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  1. link9

    World Series Winner?

    What are your predictions for the MLB playoffs? Mine are: ALDS- Boston over Detroit; Texas over New York (Yankees) ALCS- Boston over Texas NLDS- Atlanta over San Francisco; Philadelphia over Milwaukee NLCS- Atlanta over Philadelphia And the winner of the World Series will be the Atlanta...
  2. link9

    Majora's Mask 3DS Email

    Hey guys, I sent an email to Nintendo of America a few days ago, pushing for a remake of Majora's Mask for the 3DS (I haven't played Ocarina of Time 3DS yet). I just thought I would share my email and their response: Hi, my name is Travis Brown, and I am an avid fan of the series Legend of...
  3. link9


    Do you think that the Triforce will appear in SS? I have thought about it, and I just feel like we shouldn't see it, basically because we get the background of the Triforce in OoT and from what it appeared, had never been touched nor had someone tried to touch it. It would make more sense if we...
  4. link9

    My Timeline

    ...........WW/PH-ST-MC-FS-FSA ........../ SS-OoT ..........\ ...........TP-ALttP/LA-LoZ/AoL-OoX What do you think? Suggestions? Anything contradictory? Thanks! Crap, I posted this in the wrong area. Sorry:(
  5. link9

    The Legend of Zelda Original LoZ Remake?

    I was curious as to what others thought about a console remake of the original game. Would you be open to it? What about the story? If it was redone, do you think we could get a better story than in the original?
  6. link9

    Release Date?

    What EXACT date do you think the game will be released? Post it and we will see who gets it right! I think December 21.
  7. link9

    Ganondorf Backstory?

    I just wanted some thoughts on this. Do you believe we will get a little BS on Ganondorf, like possibly as a child or something? Will he somehow be involved in the story? Especially if it is to take place about 100 years before OoT.
  8. link9

    ALTtP Placement?

    Where do you guys feel where ALTtP goes in the timeline? Since its placement is arguably the most confusing in the series.
  9. link9

    Spoiler Ending of TP?

    What do you guys make of the cut scene to Zant, with him twisting his head just before Gaonodorf dies?
  10. link9

    Spoiler The Hylian Race???

    Ok, so I just want to throw my theory out there that the "people" of Skyloft are actually the ancestors of the Hylians. If I remember correctly, in OoT and TP, it is stated that the Hylian race were descendants of people in the sky. Could the people of Skyloft become the Hylians, and also could...
  11. link9

    My Timeline

    This is my first timeline, and I'm trying to make my timeline a little different than the ones I have seen. I will just post it for now, then explain my reasoning if needed. Feel free to give me feedback:) /WW/PH-ST-MC-FS/FSA-OoX OoT \MM-TP-ALttP/LA-LoZ/AoL
  12. link9

    Which Game Do You Believe Goes First?

    Okay, which game do you believe goes first, OoT, MC, or another game. If you could please pst why you believe that game goes first, I'd appreciate it:)
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