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    Which Fire Dungeon is the Best?

    Oot fire temple is my personam favorite.
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    Paper Legend of Zelda?

    I like the idea of lego zelda more than the idea of paper zelda but imo both of those are bad ideas.
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    Are Motion Controls Really in Jeopardy?

    I believe they will go the wiiu pad route for this next title but after that you never know.
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    Miyamoto Announces Shorter Tutorials in Future Games

    I hope it is shorter than Tp but longer than OOT that would be a good mix.
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    Biggest Problem?

    exactly my thoughts
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    Best Forest Dungeon

    Easy choice for me here the forest temple from oot is easily the best imo and maybe the best dungeon ever.
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    No Motion Controls After All?

    I prefer classic as well because motion controls almost made the tail end of skyward sword a chore to me.
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I love the differing opinions it is what makes zelda such a great series.
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    The Most Adventurest Zelda Out There Game

    LoZ or OOT take the cake for me.
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    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Totally agree but i prefer ALTTP a little more
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    Voice Acting In Zelda Wii U

    I like the idea but i don't want Link talking.
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    Discussion #013: Is Arbiter's Grounds the Spirit Temple?

    I love the teory and hope it is true but im not sure.
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    What Was the Most Scared You've Ever Been in Your Life?

    I was most scared when i spun out while driving my car cause someone pulled out in front of me in the winter. I swerved and flew off the road and hit a telephone pole then bounced off of the pool into a budweiser factory. needles to say the car was totalled.
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    Most Hated Game

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 it just never appealed to me. I love all the other mario platformers but not that one.
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    Zelda: Toon/Young Link, or Adult Link?

    Adult Link or 17-18 year old Link because the game feels more serious i guess.
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    Skywrd Sword Review by Gamewise.ie

    Could not agree anymore.
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    Twilight Princess Vs. Wind Waker

    Imo WW is the much better game. Twilight princess is actually my least favorite imo. They are both too easy and have forgetable dungeons but WW has a magical charm too it with its great cellshaded graphics and happy feeling.
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    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    Lanayru mining facility because it was the only real lengthy dungeon the zelda series is known for imo.
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    After finally beating every game in the series i would say twilight princess and ST.
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    A Link to the Past Opinion?

    The first game i ever played, and still my personal favorite. OOT has tied it as a favorite because i beat it for the first time around a year ago and love it.
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    Favorite Fishing Game

    I like the classic Links awakening game but out of these two i like OOT
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    Pokemon Black and White 2

    Idk but it will be awesome either way, and that is all i care about.
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    Big Goron Sword trading sequence because it turns out to be the most useful item you get in OOT.
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    Termina Again?

    What made MM great was the uniqueness of its world, story, time mechanic, etc. If they reuse that it would ruin what makes MM so unique and mysterious. So imo no, but i won't rule out the chance.
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    The First Zelda Game You Played

    LTTP was mine, and it is the reason it is my favorite game in the series. I will admit OOT is probably the best, but since i beat it a year ago for th first time i don't have the nostalgia in it.
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    OoT-3DS Master Quest Disappointing

    The one thing I really liked is how the Spirit Temple was noticeably harder, at least for me. Imo opinion it was the hardest 3d zelda dungeon, and i loved it.
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    Majora's Mask Gameplay

    Only if the time stopped when in dungeons then it would be a cool idea.
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    Rebooting the Series

    d Lol that would be kinda weird to say the least, but it will never be that extreme of a change. I know you know that the series will never go that direction well at least i hope you know.
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    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    7.5/10 is my score on it for the following reasons. -Motion controls( prefer buttons over motion) -lack of exploration -easy puzzles and dungeons -lack of replay value
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    Rebooting the Series

    Zelda has to get a reboot imo. When i say this i mean they should go back to how the series used to be when ALTTP and OOT were released. I don't like the linearity of the recent instulments. In OOT and MM you had a guide and could figure out what to do but you could do it in differint orders.
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    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time

    OOT is the best imo, but it is not my favorite. I prefer ALTTP personally probably because of nostalgia. I beat Ocarina for the first time last summer so my opinion is not nostalgia based to make things clear. I felt the story, dungeons, and final boss were better designed in OOT, but nostalgia...
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    What Would Be a Cool Legend of Zelda Game to Be Remade on the 3ds?

    None of the games should be remade or ported imo Nintendo has to move on from past like they have with the release of that book.
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    Majora's Mask What's So Great About Majoras Mask? (Just Wondering)

    Well i don't like the game alot, because i like mainquest overside quest i will say it is great. Just cause i had trouble getting into it i can admit it is great just not for me. What Makes it great is the npc's, time limit, and side quests. if you love all of these you will love this game.
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    Bottom of the Well Vs. Full on Zombie Games

    Zelda is a friendly bright game in general well you know what to expect in Zombie games like Resident Evil so the shock is not their.
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    Twilight Princess Easiest Final Dungeon.

    I feel stupid now because i found Ganon's castle in OOT to be kind of hard. I also found Stone Tower Temple to be easier then the Snow Head and the Great Bay Temple so i guess i am just weird.
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    Which Zelda Game Do You Think It's a "must-play"?

    LTTP for me because it shows the origins from which the series is based on.
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    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    Thareous i would still play zelda games just i would look forward to Elder Scrolls games like i used to look for forward to Zelda games thats all.
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    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    Id play my second favorite series Elder Scrolls.
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    Spoiler Hardest Final Boss????

    Dark Link is the toughest imo. LTTP Ganon and OOT Ganon are tied for second imo.
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    Oracle Series Would You Like To See Another Linking Zelda Game Like OoX?

    I love the idea because the games would have differing styles plus the 3ds has the technology to link games easier.
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    General Classic Which Would You Prefer

    I respect the LOZ, but the MC is much better imo so i would have to go with that.
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    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    LTTP is the best imo because the dark tone of the game is set so well.
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    Zelda: Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy

    No i think that rumor is false, but i love the idea of having two games with a combined ending.
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    Four Swords Is This Game Good or Bad?

    It was a chore to beat single player at times, but it is a blast with friends.
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    Skyward Sword Disappointing????

    To me SS felt like lot like Metroid prime with the need to find that one door to progess not like a Zelda game. SS is a great game, but the motion controls bothered me and took something from the expierence.
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    General Modern Best Dungeon of All Time?

    I agree with 2bmc and want to add that the rant the sister have about their age is awesome.
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    Idea for New Zelda Game

    I do not like the split as either, but if it is official i will go by it. I worded this poorly i meant how about a game where Ganon escapes.
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    Idea for New Zelda Game

    I feel that it would be a good idea if Nintendo has Link lose to Ganon so they can clear up the third timeline split. Please comment on your opinion of this idea. ( Be polite and do not rip on me if you disagree)
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    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    -No triforce hunt -make it a little more difficult - a few more dungeons to make the game longer - Make sailing faster
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