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  1. ケンジ

    Hyrule Warriors My First Reactions About the Game

    I have ato agree with Onizama's point in cons. I have that with my gameplay experience. My initial reaction is biased since I love musou games and Zelda games so I don't think it counts if I say it here. On a side note, I would like to shamelessly advertise my blog-HW-Guide Adventure Mode How...
  2. ケンジ

    Hyrule Warriors Female Link Supposedly Confirmed (HW)

    Who can say? hehehehehehe. This art is great though.
  3. ケンジ

    The Future of the Hylian Knight Usergroup

    Lose it. It's time for something new and meaningful. Acknowledge people by their acts alone without titles as rewards.
  4. ケンジ

    What Languages Do You Speak?

    よろしいだろうか? うん、何を言いうかのう。。。 Bahahaha I'm messin. Kaya bago kayo masiraan ng ulo sa sinasabi ko, mga tatlong lenguahe ang kaya kong magsalita. でも、みんなは、僕の言葉はわかりますかな? ま、いいか?
  5. ケンジ

    Vivillon Travels the World

    Well, I've awarded the points. Terminus made me aware of a possibly broken part on my point system, so I raised it, just a bit. Quaffler got 3 and Terminus got 30. Reason for Quaffler is because he sent me just a normal Vivillon. Terminus sent me a 5 31IV'd Vivillon. This applies to the...
  6. ケンジ

    Pokémon Bank Has Now Been Released (outside Japan)

    I kinda laughed the first time you boot the european pokebank: "If you use Pokémon Bank and/or Poké Transporter to transfer Pokémon that have not been approved ... you forefit your right to use Pokémon Bank and/or Poké Transporter." Gwahahaha
  7. ケンジ

    Vivillon Travels the World

    Added to the list. Now this is getting me excited. :P Let's trade when we are available!
  8. ケンジ

    Vivillon Travels the World

    I'd appreciate one please! I added you to the list. I also updated the First Post with my Friend Code! Yay~ I'll add the point once I received the pattern. Also is it possible to sticky this thread? Sorry- I forgot to update the thread. Also, What's your OT and OT Number? And Game. I can't...
  9. ケンジ

    Vivillon Travels the World

    Vivillon Travels the World - Contest Inside! Vivillon. With the recent chat of Lord Vainnuss, Multiplucus Darkrai-us, I came to this trail of thought: Why don't we collect all the Vivillon Patterns? Why is this not on the Trade thread is because this needs to be it's OWN thing. Here's the...
  10. ケンジ

    For Those of You Worried About the Pokemon Bank

    And they are still not releasing Pokebank. Harsh. One thing I can see is this: I think the people managing Pokebank can at least monitor and or collect data about Pokemon Being uploaded into it. As you already know, hacks are able to pass through it. It CAN block Pokemon, if it does not match...
  11. ケンジ

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    Pink Butterfree. No seriously, I found one in SIlver way back. Even before teh Red Gyarados. Caught it and it was my best friend, but I can't use him anymore, cause II can't connect to III
  12. ケンジ

    Pokemon Trading Center

    Here are what I need: THese are specifics. no exceptions. If there isn't a specified nature, moves, IV or gender, then that means anything goes. I'll trade with Gen VI, Ergo, X and Y. Golurk with No Guard, Adamant. Max Attack IV. Quilladin with BulletProof. If possible Female. Pyroar with...
  13. ケンジ

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    Breeding Shinies in XY, BW(2) and grabbing TMs from Gen IV and applying them to some of my builds. Also- I hate that Even in X and Y, DNA Splicers will work only one ONE Kyurem like in BW2. I wanted to have both Black and White Kyurem together....oh well.
  14. ケンジ

    Currently Known Pokemon Bank Specs

    Ahem: Here's the thing that probably causes confusion In Gen VI you can: 1.You can't trade a Pokemon to another game it if knows an HM Move, to prevent HM acquisition that Gen V somehow removed. I mean I could access surf as soon as I want in Black and White as long as I traded it from another...
  15. ケンジ

    Currently Known Pokemon Bank Specs

    Being the ONLY one(as of now) who can use Pokebank in the entire forum, I can hazard a guess on what's not on the list: *They have a small data check whether the Pokemon are created from hacks and have near-impossible abilities. (Yes I heard of the hack with the Gengar etc., but that was due to...
  16. ケンジ

    Official ZD Pokemon League - Become the Champion! (Interest Thread)

    Just remember to have fun and let everyone do their best in this tournament! (Came here to wish everyone and vergo-agogogogogogogogogogogooggoogogogogogogogogogogoogogoggooggogogogogogoog *egoraptor style breathing* GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO a very good luck on Managing this. btw: If you...
  17. ケンジ

    General Zelda Zeldas Downfall in Japan?

    This caught my interest. Let's see where this goes. I'll tackle this one by one. As a resident of Japan and as one who was raised here along while living in the Philippines, I can whole heartedly say, that the Legend of Zelda is popular In Japan. But Wind Waker is not much of their taste. I...
  18. ケンジ

    Pokemon X and Y Information About Revealed Pokemon

    And alas we have another Mega Evolution, Mega Charizard X. Choose your game wisely. I chose mine.
  19. ケンジ

    X and Y, Will You Be Buying It?

    Though this is an american based site, I'll put it here anyway cause: 1. I'm psyched. 2. I'm Extermely hyper 3. I'm just Psyched 4. I'm too Psyched 5. Why am I so Psyched? They're released Pokemon X and Y Via Eshop now. Can't be downloaded till release day though, but it registers the...
  20. ケンジ

    Pokemon X and Y - Demo For X and Y In Japan!

    I'll make this a short post. Played the Demo days ago. Loved it. Took my sweet time with the area. It's lush it's beautiful and it's finally tear jerking from a Long time Pokemon Fan. I had a Blast with Mega Mewtwo. Now I wish I could have had the chance with Mega Absol. I would be MEGA...
  21. ケンジ

    Where Would You Like to Go in England

    London to visit the Queen
  22. ケンジ

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    How will i spend the day today? Also- I should Fix the Poke-shop, link's here Also, Pie. I do love pie. And Ace attorney, OH! And MIKU! Oh and on the hunt for a new Pokemon Rumour.
  23. ケンジ

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I ran for the nearest game store. Line was 10 blocks long. I sat in a corner and became the symbol of the thinker.
  24. ケンジ

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I.... Worked, Worked, Worked, Ate lunch, played OoA(OoS), Worked, Debated against a client so I can go to Kansai, Worked Worked Worked And I ate Takoyaki. Did I mention Worked?
  25. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    ...Why make a new thread when you could have just posted it in the Ninfia/Sylveon revealed thread? Ah I digress. So her english name is Sylveon. This is most interesting.
  26. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    I sure hope so. After all, the name I coined is still speculation. Who knows in a month or 2- Heck a week or so the name could be Nympheon. Time will prove me right, or prove me wrong.
  27. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Ninfia IS the Japanese name yeah. Looking at Ninfia, I really really REALLY doubt that it's a new item. It will make use of the current item, the Prism Scale. Here's a picture of that scale, it resembles the patterns on Ninfeon.
  28. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    It could be either one. My guess is as good as yours.
  29. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Ninfeon Speculations and Rumors Why hello there. In the other thread, there's a talk about Ninfeon. Ninfeon? Isn't it Ninfia? oh you, you forget, Pokemon names can be turned to English. This is just another moment. Now, allow me to talk about....this supposed evolution. The scans say it's...
  30. ケンジ

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    And the rumor I told ya'll in skype holds water. Nice.
  31. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    ....Looking deeper into the market of my Pokemon shop, I see....it has problems. So I have decided...to close it. THEN Remake it and open a new shop. :D Well The plan is simple. I'll sell only the basic pokemon forms and evolve them myself.
  32. ケンジ

    Which Version Will YOU Get?

    X. Y Not? It's an Extremely Excellent Experience.
  33. ケンジ

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Let's see..... Bacon Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Eggs Chicken Bacon Toast Eggs and Bacon Toast Eggs
  34. ケンジ

    Official Strike Against the High Market Prices Thread

    ........Is this really necessary? REALLY?
  35. ケンジ

    Are You a Day or Night Person?

    I'm flexible. I'm a cat under the moonlight at one, and I'm a Firefox at the next. So- eh anything really. Although if I must give a specific answer, it is.....Night Owl.
  36. ケンジ

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    1. Link 2. Rockman 3. Every Hero from Dragon Warrior series 4. Fox Mcloud 5. Green
  37. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    As requested, It's done. Also Looks like I'll be having weekly releases now. I'll consider other ideas. If it's worth it.
  38. ケンジ

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    Read bottom to top. This made my day yesterday.
  39. ケンジ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Let's see.....Right Now I'm Playing Digimon Adventure PSP Don't believe The King? Here it is: Digimon Adventure
  40. ケンジ

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Hrmmm... now that I think carefully, my latest game is...Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney. It's GREAT.
  41. ケンジ

    A New Generation: How Much is Too Much?

    Nothing in Pokemon is EVER too much. Remembering the names is at your own discretion. You remember the names from usage of Pokemon. In teams or in Battles. Or in annoying capture moments. It's overwhelming, but that means if someone knows Older Pokemon, that means they have played it longer...
  42. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    The prices...will be determined by me, when I get access to the shop.
  43. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    It will be revealed....soon. I like to keep....things in secret. Although the answer here is... quite the obvious one.
  44. ケンジ

    Pokémon X & Y Discussion

    I guess I now know why the early rumour of PokemoN Rainbow came from. That rainbow-colored leaf. On asidenote, here are my ideas: Pokemon X and Y Speculations - Pokémon Dungeon
  45. ケンジ

    Pokémon X & Y Discussion

    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced for Nintendo 3DS - Pokémon Dungeon Full details on the video are located here.
  46. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    I Guess that means I'm in charge eh. Good @Zenox No need I have them all I'll fix the categories later- Morning is a busy time http://www.mediafire.com/?z6l3adu7v96a0wi HEre it is Djinn and LOcke Due to a recent error on my part, I had to rework the category, and rework the pricing. So...
  47. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    ANyway to Djinn and Locke I've added the link to the sprites, and if you didn't get it, here it is again: http://www.mediafire.com/?z6l3adu7v96a0wi btw it's a .rar file I'll send the list pronto.
  48. ケンジ

    January 8th: What Are You Hoping For?

    NEWS FLASH Looks like we got a Nintendo Direct! Please go here: !Quick Attacks! News will be covered by yours truly and some other cohorts. LOOK FORWARD TO IT Oh, and To avoid being off topic: I want one thing. And I got it, a Nintendo Direct, a perfect way to wrap up all possibilities...
  49. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    All you people are doing is making things easier on me
  50. ケンジ

    The Pokemon Market Initiative

    Let's see....Seeing as How a LOT of people will begin to go after their favorites, I'll be making use of that, by limiting it so it's so rare. The list will be coming soon, be patient.
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