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  1. Cromishe

    Top ten alternative bands of all time

    this might be a difficult list, im wondering everyones favorite alternative bands mine are: 10. tool 9.radiohead 8.queens of the stone age 7.foo fighters 6.rage against the machine 5.my chemical romance (technically emo but whatever) 4.1975 3.weezer 2.nirvana 1.smashing pumpkins
  2. Cromishe

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    good lord man where to start ive been listening to complete albums siamese dream- smashing pumpkins mellon collie and the infinite sadness-smashing pumpkins i utero-nirvana bleach-nirvana nevermind-nirvana lateralus-tool (schism is the reason i started to play music) attitude city- ninja sex...
  3. Cromishe

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    a lot of computer games Team fortress classic and 2 Half life link to the past link between world day of defeat (in my opinion, greatest online multiplayer fps)
  4. Cromishe

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I recently picked up the original starfox for 50 cents at a flea market
  5. Cromishe

    Favorite Steam Games

    true dat
  6. Cromishe

    Favorite Steam Games

    Hey everybody im back (nobody missed me) anyway i was wondering what you guys's favorite steam games are. Mine consist of Team fortress 2(obviously) morrowind binding of issac planetside 2 borderlands 2(I have a lot of sequels on this list) also add me on steam@ Ekwinox or Ekwinoxx42
  7. Cromishe

    Breath of the Wild How Much Change Are You Anticipating?

    well nintendo being who they are, they might not add so much change as we may hope for. But I do hope they change a couple things, I dont really know what type of change they will do to the series.
  8. Cromishe

    Do You Turn Off the Sound When....

    The only time I actually turned off the sound was when I first played ocarina of time...navi...
  9. Cromishe

    Who is That Man!

    :wave:haylo!this is cromishe and im going to host a competition!guess whos face that is and you will move to round 2!you dont have to join but you dont get a aner or award if you do.D:...but you still win!
  10. Cromishe

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall!

    Nintendo should really check this!
  11. Cromishe

    Favorite Item?

    The Top BEST Zelda Items Recently ive done a top useless items and sooooooooooo nooooooooooow!a new top whatever from Cromishe!Wooooooooooo!Anyway top best items!As always ill start first! my favorite has to be the longshot!
  12. Cromishe

    Spoiler Hyrule Geography

    I think that Lake Hylia was just skyloft when it crashes down,death mountain:eldin volcano,tell me what your guys theories are on the geography!
  13. Cromishe

    Most Useless Items in Zelda

    Well ive never really beaten wind waker 100% soo
  14. Cromishe

    Most Useless Items in Zelda

    Well this is not a top whatever this is just sharing your least useful,most idiotic,why-the-heck-did-they-make-this item ever!Well as always ill start off Mine:telescope(ww)...What?!its only used in 1 cutscene!
  15. Cromishe

    Spoiler The Great Deku Tree in the Original LOZ Game?

    no remember that they planted a new one!
  16. Cromishe

    Spoiler Skyloft, Later

    Well it could have been turned into 2 things,it could have caused a crater making lake hylia,zelda is hylia a godess they would have named it that because skyloft came down with a statue of the godess.thus getting the name lake hylia.or a more reasonable answer,the city in the sky, in Tp someone...
  17. Cromishe

    Do All Adult Humans Become Stalfos in the Lost Woods?

    Yes,they do,if you look very closely at the heros shade,the shield is a cracked mirror shield and he has the gilded sword,also if you are in there for your life you may probably become a stalfoes,stalchild
  18. Cromishe

    Rankings Help

    ERMAGERD THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!YOU ARE SOO HELPFUL! Well as you can see Im probably not going to be a moderater judging from my last statement
  19. Cromishe

    Rankings Help

    How do you guys get like moderater,administrator,etc!?i would really like to know!
  20. Cromishe

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    LEAST Favorite Bosses Alright this is another top 10 by meeee!Alright so before any confusion starts up,these are your LEAST favorite,The ones who you could not wait till it was over!Well to give you a representation I will do one! Mine goes like this: 10:Dinofol(majoras mask) 9:Blaaz(Ph)...
  21. Cromishe

    Best Poke Mon Villian

    Okay well im sorry about the confusion about is it rival?or team?I dont really care but I would just do the rival
  22. Cromishe

    Best Poke Mon Villian

    Kay,Hey there guys this is cromishe and i wanted you guys to share with me and ill share with you on the best pokemon villain!So far my favorite is N from black and white!Hes very mysterious and looks totally awesome!he makes a plan and goes public with the wrong one so its kind of like making...
  23. Cromishe

    The Top BEST Zelda Games!

    Hey everybody its cromishe and I wnted to share with you my top 5 zelda games!But I would just LOVE if you guys would post ur top 5 below!So mine goes like this: 5:Skyward Sword(Wii) 4:A link to the past(SNES/Gameboy...
  24. Cromishe

    2012 Golden Key Awards Results!

    Congrats guys!
  25. Cromishe

    Who's Your Favorite LPer (Let's Player)?

    Chuggaaconroy,by FAR!he makes me laugh so soooooooooo hard!i mean its always funny and he makes it fun,interesting and informative,ncs is up there 2
  26. Cromishe

    Z-Talk: Making Your Own Podcast Segment

    thnx!can u do mailbags?or IS THAT A MOCKERY OF THE MAIL BAG!!!!!
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