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  1. leonardo

    MM-3DS What Could We See in Majora's Mask 3D?

    Hey everyone. I know I haven't spoken to anyone in the forums in a long time, but the announcement of Majora's Mask 3D has renewed my interest, personally. I have been doing some serious thinking since Majora's Mask 3D was announced. I went straight to thinking about the differences between...
  2. leonardo

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    0/10. I don't do the forums as much these days.
  3. leonardo

    Breath of the Wild Ridiculous Pre-Order Price for Zelda Wii U?

    I was looking through Walmart's web page for deals on video games and came across this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Zelda-2-RPG-Wii-U/23014795#Product+Reviews I got really confused by this, but I did notice it says it'll come out in August. When looking at the review for it, the date written was...
  4. leonardo

    Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Earthbound?

    Completely untrue. Your friend probably has the worst sources ever!
  5. leonardo

    Zelda in Lego City

    LEGO.com Video Games : What's new - Trailers - LEGO® City: Undercover - Trailer 1 E3 Watch the new trailer for Lego City undercover and listen very hard when he get's K.O.ed by the Kung Fu dude. Is it hinting Lego Zelda? I don't know, but I will look into it. Thank you for your time. ~Leonardo
  6. leonardo

    ZD Back in Time!

    Zelda Dungeon This link takes you back to Zelda Dungeon a long time ago. It can also take you to other times that ZD existed. Hope you enjoy!
  7. leonardo

    Four Swords What Do You Think About the Anniversary Edition?

    How do you unlock the Hero's Trial?!?!
  8. leonardo

    Take The Cookie!

    *Throws a 3DS at head* Take that instead! Za Cookie is mine!
  9. leonardo

    Ocarina of Time Just Wandering...

    Is it like, for the N64 only? Because in my Gamecube Version, I was wearing green and she showed up in red.
  10. leonardo

    Ocarina of Time Just Wandering...

    As I was watching Guredo's Fortress Walkthrough this morning, I found something interesting. In the N64 version, the Guredo who gives you the pass is in green. In the gamecube version I have, she's red. So I was wandering, which color is she in the 3DS version?
  11. leonardo

    Blaze's Graphics

    You did well on my last Sig, Blaze! I was hoping you could possibly make another? Type: Signature Image: MM Link standing between Great Bay Temple and Snowhead Temple Text: Link thinking," Which to go first..." Backround: Termina field If it's a little to challenging, you can leave out...
  12. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Claims to be the real Komali. (Throws Bomb at thirty character rule.
  13. leonardo

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    So... been a long time people... Just hurry up and freaking say something people!
  14. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Should own Ocarina of Time 3D right now...
  15. leonardo

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    Haven't met you before... 2/10
  16. leonardo

    Tingle in SS!

    This would be cool backstory to why he would possibly be in SS: If you've seen Majora's Mask abridged series, you would know that Link imprisons Tingle in a red balloon prison. THEN,(not in the series,) He's blown away for several years until he ends up in Skyloft. Of course this wouldn't be...
  17. leonardo

    The Never Ending Story

    and flying directly into the sun...
  18. leonardo

    The Never Ending Story

    He took out a Master Sword... (30 character limit)
  19. leonardo

    Victory Claimed at Last!

    A while back, I posted a thread saying I could never beat Twinmold. http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?8940-Twinmold-i-hate-the-most Well, I actually defeated him about two weeks ago! All I needed to beat him was the gilded sword, one bottle of green potion, and the giant's mask...
  20. leonardo

    New Zelda Site!

    http://zeldadungeonsupport.webs.com/index.htm Hello everyone! This is a link for my new website: The Zelda Dungeon Support Team! It has nothing special right now, but go ahead and see it!
  21. leonardo

    Blaze's Graphics

    Thanks! (30 character limit!!!!)
  22. leonardo

    Blaze's Graphics

    Okay, I hope you can handle this one: Type: Signature Character: Toon Link Text:The name Leonardo in dark yellow Background: In the fire temple (from any game) shooting the bow & arrow at a monster (any monster, it doesn't matter) Thanks!
  23. leonardo

    Best Zelda Ripoff?

    I think probably 3d dot game heros because it relates to zelda alot. Mainly because of the commercial having the boomerang, and grappling hook. in the trailer, the big octo and lots of stuff. So I think it's a spinoff.
  24. leonardo

    Finally Defeated Poisen Moth's Lair!

    YAY! for years have I been stuck but I finally defeated it! Thank you world!
  25. leonardo

    Mandi's Sig Shop

    Hey Mandi, Do you think you could make a sig with the fierce deity and majora mask facing each others with flames for a backround and my name in blue at the bottom? Any size would be fine.
  26. leonardo

    Most Hated Character

    You know, if you hold down on the b button for the camecube version, you can skip his texts/annoying words.
  27. leonardo

    WotOK RPG

    I posted I'm a male, but how come it doesn't say that on the first page?
  28. leonardo

    WotOK RPG

    So am I in or what???? I want a answer!!!
  29. leonardo

    WotOK RPG

    forumer: leonardo name: Erik Items: long steel sword home location/country: phanatoka Island side: good age: 14 race: human gender: male details: none, top secret. Am I in?
  30. leonardo

    General Classic Favorite Sword?

    I would definitly go with the korkiri sword cause I like getting closer in! It reminds me of that one saying, "Get in closer when you have the smaller blade." I kinda remember a little of it, so i changed it a little bit. I tried getting as close to the original, but I think it was still...
  31. leonardo

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Your face. How do i turn on my DSI?
  32. leonardo

    Ocarina of Time Coolest Temple Soundtrack

    I liked shadow alot. It sounds CREEPY but cool. It sounds Creepier to me in the room with all those dead people staring at you.
  33. leonardo

    Ocarina of Time Which Sage is Your Favorite?

    Yeah, i agree with Twili123prince. Darunia is the best because of all those reasons.
  34. leonardo

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    I finished book 1 in one day. I finished book 2 in one day. I finished book 4 in two days I'm going to finish book 3 in one day. I'm going to finish book 5 in one day.
  35. leonardo


    I once saw a funny video, when they were playing their song (Tom Sawyer I think.) on rock band, and they FAILED.
  36. leonardo


    I'm obsessed with Manhatten project and Spirit of the radio.
  37. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Has a number five in his name.
  38. leonardo

    What Is Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    My 2 favorites are; 1. Mint chocolate chip 2. cookie dough!!!!!
  39. leonardo


    Me and my brothers are crazy about a band called rush. I obsessed with one of their songs. You got to listen to one of their songs and then your a fan.
  40. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Her signature has a picture of tetra from the WW and princess Zelda from ST.
  41. leonardo

    Favorite Character Name

    I LOVE Sonic! He is so fast and so awesome! I liked him ecspecialy in sonic and the black Knight. I hear they're making another sonic game called; SONIC COLORS coming Holiday 2010.
  42. leonardo

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    The first game released in my lifetime would be Majora's mask. (Maybe that's why I'm so good at it!)
  43. leonardo

    Easiest Console Game

    I think that the PH was the easiest. It wasn't as complicated as other games like Ocarina of time.
  44. leonardo

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    *Warps to gerudo valley and pins SW to wall.*
  45. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Sits no where else but his bean bag.
  46. leonardo

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    *flips barrel over to see skeikah warrior* Not so fast! *dumps SW on ground*
  47. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    Has a heart container in his awesome signature and asked jesus into his heart.
  48. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    lives in the milky way galaxy. (well duh!)
  49. leonardo

    The Member Fact Game

    lives in the milky way galaxy. (well duh!)
  50. leonardo

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    Not if I can help it! I challenge you to a fight!
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