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  1. DuelMark

    So, is Ganon the Big Bad? Or someone else?

    I know we're WAY too early to talk about this as at the time of this writing, the first trailer isn't even a month old. Still, rewatching it got me thinking. From the looks of it, Link does genuinely destroy Ganon since this looks like the typical Zelda final boss battle with him. His trident...
  2. DuelMark

    OOA/OOS Remake

    Would have to get Capcom's okay as they did develop it. I'm totally okay with remakes.
  3. DuelMark

    If cooking comes back, let's cook the monsters!

    So... I dunno if I ever mentioned this before but I really dig the cooking mechanic of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. However... after watching this anime called "Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill"... my god that name is too long... where monsters like orcs get...
  4. DuelMark

    What do you hope to see in the next Zelda? (The princess, not the game)

    So, since we now know that the next title will not be a direct sequel to Tears of the Kingdom, meaning the Wild Era is over, that means we're getting a era entirely, and a new Princess Zelda herself. So, the Zelda we've had for 2 games, three if we count Age of Calamity, was arguably the most...
  5. DuelMark

    Villains from non-Zelda games who'd make great Zelda villains

    So... you read the title, I'm sure you know what the topic is. What villains from non-Zelda games, and yes they gotta be video games, do you think would be great bad guys to cause trouble in the land of Hyrule?
  6. DuelMark

    Making the next 2D Zelda a... Wonder

    Yes, that was a stupid attempt to remind you all of the currently upcoming Super Mario Bros Wonder. So, with a new 2D Mario on the horizon, it got me thinking of how with Tears of the Kingdom out and not getting DLC (at least as of now), the next Zelda game is probably being brainstormed. So...
  7. DuelMark

    Completing the Trilogy - Breath, Tears, and ???

    Tears had 7 dungeons (I count any location that ends with a boss and a heart piece as a dungeon, so Hyrule Castle and forming the robot for Mineru counts) I figure adding one more would be a logical next step. So, screw it... while I'm here, may as well discuss DLC for Soul of the Darkness. We...
  8. DuelMark

    Completing the Trilogy - Breath, Tears, and ???

    Ah... it's funny because there is a fanfiction I had in mind that could serve as a potential third installment. So... what would it be called. I know Blood seems to be the word everyone is thinking... except here's what I noticed. Breath of the Wild feels like it matches Link. His first breath...
  9. DuelMark

    If Nintendo let other developers do Zelda again, who would it be?

    Okay, the other day I was playing me some Oracle of Seasons on Switch (which makes me happy to do but also sad to realize we won't get a remake like Link's Awakening did). Recalling that Capcom made the Oracle games, as well as Four Swords and Minish Cap, I also noticed those are the only...
  10. DuelMark

    Aonuma: OoT was restricting, the BotW format will continue

    I'd say both can still work Have a smaller group, maybe a different developer, go with the OOT formula, while the big boys follow BOTW/TOTK formula.
  11. DuelMark

    Build the Roster for a hypothetical Zelda fighting game.

    Okay... now that I am free for a bit, let's get to season 2. And the reason I was taking so long is simple... I think this is the best time to add a guest character. Time to add someone who has NEVER been in a Zelda game but could still fit in one. Since SoulCalibur VI had 3 guest characters, I...
  12. DuelMark

    Build the Roster for a hypothetical Zelda fighting game.

    Okay, so... now that I've seen enough people comment, I think now we can all learn about who is included in the DLC. Now, I'm including 2 seasons of DLC, seeing as Smash had 2 seasons, as did BOTW and AOC. Like Smash, I'm going with 6 characters per season, with one of them being a pre-order...
  13. DuelMark

    Build the Roster for a hypothetical Zelda fighting game.

    I'm confused. Are you saying those are the same character transformed? I like that you're trying to add as much of the series as possible, but the idea of the roster I have here is that I tried to be as realistic as I could. 40, I guess technically 80, in a starting roster sounds a bit much...
  14. DuelMark

    Build the Roster for a hypothetical Zelda fighting game.

    First off, I did take this name of the series of videos from the YouTube channel Thorgi's Arcade. In fact, forget this stupid thread, go check his stuff out first before reading, Especially his series, Build the Roster, where he takes a hypothetical fighting game and builds his dream roster. But...
  15. DuelMark

    Terrible Legend of Zelda Jokes/Puns Thread

    Not gonna lie, I chortled at these.
  16. DuelMark

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 570!

  17. DuelMark

    Tears of the Kingdom My ideas for DLC

    Interesting. Although, all Zelda games thus far that had DLC had them in 2 waves. So, I think this is more likely. Still, I think we can pack a lot, so... here's what I would have in mind. Wave 1 - Similar to BOTW, we're given trials that would allow us to power up the Master Sword and give it...
  18. DuelMark

    Boss Subtitles

    I did not expect this to last more than a decade...
  19. DuelMark

    Do you want bosses to have their own identites in BotW2?

    Each boss needs it own design, method of attack and overall different ways of fighting it. So yes.
  20. DuelMark

    When Do You Estimate Breath of the Wild 2 Releasing?

    2021 the latest. I'm expecting we will learn more this year and a Nintendo Direct months before release dedicated only to the game.
  21. DuelMark

    What will Ganondorf sound like if he talks?

    For all we know, Ganondorf will just make the cliche zombie groans. However, because Breath of the Wild introduced voice acting, and Ganondorf looks to be making a resurrection, I got to thinking what would he sound like. Granted, we've only heard him talk in non-canon material. First is the...
  22. DuelMark

    Who Should Voice Ganondorf In Breath of the Wild 2?

    That would be famed voice acting legend, Frank Welker, doing a higher pitch than he does for Megatron. For me, it'd be Clancy Brown (Lex Luthor from the DCAU) Though it's likely we'd get a non-union actor. In that case, I'd go with someone like Chris Sabat.
  23. DuelMark

    Should Zelda Switch go for the most dungeons record?

    Would love for a game to have like more than a dozen.
  24. DuelMark

    Link's Awakening Switch What will they do differently?

    I like that this game is being re-introduced. But there are some things I don't like from Link's Awakening. For example, I don't like the Anglerfish boss. Then again, no one likes it. My only hope is either they make it better or replace it with something better. So, for those who played Link's...
  25. DuelMark

    What past title would you like the game to take inspiration from?

    Breath of the Wild's main inspiration was the original title for the NES: Being free to go wherever the player wants to go and handle whatever situation in your own way. However, the original title isn't the only game I think people enjoy. So let's imagine if one of us were in the development...
  26. DuelMark

    Should the Yiga clan come back in Zelda Switch?

    First off, no they weren't among the worst things. Second, yes, add them. Ideas that seem bad can be made to work if done by someone who understands them better.
  27. DuelMark

    Traveling between the timelines

    So, a thing I noticed when Breath of the Wild came out was theories about a convergence between the timelines. While I'm not fond of this idea (you can thank DC doing that), it got me thinking of something else. As the title implies, traveling between the worlds. I liked this idea in...
  28. DuelMark

    Does atheism exist in Hyrule?

    So, we know there are deities and parallels to heaven and hell in the world of Hyrule. But something I've noticed is that a lot of citizens don't seem to have that much interest or knowledge on the Golden Goddesses or the Triforce. Sure, they aren't seeking immortality or become rulers of the...
  29. DuelMark

    Why do people think I'm stupid for liking Zelda?

    The answer is simple. They were jerks.
  30. DuelMark

    Can Link fight unarmed?

    So one day I was thinking about Samurai Jack, because why not, when I remembered something. While Jack had a sword, and was proficient with any weapon, he was also skilled with hand-to-hand combat. Whenever Link is unarmed, he just plain can't fight. This always gives me the feeling that Link...
  31. DuelMark

    What animal would you want as a pet?

    So I asked before if Link had a dog, now I feel life expanding that idea. We've seen Hyrule have all kinds of animals, even made up ones like the Remlits. If you were Link and could have one as a pet, even the kind that normally act as enemies like the rope snakes, what animal would you like...
  32. DuelMark

    Bringing non-canon characters into canon

    Lemme start with asking what do you think of Broly. Do you think he's cool? Or do you think he's overrated? Doesn't matter, since he's going to be the Big Bad in the upcoming Dragonball Super Movie, written by Akira Toriyama himself, giving him a new backstory and making him canon. This isn't...
  33. DuelMark

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Someone who bought a car from my dad's dealership might be interested in me.
  34. DuelMark

    Do you want the Triforce to feature more prominently in future games?

    Sure thing, and I'd like for what the villain WANTS to wish to play a major theme or be important. Like Thanos wanting to wipe out half the universe's population with the Infinity Gauntlet.
  35. DuelMark

    If Link had a canine companion?

    Pretty self explanatory We've seen Link have fairies, a boat, an imp and even the princess's spirit travel with him, but what about something more mundane yet also more likely to get belly rubs? I admit, this is because I myself like dogs and want Link to have one travel with him across...
  36. DuelMark

    Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu Wants To Develop A Remake Of Zelda II

    I'd like to see a remake of the first game first.
  37. DuelMark

    What do you want from Princess Zelda in Zelda Switch?

    Also, here's an idea I had. What if the game starts with Link meeting her, but she has amnesia. Instead of Link getting his memories back, he tries to find objects that help Zelda get her memories back. They play a role in where the dungeons are, what the bosses are, how to defeat them, etc...
  38. DuelMark

    Bringing Back Important Items in an Open World Game

    What if we return to finding items in dungeons, but it's more akin to something like Mega Man? As in you find the bow and arrow in one dungeon, but it's used more in a later dungeon and can make the boss of that later dungeon easier? But, like Mega Man, you don't NEED this weapon, it just make...
  39. DuelMark

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Incredibles 2 9 out of 10 It ignores the short-lived comic and Rise of the Underminer video game and does an almost great job following the evens of the popular film. Yes almost, because... well spoilers.
  40. DuelMark

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    For the first time in my life, I bought an XBox original game. Blinx the Time Sweeper. Let it be known I'm not exactly a fan of Microsoft's games, but Blinx is something I've been keen on trying out.
  41. DuelMark

    Which One of Link's Houses is the Best?

    Hateno Village has the best house. It just needs a bathroom and kitchen.
  42. DuelMark

    Who will be the next main villain?

    Chances are Ganon will be the Big Bad, but I would rather they have Ganondorf in their first then bring in Ganon. Or keep him as Ganon, start out weak and small but then slowly regains his power overtime and returns to his full power. But if he isn't and we get the sub-villain who get hijacked...
  43. DuelMark

    What Does A Job Opening in Design Mean for Zelda Switch?

    Something interesting could come from this
  44. DuelMark

    Breath of the Wild What happened to rethinking "play by yourself"?

    So, here's something I don't anyone recalls about what we were promised for what we know today as "Breath of the Wild". One of the conventions Aonuma wanted to rethink was playing by ourselves. Obviously, that didn't happen, since we're still playing by ourselves in the game. Admittedly, with...
  45. DuelMark

    An open world with linear dungeons?

    Another problem Breath of the Wild had was that there were too limited dungeons. If there were at least 2 more dungeons, this is something they could have done. This has worked with Mario games before. Super Mario Galaxy 2 had both linear levels and open world levels.
  46. DuelMark

    A 2D Zelda Switch

    With the upcoming Octopath Traveler, with those HD 2D sprites, why not? I'd lie them to try and make the biggest 2D Hyrule possible with as many bosses as they can.
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