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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    I don't think the VP debate will change much of anything. I think Harris came across a little better simply because defending Donald Trump is difficult. Harris didn't call Pence out for ignoring questions which was a missed opportunity, but it won't matter much. Trump refusing to debate...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    I think Trump needed to change minds in his favor in the debate to win the election and didn't. The white supremacy and election integrity answers he gave were mind-bogglingly awful and overshadowed some of his more incoherent arguments like when he said insulin is cheap like water now or...
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    What do you think will happen in the 2020 election?

    This is particularly true in Pennsylvania which has an enormous chance of being the decisive state. Ballots only need to be postmarked by election day and can be received by the boards of election up to 3 days later. A recent poll in Pennsylvania showed Biden up 49-40, but by voting method...
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    How many Super Mario games have you completed?

    Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3d Land, Super Mario 3d World, and Super Mario Odyssey. I've played Super Mario Galaxy 2 many times, but every...
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    Zelda 35th Anniversary Game - Wishlist

    I'd like to have Ocarina of Time 3d, Majora's Mask, and Skyward Sword if I could pick any 3. Note that I specifically would rather have Majora's Mask than Majora's Mask 3d. I love Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD but the Wii U versions still get a lot of play from me, and I think the...
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    Do You Plan on Buying Super Mario 3D All Stars?

    Yes, and I am definitely going to try to buy the physical copy. The lack of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is disappointing, but I'll enjoy playing the games that are included.
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    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    I'll buy the 3D All Stars probably. It will be nice to play all those game anywhere. I do wish Super Mario Galaxy 2 was included.
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 424!

    I voted for game design because I think the dungeons could have had more puzzles. There were puzzles, but I would like more.
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    Which games did you really enjoy to complete 100%?

    Majora's Mask is definitely my favorite game to complete 100%. I've beaten it 100% probably at least 20 times. I almost always complete 100% of 3d Mario games. Banjo Kazooie is another game that I love to beat 100%. Games made by Rare in general are great for 100%. Donkey Kong 64 is another game...
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    Wishing Death Upon Someone

    Even when Osama Bin Laden was killed, I thought it was in bad taste when baseball stadiums cheered the news. As someone who despises Donald Trump, I genuinely am mad at people who wish his death. I hope these are right wing trolls creating sympathy for Trump rather than actual left wing people...
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    Which pre-BotW Zelda conventions do you miss?

    That's a very fair criticism. Basically playing ALBW, I feel like the game is risk-free after a while unless you make challenges for yourself to make it harder. Yes, I mean more the spirit of letting you access a lot of things whenever you want plus traditional dungeons rather than doing things...
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    Get rid of/reduce the rain and thunder in BotW2?

    Yes, I definitely think they should lessen the impact of rain in the next game. Any of the above solutions would be fine with me. If it were up to me, I would have made any of the 3 climbing gear pieces make it possible to climb in the rain without needing an upgrade. If you go the intended...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    I watched the DNC, and I liked it. I understand why conservatives really didn't like the jokes, but to me Julia Louis-Dreyfus trolling Trump in between every segment on night 4 was the greatest thing that's ever happened at a political convention. Conventions are typically overly serious...
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    Which pre-BotW Zelda conventions do you miss?

    This is the main disappointment of the game for me. We received a lot of dungeon-like content with all the shrines adding to the divine beasts, but altogether 120 shrines plus 4 divine beasts was less enjoyable than the sum of the dungeons in any other 3d Zelda game for me. Shrine quests and...
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    What do you think will happen in the 2020 election?

    I think Biden will win. I wouldn't be surprised if the polling error is in his favor this time considering how state polls missed last time, and now the polling agencies might over-correct. I don't think the results will be seriously contested, but Trump will say things were unfair. I think it...
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    Does Link's grunts/yells every sound like actual words to you?

    In Ocarina of Time (English) I always thought the rolling grunt sounded like "pickle".
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    What are your favorite video game soundtracks?

    I always really liked Donkey Kong Country 2 and Banjo Kazooie the most. I like a lot of video game soundtracks though.
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    Have you been able to work on your backlog during COVID-19?

    My backlog hasn't been the main focus, but I made some progress. I have been replaying every Zelda game that I own. I've finished 15 of them since March and am currently deep into Breath of the Wild for my last one. While playing I realized that I never actually finished Oracle of Ages or Spirit...
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    Recommended Zelda Mods

    Yes Nimpize has a lot of rooms that have timers for no reason other than making things unnecessarily difficult among other challenges. Master of Time appears to be more reasonable in terms of challenge. Have fun!
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    Recommended Zelda Mods

    I watched ZFG play Missing Link and am watching Master of Time now. The Missing Link is short but has lots of cool things packed into it. Nimpize Adventure was really neat, and is a full-length game like Master of Time. Nimpize had some over the top puzzles and challenges in it so it may be more...
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    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    Harris made sense. She was the obvious pick, and Biden said he wanted to be a bridge to the next generation of leaders. Harris seems like the most likely person to be president someday of the people he was considering.
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    What games disappointed you when you finally got and played them?

    I never got as into Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze as much as I hoped I would. Donkey Kong Country 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, and I greatly enjoyed DKC 1, 3 (3 is a little iffy as well but I enjoyed it), and Returns, but I still haven't managed to play through...
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    Sugar Rush Games

    One game I played like that was Goldeneye: Rogue Agent on Gamecube. I'm a huge fan of several of the James Bond games for N64 and Gamecube, and this game plays like a greatest hits of the James Bond series where you play levels based on classic locations. The multiplayer had me really hyped up...
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    Can't find food, so can't explore, so can't find food (Great Plateau)

    One other thing to keep in mind is that you can refill hearts by sleeping. There is a hut in the southeast corner of the plateau with a bed. I believe it activates and lets you sleep once you have the paraglider. If not, try leaving the plateau and returning. I know at first it won't let you...
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    Which Zelda game controls the best?

    I'll have to agree with everyone saying Breath of the Wild, but most Zelda games control very well even the unique ones on DS and Skyward Sword. It's kind of crazy how many 3d Zelda games have auto-jumping in retrospect, and jumping is just one basic thing among a lot of things that Breath of...
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 421!

    I could appreciate a sequel to most of these, but Skyward Sword would be my pick. I think it leaves off in a place that could be an interesting. The game could revolve around exploring the surface and building up a civilization in Hyrule. The three segments of the surface could be connected in a...
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    Ocarina Of Time question

    I believe that the sinking lure doesn't appear until you've gotten the heart piece as a child and golden scale as an adult. In other words, it's a bonus after getting the prizes so you wouldn't use it for obtaining the heart piece. Also note that there is no heart piece for fishing as an adult -...
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    How replayable is LA Switch?

    I replayed it for the first time last week. For fun I tried to do as many things out of order. I forgot to test if the Pegasus Boots or completing level 3 unlock level 4 (Marin may or may not go with you to Animal Village I'm not sure), but levels 1 and 2 must be completed to progress as you...
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 420!

    I default to being a completionist and will look everywhere. I draw the line at rings in Oracle games, all vehicle customizations in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, figurines in Wind Waker, and Koroks in Breath of the Wild. Other than that, I'm constantly searching the whole world. I tend...
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    Which New and Returning Items Would You Like to See?

    I'd be fine with everything being tied to a rune, but they could also do half and half. Some things would feel silly to be attached to a rune. For example I'd really like water exploration to be improved via a Zora tunic/flippers/scale that lets you dive deep and walk on the floor of bodies of...
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    What's Your Difficulty?

    I almost always work my way up in difficulty. If I don't like a game to the extent that replaying it won't happen, missing out on playing it on the harder difficulty isn't really missing out on anything. If I really like a game, then the hard mode becomes the default choice. A good example is...
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    Your experience with Coronavirus?

    I've had at least 2 degrees of separation from everyone who has had a confirmed case. I'm only aware of one of these cases in which the person died.
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    Will you be picking up the next generation of consoles on day one?

    I will definitely buy the next Nintendo system, but I have no plans to buy anything else. I did wait a little while before buying the Switch so maybe not day one, but it depends on what I have going on in life when it releases.
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    Thanks! That's cool. I will check out your video.

    Thanks! That's cool. I will check out your video.
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    Rumor: Unearthed Link Sprites May Hint At A Cancelled Zelda II Remake

    This is really neat. To me it looks like they were considering the third game in the series to be more like Zelda 2 than Zelda 1 which they ultimately did. I really like the world of Zelda 2 with all the towns and the abilities you find in them.
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    Do you have time for long games nowadays?

    I made a career change about a year ago and have by far the most amount of free time in my adult life that I've ever had. I think having been tight on time in the past has made me more selective though because for about 5 years there were instances in which I had to stop playing a game in the...
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    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    I had heard about that. Crazy how a mistake like that could lead to something cool. The dungeon grid is amazing.
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    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    Oh wow that's fascinating. I see what you mean. Link is definitely smaller in Legend of Zelda compared to Link's Awakening relative to the screen.
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    Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

    I'm not a fan of him. He's memorable but not for reasons I like.
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 419!

    I like the bomb shop owner because unlike several shopkeepers in the series, he can sell you bombs and a bomb bag immediately at a reasonable price. I think it's weird how the series has constantly flipped between bombs being a common tool readily available and a dungeon item.
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    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    That's true, but just eyeballing it, there's no way that Link's Awakening is smaller than Legend of Zelda. All the rectangles would have to be 2 times as long as they are high for 16 by 8 to as big as 16 by 16. The screens in Legend of Zelda are only slightly longer than they are tall which...
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    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    I believe Link's Awakening is 16 by 16 but Legend of Zelda is 16 by 8. Both have no scrolling within screens (the field of vision is set within a screen) like some other 2d games have. Minish Cap is also pretty small but has screens that are bigger than just the initial frame of view so you...
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    Favorite game(s) so far this year?

    I've replayed a lot of games so far this year but there are only four games I've replayed multiple times during 2020 already - Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Goldeneye 007, and Super Metroid. I don't think I've played a single new game since I bought several when I bought a Switch a few...
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    Your Most Memorable Deaths

    I fell off the cliff as soon as I regained control of Link after leaving the cave on the Great Plateau.
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    Has your thoughts on any of the titles changed in recent years?

    I agree with almost everything but the timing of the horn for fast traveling is probably more lenient than you remember (I just finished replaying the game). The fast travel in the game is a pain, and I realize that they designed it this way because helpful fast travel would have made the quests...
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    What were your top 3 games for the Wii U?

    1. Breath of the Wild - One of the best Zelda games ever. 2. Wind Waker HD - Made significant improvements over the original. I love the swift sail and triforce quest changes. 3. Twilight Princess HD - Made minor but positive changes over an already solid Zelda game. Non-Zelda: 1. Super Mario...
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    Question five years back in time

    Ocarina of Time sounds most similar to the scenario you are describing as you unlock the ability to go forward 7 years and later in the game unlock the ability to go back 7 years. You earn three special stones which unlock the door to let you travel forward in time. Beating a specific dungeon to...
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    Has your thoughts on any of the titles changed in recent years?

    I'm definitely pretending that it doesn't exist. There are a lot of great things about the game, but 100% takes patience. It's far from the only Zelda game with that problem.
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    Has your thoughts on any of the titles changed in recent years?

    Thanks! I completely forgot about the bunnies because I finished them a long time ago haha. I really didn't like how much time you have to waste if you miss a bunny and want to immediately go back for it. There were a handful of bunnies that I missed several times. 100% is a huge chore in that game.
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    Preferred platform

    Probably not at all. Especially the Majora's Mask changes are specifically annoying to people accustomed to the original. For example the deku hopping thing is mechanically different. You can't gain as much momentum in the remake when hopping on water so it's jarring to people used to the N64...
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