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  1. Dizzi

    Game notes

    Do you make notes in a game to keep all the info together or do you rely on memories/backtracking loads...if yes what games and why?? Inspired by @Sheikah_Witch 's Aegis Rim (sorry if i spelt wrong...)
  2. Dizzi

    misheard names...

    inspired by a shoutbox convo thanks @Spirit and @mαrkαsscoρ and @Azure Sage what names have you misheard and enjoyed....
  3. Dizzi

    Masks?? Are they permanent??

    As most of you know i am deaf and rely on lip reading but now work have implemented a everyone wear masks so Dizzi cant hear communicate....do you think this is gonna be permanent and Dizzi is gonna be really useless??
  4. Dizzi

    Picking up an old game

    Youve picked up an old game that you liked/hated and then go to play....what did you forget you hated/loved about the games??
  5. Dizzi

    Americanised tv...

    Watching a red dwarf thingy and they made an american version amd ive heard it happened to being human....and im like why?? Is it cuz americans wont understand the humour or cuz something??
  6. Dizzi

    Nightmare places in games to live

    Inspired by spirits playing of resi evil i wondered what would the worst gaming place to live....and why?? like are you going back and forth for a key for the bathroom or something.....
  7. Dizzi

    Life after lockdown

    What do you think will happen???? Do you think it will go back to pre-lockdown or will it be very different??
  8. Dizzi

    Weird stuff your pet does...

    Theo my cat only eats if he cant see the middle of his bowl or if theres someone in room with him...and he jumps on the bins to get attention for us to open the door...so do your pets do anything weird??
  9. Dizzi

    Replay clothes

    If you replay a game do you hunt down the outfit you wore last time cuz yoi liked it...
  10. Dizzi

    Disadvantages of killjoys thread

    @Killjoy 's thread of any game power armoury whatever has disadvantages as i pointed out with the skyrim dragon shouts.... can you think of any others? Or you could do a new one... EDIT...forgot to say sorry @Killjoy
  11. Dizzi

    Character creation

    When you create a character do you try and make it as close to real life you as possible or do you just go with a random...
  12. Dizzi


    Do you have a routinr aka run around check for fossils, hit rocks for the money or materials get fossils vhecked anf sell stuff??
  13. Dizzi

    Hiding disabilities

    If you have a hidden disability, are you like me totally upfront about it like 'hi im deaf!' Or do you hide it unless absolutely necessary, whichever way you are what do you think about people who do the other way? Like they should accept it and make it part of them and use the tools that help...
  14. Dizzi

    Game fashions

    When the game gives options of clothes do you... a. Do like me and not bother changing outfits much becuase tjat outfit looks the comfiest B. Go for the best tactically C. Go for 500 different outfits thru tje whole game??
  15. Dizzi

    Checkpoints or death zone?

    If you die in a game, sometimes they have you start at acheckpoint, but in some rare instances with penalties, theu start you from where you were, which do you prefer??
  16. Dizzi


    Do you cheat in games like a lot or minor...
  17. Dizzi

    Triple botw??

    Rumours are going that botw is gonna be a trilogy??
  18. Dizzi

    Getting rid of...

    If you could get rid of anything, like the whole speices of wasps and mozzies, what would you choose?
  19. Dizzi

    What are you missing?

    Are you missing anything being in lockdown? Me im missing dip!!
  20. Dizzi


    Do you ever hide books/cds/games from yourself so you can rediscover them later?? Thanks @Spirit for the inspiration...
  21. Dizzi

    Games you got full price then sales. .

    Title says it all really, inspired by spirits shadow of the collusem thingy...
  22. Dizzi

    Pizza cutting

    Youve got your pizza and the cutter how do you cut the pizza? Do you do it the normal way slices? Or start from the edges??
  23. Dizzi

    Sandwich layers

    How do you layer your sarnies?? Apparently im the only one in the family that does bread, cheese, lettuce and bread everyone else does the other way..
  24. Dizzi

    Pain threshold

    How is your pain threshold?? Do you go for a painkiller at the 1st niggle of pain or are you tough and get on with it??
  25. Dizzi


    I am currently writing a letter of complaint to the tv people to ask for more subtitles, have you guys ever complained??
  26. Dizzi

    Snappy comebacks you think of after the event

    Sometimes someone says something insulting and you take it silently at the time, later you think ooh i shoulda said.... any examples you can think of...
  27. Dizzi

    Do you forget items or moves???

    Youre stuck in a vital part of the game, youve tried everything, so you look it up and its that invisible tool lesser used move, youve forgotten about..give examples...
  28. Dizzi

    Seated crossed legged

    Do you automatically sit one leg on top and if you try tje other its uncomfortable??
  29. Dizzi

    Actors playing young ones..

    Watching tv you see 30 year olds playing school kids and it pees me off.... where have yoi seen the most extreme examples of this...
  30. Dizzi

    Stalkery songs..

    Can you think of any?? So far aerosmiths dont wanna miss a thing amd the polices every breath you take are thiught of by spirit!
  31. Dizzi


    Do you play demos? Have you brought a game because of a demo and did it live upto or above expectations or did you feel conned??
  32. Dizzi

    Repeat reading

    How many times do you read a book, watch a film, play a game for fun?? Me i love rereading books one series i have read a million times NightWorld and i still find new things in them...
  33. Dizzi

    spoilers time limits

    what is the limit to how long a game should have spoilers?? 6 months, a year?? different people have different limits, what would you do if someone really spoilt a game
  34. Dizzi

    Pros and cons

    Has technology improved our lives or not?? Im making a list any suggestions welcome PROS more accessible Message friends easier More entertainment Easier to find people with common interests Easier to find info Easier travelling Less strain on your time CONS No clear sepration of...
  35. Dizzi

    Cause of MM

    The whole cause of Majoras Mask is Link giving skull kid the skeleton mask in OoT which hit him like a drug making him addicted to mask thats why he beat up Happy Mask Salesman for new masks, and Majora possessed Skull Kid...
  36. Dizzi

    knowing medical issues before they happen?

    would you wanna know if you're gonna get, for example, cancer or Alzheimers when you're young or not and why?
  37. Dizzi


    do you get car sick if yea how do you deal with it..... me sing songs to myself and distract myself from the nausea.....
  38. Dizzi


    Tingle IS NOT in Ocarina of time i only realised today!!!
  39. Dizzi

    Unwanted hugs

    In recent years people have been hugging when before it was a wave or handshake or nod? Does this annoy you and how do you avoid it?? My mum keeps telling me to hug people but i dont wanna....
  40. Dizzi

    TV personalitys that really annoy you

    There are some people on tv who just annoy you bitbyou dont know why....professor brian cox is one of mine i just cant watcj him for long without going mad....
  41. Dizzi


    Playing MM i was thinking surely the races would have different currency in Hyrule and Termina and other Zelda related games... why not?? And try making your own...
  42. Dizzi

    voice actors

    a discussion today between me and @Spirit was about voice acting, I was watching Dragonheart and didn't realise that Sean Connery was the Dragon, who else have you found was that voice actor and been 'Really?' Also I've had Kristen Dunst as young Anya in Anastasia cartoon..
  43. Dizzi

    how do you organise your books??

    in the SB today @Spirit linked a pic of a book case and it got thinkin how dya organise your books? personally I sort into series order and writers...
  44. Dizzi

    empty houses

    when ypu visit someones house and they leave the room or house, do you feel awkwards and end up like perching on the chair??
  45. Dizzi

    um apparently one of the zeldas was called Hyrule Fanasty

  46. Dizzi

    forest temple's warp stone

    the stairs seem to end where the warp stone is so its like did the stone stone come later or were the stairs very steep??
  47. Dizzi


    would you choose the name of your child as a result of a bet??
  48. Dizzi

    self save or auto save

    title says it all really, or theres the mixed save method where it auto saves but you can save as well...
  49. Dizzi

    alternative Link's

    a chat i was having in Discord threw up the possibility of Professor Layton taking Links place, aa he has the wisdom to solve puzzles, the courage to explore haunted house and the power to be strong (ok i got stuck there!) so any other alternatives for Link??
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