) lol anyways i would like more sidequests with more than 4 dungeons but the dungeons must be massive and the sidequests shorter but still a little challenging
  23. kindlyone

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ :tektite: < :chu: \/ is wondering why the emoticons are taking over the world :zora: :goron: :deku:
  24. kindlyone

    Stupid Little Things

    i love the daanaaaaanaaaaaaanaaaaaa whenever you get something cool its soo dumb but i love it
  25. kindlyone

    Spirit Tracks Treasure Glitch???

    try all the diff shops and then the one station on the bottom right side of ocean relm
  26. kindlyone

    100% Every Game

    i have only 100 % ST how long have you been at this?
  27. kindlyone

    The Most Useless Item in Zelda Series

    The dominion rod (TP) you use it in one dungeon and shortly after it there are no uses for it anywhere
  28. kindlyone

    How Many Dungeons?

    How many dungeons do you guys want in SS do you want more sidequests like MM or more dungeons like Oot
  29. kindlyone

    Little Things That Make You Smile in a Zelda Game?

    wait you can get purdy to ta;k to you and the helm splitter TP so cool
  30. kindlyone

    Rate the Avatar!

    8/10 love the design who is that though?
  31. kindlyone

    Name Game

    you guys can keep trying till you win kindlyone kindlyone kindeol6yo9nje3 jksza,msdxnmsza try the tongue challenge as well kindlyone
  32. kindlyone

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Urban Legacy (fanfiction, PG-13)

    holy crap its awsome so far i hope you incorperate poes in some way or another greatest fan fic on ZD
  33. kindlyone

    Favorite Game Console

    out of the newer consoles is PS3 but out of all time is N64 it had some of the greatest games of all time
  34. kindlyone

    Name Game

    ok this game is simple but really fun here is how you do it first type your name: Kindlyone then type name with eyes closed: kindlyind now type name with your elbows:kkloimnfdoklky6t9oojhe3w now elbows and eyes closed: kjjkuihnnfvgfrikgfnb ill give you brownie points if you can spell...
  35. kindlyone

    What Dungeon/Temple Could You Or Couldn't You Get Yourself Through If You Were Link?

    i couldnt enter : Fire temple oot because lava is bad trust me I could enter with one eye closed: water temple im a great swimmer also the sand temple from ST that was soooooo easy to beat
  36. kindlyone


    alright PS3 is pretty low on defenders out there but i think its better than the 360 and wii but everyone at school and work all like xbox more who in this world likes the ps3 instead of 360 speak out and be heaRD :) :tektite: :chu: :octorok:
  37. kindlyone

    Lozzy's Graphics

    hey lozzy i really want a wallpaper (i hope you except this) but it seems challenging i want evey boss in TP on this one wallpaper along with the item it takes to defeat them near or next to the corresponding boss if its too complicated just tell me and ill find somebody else
  38. kindlyone

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted but you transform into a sandwhich and i eat you i wish i was under the sea in an octopusess garden (with a scuba helmet on my head)
  39. kindlyone

    Weird Stones

    if you throw bombs at the ones in oot they shoot up like a rocket ship just think you should know because thats awsome
  40. kindlyone

    Which Game Should I Play Next?

    play ST if your low on the time its relativly short and really fun to 100 percent
  41. kindlyone

    A Link to the Past If You Fell Into the Dark World...

    i believe i would turn into an owl of some sort because i talk a lot much like owls also all my frends tell me im smart
  42. kindlyone

    Spoiler Common Theory Breakdown: One or More Ganons?

    i didt read every post because there are too many but in every game there is a small reference on how he will come back that you can never truly kill him i dont know if that helps hope it does
  43. kindlyone

    Is Zelda Skyward Sword Being Un-Original

    this game is definetly unique by what we have seen so far i just hope it lives up to the vote i gave it
  44. kindlyone

    Favorite Bosses

    My favorite boss was Blizzeta twilit ice mass in TP because this boss actually had a backstory to it unlike most bosses i also loved bongo bongo because he waz cool lookin
  45. kindlyone

    Goddess Statues on the Triforce Islands

    yeah of couse the yellow pikmin have ears like farores the blue pikmin have mouths like Nayru and Red have noses like Din also the goddessess have same elemental attributes Din =fire so does red pikmin ,Nayru =water so does blue pikmin and i guess Electric had to be substituded for wind...
  46. kindlyone

    Twilight Princess Darkhammer Bringin' the Hammer Down!

    all i did was stay back then back flip when he throws the ball then you run up to his tail and slash away
  47. kindlyone

    Majora's Mask 3 Heart Challenge Question

    Dont do the upgrade you will not be proclaimed champion of three heart challenge
  48. kindlyone

    Ocarina of Time "Annoying" Navi?

    i loved how she told you the names of enemys you were fighting along with a description but then she said hey listen too much
  49. kindlyone

    Corrupt a wish!

    she does but then gives you every chore in the house i wish i was a taco
  50. kindlyone

    Least Favorite Sword Technique

    Great spin attack from TP cause you needed full live to use it and the only time its good is when your surronded and if your surronded your getting attacked
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