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  1. KrazyKyuubi

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    Oh snap, with my own personal twist. :right:
  2. KrazyKyuubi

    Mom Kills Baby for Interrupting Her While Playing Farmville.

    Wow. Was she smoking the virtual marijuana she was growing or something? Uh yeah. She needs to go to jail. Forever. It's unacceptable to kill you child just for being addicted to a game. If that was acceptable, my mother would've been dead years ago for interrupting me. Seriously, just...
  3. KrazyKyuubi

    Username Game

    An animal: Kangaroo :3 A boy's name: Koby A girl's name: Kasandra An occupation: Kitchen Aid? Like a person who helps in a kitchen, not like Rubbermaid... A color: Khaki Something you wear: Kimono A beverage: Kool-Aid OH YEAH A food: Kabob Something found in the bathroom: Kotex... A...
  4. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    Uh...so do I have to unvote Jo even though she's dead now? D= Now I don't understand even more...Why can't this just be fun? It's like...like...cheating in CandyLand! It just takes all the fun out of it. And it makes my head hurt more since I thought I was finally beginning to understand...
  5. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    So this whole thing between zack125 and BSR is what we're focused on, right? I hope. I kind think BSR's is pushing it a little with zack125. And after reading Durion's last post I kinda agree that's she's more suspicious. Of course that could all be a plot by Durion and zack who are...
  6. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    Oh dear God, MY EYES! :O So many things to READ! I guess I should go read all this now that I'm back...If I'm absent for a long time again it's because my eyeballs melted out of my head...>.<
  7. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    To everyone who responded to my post (too lazy to quote everyone), I now understand that the choosing of roles is random. =D Thanks for the info! (This will be my last post for a while, I've already notified the proper people. ^^)
  8. KrazyKyuubi

    Zelda Art Pirate to Princess, Hero to Warrior

    Poor Link! D: So many relationships are hurt from misunderstandings. That made me cry. :kawaii:
  9. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    Clicked everyone's eggies!~ Mine need to grow up soon! I have more hatchlings! I don't want them all to die! D: Click mine please!
  10. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    It's weird. I feel sort of...honored. But really, what sane person would make a complete newbie a Vigilante or a Serial Killer? I admit my in-activeness is suspicious. That's natural. But I would certainly be surprised if I was something like that. Now that makes me suspicious of you...
  11. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    Well. That was interesting. I expected Awesome was going to die from all the arguing I read, and I guess Kybyrian was just...unlucky? Mafia is more complex than I thought...Oh my. :dry:
  12. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I got two new dragons~! Click on them please!
  13. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    Clicked on everyone's eggs! Whoa, my vampire one grew up! :O
  14. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I clicked everyone's eggs! Click mine please!
  15. KrazyKyuubi

    Animal Cruelty or Not?

    I don't really think it's animal cruelty. I dress my cat up all the time if he doesn't mind. I think if you force the animal against it's will into something painful and humiliating, then it would be kind of cruel... But just putting a sweater on a dog so it isn't cold or dressing up your...
  16. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I never know what to name mine. D:
  17. KrazyKyuubi

    Digital Pets

    Ah! I remember those! I bought an off-brand one once at my school book fair. It was cute and orange, and I didn't know what it was. (I bought it because I like orange.) So I open it and pull the little paper tag out of the back and a small dinosaur thing popped up on the screen! It was...
  18. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    Yay! I clicked on everybody's dragons! I love this thread!
  19. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    Clicked on everything! One of mine hatched! :D
  20. KrazyKyuubi

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    Blue jeans and a shirt with a birdie on it~ :love: Yay for clothes!
  21. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    Clicked on everyone's dragons! :D Click mine too!~
  22. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    Okay. Okay... I'm good. I've never done this before. There were just like, a LOT of words in everybody's posts and I have no idea what I'm doing... And it WAS a leech. Thanks for clearing that up! :D
  23. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?! I've never done this before there are too many words in all of your posts and what the heck is a lynch?! I thought that was some blood-sucking animal! HAVE WE ALL TURNED INTO VAMPIRES?! What's IGMEOY? Is that some brand of KNIFE for KILLING PEOPLE?! I'm so going to...
  24. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I clicked on everybody's eggs/dragons! :D
  25. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    I clicked ur dragon! :D I love this thread.
  26. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    oh hey, i forgot i was on this. so uh...what exactly is going on...?
  27. KrazyKyuubi

    The Dragon Feeding Game

    HEEEEY Click on my eggs please? I would appreciate it a lot. :3 MAGIC BANANAS~
  28. KrazyKyuubi

    What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    Hmm. Well, let's think about this. Option 1 - The Egg So you've got the egg. It hatches into a chicken. But what laid the egg? What warmed it to make it hatch? Is it a magical egg? If it was a magical egg, would it taste the same if you fried it up and ate it?? Option 2 - The...
  29. KrazyKyuubi

    Mafia Round 3 (Sign-up Thread)

    I shall sign up, I suppose. Even though this sort of mortal activity is way below the likes of me. *Hair flip* So, LETS GO KILL SOME PEOPLE!~ :D
  30. KrazyKyuubi

    Lifestyles: Religion, Diet, Sexual Orientation, etc.

    I eat EVERYTHING. Except most vegetables. They're icky. :P I do like corn and green beans though. Potatoes are okay too...Hmm... I'm Christian. Technically I'm Catholic, but I don't believe everything they do. I'm sort of my own religion. I call it Amandatholic. It's like being...
  31. KrazyKyuubi

    Toon Link Vs. Link?

    Well, to be honest I prefer normal Link much more. And there's only one reason. Toon Link...reminds me of Dora The Explorer. A lot. And Dora disturbs me... :(
  32. KrazyKyuubi

    Majora's Mask Which Mask Represents Your Personality?

    I would say the All-Night Mask. I love to stay up on the internet for hours-no make that days. :D The Bunny Hood is pretty much how I am during the day. Spastic, hyper, and I so totally grow bunny ears out of my head. Ever day. Oh, and the Blast Mask. My face always gets blown off for...
  33. KrazyKyuubi

    Do You Think There Will Be a Weather System?

    A think a weather system would kind of be useless unless they added some threat to your game play or something. Like if it's thunder storming, you could hit by lightning. Or if it was snowing, you could freeze to death. Rain...I guess it could be acid rain? Or it could make you...melt? ...
  34. KrazyKyuubi

    Are People Buying the Games Simply Because of the Name?

    I would buy games all the time based simply on the name. My mother stops me though. :P Of course, normally if you buy games because of the name, there have been ones before it that were good so the new ones should be good too, right? That's how I think. And one day I'll waste a bunch of...
  35. KrazyKyuubi

    The One That Pulled You In

    The games that pulled me in were Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. My brother had bought them and I watched him play constantly. When I saw Link riding around on Dimitri's back, I was like 'cute dinosaur thing! :O' So I started playing so I could swim around. Then I discovered the games...
  36. KrazyKyuubi

    Twilight Princess Legend of Zelda TP - Items Seem a Little Gimmicky

    I don't think THEY are boring. I guess I worded that badly...I just think the name's boring. "Super-heavy awesome boots of mass destruction!" That's still what I would have called them.
  37. KrazyKyuubi

    New Weaponary Link?

    I think the sword fits best as a beginning weapon. But if I had to choose another, it would have to be the Bow and Arrow. It's the only other weapon that could give a good chance to slay enemies. I guess if you got the Iron Boots you could step on your enemies. :3
  38. KrazyKyuubi

    Twilight Princess Legend of Zelda TP - Items Seem a Little Gimmicky

    I wouldn't say stupid, necessarily. I thought the Iron Boots were kind of boring in all Zelda games they've been in. Not to say they weren't useful, but I would have come up with a more creative name. Like "Super-heavy awesome boots of mass destruction!" Not very practical, but that's what...
  39. KrazyKyuubi

    If Link Were A Woman

    If Link were a girl? I don't really think it would make any differnece. Here's why: First off, what kind of girl would he be? If he was like Lara Croft, I bet the game would at least a few more male buyers, and certain female ones too. I know many boys who would buy Tomb Raider if it...
  40. KrazyKyuubi

    HOLY CRAP! Pokemon Live Action!?!?!

    It looks hilarious. I would pay any amount of money to see that. What's with the guns? And the knives? And the explosions? If there were guns in the real Pokemon, we wouldn't have to deal with Team Rocket. That one girl was also like, trying to commit suicide by shooting herself. What...
  41. KrazyKyuubi


    I hate coffee. The smell disgusts me, and the only time I'll ever drink it is if it has a whole lot of chocolate in it. And it's iced or a frappe. I could never drink the hot stuff. I'm more of a black tea person. Coffee, not so much...
  42. KrazyKyuubi

    What is your color?

    My color is orange because it's perfect and so am I. Ha ha, no that sounds arrogant. I like it because red is too dark and yellow is too bright but orange is just right! :3
  43. KrazyKyuubi

    Reminisce on the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

    I was four years old. I had just finished up Kindermusik with my friends. I walked out into the lobby of the small building. All of the parents there were staring up at the corner of the room where the television was. My mom's face was blank, and the other adults were either hugging each...
  44. KrazyKyuubi

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    Oh wow. I think I'd actually like to see that. :3
  45. KrazyKyuubi

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    I found out that if you go to http://www.google.com/preferences, there's an option to not use Google Instant. I'm glad I found it.
  46. KrazyKyuubi

    Google Instant: Useful or Useless?

    I've recently tried using Google since they put on Instant. To be honest, the first time I used it I didn't know it was there, so when I started typing my screen just kept changing and I was "Oh no I broke the computer again. Dad's gonna kill me..." Then I discovered this was a new feature...
  47. KrazyKyuubi

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    I want by body to bronzed and put in Warehouse 13 so I can see it on display once I become a Soul Reaper. If I can remember it's there...O.o
  48. KrazyKyuubi

    Spell Checking...

    Gawrsh, nobdy nveer missspeels anythang. Don't you hate it when people do that? How exactly DO you ignore red lines? I guess if you're colorblind... The scary thing is, we were having an eighth grade tornado team conference, and Mrs. Franks asked us 'You all know how to spell check on...
  49. KrazyKyuubi

    Favorite Eating Utensil

    It's so weird right? I asked my mom, why are you eating ice cream with a fork? And she said "Shut up. It's fun. Try it." So I did. It's feels weird! So I said "SPOONS FTW!" And she said, "What's FTW mean?" I like forks second because I like spaghetti and I've tried eating it with a...
  50. KrazyKyuubi

    Favorite Eating Utensil

    Chopsticks are fun for throwing. X3 But I like spoons. Nobody in my family ever uses them. They all eat ice cream with a fork. I admit there is a certain pleasure in stabbing into ice cream, but that neglects Mr. Spoon. You don't want to make him feel unwanted, do you? :( Spoons are so...
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