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  1. Hero_in_Green

    Zelda Art My Song Covers

    Thanks :P Im working on the "Sacred Grove" theme from twilight princess now
  2. Hero_in_Green

    Zelda Art My Song Covers

    aha thanks bud! :) I wish I could do more with my tracks but im really limited to Garage Band aha. I think my Album is gonna be called "Adventures of a Hylian Minstrel"
  3. Hero_in_Green

    Zelda Art My Song Covers

    Hey everyone, Been kind of bored lately and decided to record two songs on Apple's Garage Band. Its a pretty crappy program and it's not in my budget to afford ACTUAL recording equipment so I decided to play around with. Surprisingly I think I did pretty good with my two tracks. I recorded...
  4. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler So...what Do You Think Happened?

    Okay So i just finished Skyward Sword for the second time and there are a couple things running through my head which I want to share and hear from you guys. 1. Link. At the end of Skyward Sword Link decides (or so i think from his :D expression lol) to stay in the land below with Zelda. As...
  5. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler *sigh* Anybody else Having Trouble with Thunder Dragon's Challenge Hero Mode?

    yahah!!!!! I did it!!!!! barely lol but i did it...I faced all three of the Imprisoned which i didnt like at all -_-. i basically got all the hard bosses at the beginning and the easier ones at the end. Simpol, thanks SOO much for that strategy about the Guardian potion....worked like a charm!!!
  6. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler *sigh* Anybody else Having Trouble with Thunder Dragon's Challenge Hero Mode?

    Duuuuuuuude you cant use pouch items!!!!!!! :P so no potions D: but i do like your strategy!
  7. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler *sigh* Anybody else Having Trouble with Thunder Dragon's Challenge Hero Mode?

    Oh I had no problem in the original mode getting the Hylian shield....im talking about HERO mode where there are no hearts D:
  8. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler *sigh* Anybody else Having Trouble with Thunder Dragon's Challenge Hero Mode?

    Anybody have any strategies for Lanayru's challenge in Hero mode? I really want to get the Hylian shield before Demise, but he keeps pitting me up against the hardest bosses right after the first round!!!
  9. Hero_in_Green

    Majora's Mask Love It? Hate It? Love-Hate?

    I totally agree with you. It's such a deep game that I was ashamed to not have recognized the first time I played through it. So what if it "breaks the Zelda formula". Tell me what does a Zelda game need to have to be a Zelda game then? Dungeons? Well Majora's Mask has those and they are quite...
  10. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Anyone Think the Fire Dragon Was Underused?

    I mean even though he was a minor character, he didn't even really have a personality which I found a little weird. Even Lanayru for the little time he was in the game, had such a great personality as the "elder". I just though Nintendo got a little sloppy there, but at the same time maybe they...
  11. Hero_in_Green

    New Link, New Game;Old Link, Old Game?

    I totally agree with you Axle, but I also think it'd be pretty cool to bring an "old" Link back in a 3D game keeping the same style as he was developed in. For example, ALTtP Link looks more "Cartoony" as you would see in an Archie comic, as the Skyward Sword Link looks more Anime-ish. I really...
  12. Hero_in_Green

    General Modern Will Zelda Wii U Play Like Skyward Sword?

    JuicieJ I love your stuff and your views on things: BUT ITS A TABLET!!!!! D: I have faith in Nintendo.....but a tabletttttt......a tabletttttttttttttttt. I never thought the Motion Controls were ever gimmicky (although there were never really utilized until Wii Sports Resort), but I think the...
  13. Hero_in_Green

    General Modern Will Zelda Wii U Play Like Skyward Sword?

    Listen, unless producers are some kinds of gaming geniuses in which they can fit every single one of their ideas into a single game then there is no absolute perfect game. I don't think they can faulted for that. For me, Skyward Sword is the best game that it could've ever been aside from what...
  14. Hero_in_Green

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    As the famous Bard Beedle once shouted........."OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" makes me lol every time
  15. Hero_in_Green

    Majora's Mask Love It? Hate It? Love-Hate?

    Hey Everyone, what are your thoughts on Majora's Mask? When i was a kid I remember playing it in Wal-Mart or Future Shop just to see if it was like Ocarina of Time or different than Link's Awakening (the only two Zelda games I thought existed at the time ^_^ ). I thought it was cool but frankly...
  16. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Anyone Think the Fire Dragon Was Underused?

    Literally I walked in and was like "Okay I wonder what trial Ill have to do for him" and he was like "Yo Link, here's the portion of the songLOL. Btw sorry brah, it was me who made the volcano blow its top, ya dig?" All of my why -_- I can understand the Bokoblin Base was pretty much the...
  17. Hero_in_Green

    Favourite Sword Phase in SS

    The Goddess Longsword is my fav. The first time I saw the Goddess Sword transform into it I was like "Alright, we're getting somewhere!!" and I love the design of it so much. At first I couldnt wait to get the Master Sword, but when I finally did, I actually REALLY missed the Goddess Sword :P
  18. Hero_in_Green

    Midna and Majora Related?

    No i meant that the different forms of Majora seems spider-like, not that mask itself looks like a spider :P and to Locke, that's why I believe its just an Easter egg put in by Nintendo
  19. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Silent Realm = Sacred Realm?

    My theory ls that like the formation of the Master Sword, the silent realm had undergone a transformation after the events of skyward sword. It only makes sense that the Silent Realm is a holy place, at that time only to be accessed by the Goddess' chosen hero in order to be tested. Its littered...
  20. Hero_in_Green

    Midna and Majora Related?

    Theories on Majora's Mask and Fused Shadow Hey everyone, its been quite a while since ive posted but i just want to hear what you guys think the relationship between Majora's Mask and the Fused Shadow. Personally and realistically i believe it was just Nintendo's idea of a great Easter Egg as...
  21. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Anyone Think the Fire Dragon Was Underused?

    I was kind of disappointed by the involvement of Eldin in Skyward Sword. He was pretty like "You're the hero? Here's the Song". I was expecting some sort of challenge by him like the other two dragons...I was looking forward to seeing Eldin the most and it was like Nintendo just threw him in...
  22. Hero_in_Green

    Beta OoT Links to SS

    Looks shooped to me (30 characters)
  23. Hero_in_Green

    Fun Things to Do in SS when You're Bored

    Bored?! Ive never heard such a thing in Skyward Sword?!?!?!?! ;P jk. I just like going to the bamboo island and playing that mini game over and over again
  24. Hero_in_Green

    What Are Your Thoughts on the Owl?

    They certainly do share similar names and they KIND of look alike (Thank GOD that Gaepora wasnt as annoying as that freakin owl in OoT). Obviously I believe that Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of Gaepora as they share similar names. As Zelda, Link, and Gaepora decided to live beneath the...
  25. Hero_in_Green

    "How Was Toon Link Able to Pull the Master Sword Out?"

    @AlphaBenson In Wind Waker it is clearly stated that WW Link is not related to the Hero of Time at all and therefore cannot be related to Skyward Sword's Link. HOWEVER, remember what Demise said? That as long as there is someone who INHERITS the SPIRIT of the Hero and the bloodline of the...
  26. Hero_in_Green

    Fun Fun Island

    It took me about 20 minutes. i didnt like the mini game at all but i didnt really have a problem with it :P
  27. Hero_in_Green

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Partner?

    Ezlo all the way for me. He just seemed like a perfect fit for Link. Midna was alright but I didnt care much for her even when she started to care for Link. I wouldve chosen Fi, but the whole robotic personality put me off a bit. Navi ranks up there too, because I didnt find her too annoying...
  28. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Do You Think Ganondorf is a Descendant???

    What I loved about demise was his appearance. The fact that he appears different to every person who sees him makes him reminiscent of a fallen god...The foreshadowing to Ganondorf was brilliant, because Demise looks like a more twisted and bulky Gerudo! The fact that he appears this way to Link...
  29. Hero_in_Green

    Did You Enjoy the 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD?

    It blew me away. I was a little disappointed with the Twilight Princess medley but every other track on the CD was just breath taking. I blast it in my car and I cant wait till summer to blast it with my windows open ^_^. My favorite track has to be the Wind Waker movement...oh boy was it just...
  30. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...

    This is the first time we've really seen them kind of Romantically involved with one another. Since the beginning of the game, Zelda was THE most important person in Link's life and instead of the typical "Save Zelda!", Link wanted to save her out of his own will and not because he was told to.
  31. Hero_in_Green

    Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...

    I have to admit, the link that Nintendo created between Link (us) and Zelda was absolutely phenomenal. I was so close to crying when Zelda sealed herself in that amber crystal thing and Link started pounding on the crystal. What REALLY hit home was when she said "I've always been the one to wake...
  32. Hero_in_Green

    Is There Really a Difference Between Demise and "Demise's Hate"?

    What I found unique about Demise was the way he looked to Link. It was kind of a foreshadowing to Ganondorf. He looked similarly to Ganondorf except 20X more evil. Red flaming hair, and his face looked like a Gerudo face albeit more demon like. So since Demise appears differently to every person...
  33. Hero_in_Green

    Fun Places to Use the Beetle!

    I used the beetle mostly at night to scout for gratitude crystals. I also used it as a kind of spy plane also, scouting out the area to see whats ahead. Oh yeah, rupees also....lots of em :P
  34. Hero_in_Green

    I Need Help Understanding the "Hero Defeated" Timeline.

    That makes sense as even though Ganondorf would take the whole triforce it wouldnt make him invincible as Link was able to defeat him in ALTTP without even the triforce of courage in his possession. Another thing comes to mind in terms of "Official Books". When Ocarina of Time came out, there...
  35. Hero_in_Green

    I Need Help Understanding the "Hero Defeated" Timeline.

    Thanks Blue Window that helped a lot! I mean as much as I dont like the idea of the classics being abandoned it works. Link could be defeated and the goddesses could reincarnate Link in the Downfall Timeline like they did in the Wind Waker as that Link had no relation to the Hero of Time since...
  36. Hero_in_Green

    I Need Help Understanding the "Hero Defeated" Timeline.

    But Vanitas thats a little disheartening :( The classic games are too close to peoples hearts just to throw them to the wind. Sure they cause conflict but they can easily place within the child timeline since they are all connected together. Take the connection to Twilight Princess where the...
  37. Hero_in_Green

    I Need Help Understanding the "Hero Defeated" Timeline.

    Obviously it clearly states that this timeline would happen if Link was defeated in Ocarina of Time. So does this mean that The classic Zelda games (with the exception of OoX) take place in an alternate universe say if Link dies in Ocarina of Time?
  38. Hero_in_Green

    Sheik's Potential

    well I like the idea that Axle gave a while back. That Shiek could've been a real figure from way back in the past of Hyrule's history and Zelda just took on his form. I have no doubt in my mind that they COULD use shiek again and I support that idea! So make the origin of Shiek if you want. You...
  39. Hero_in_Green

    Most Annoying Sound in a Zelda Game

    The beeping of only one heart, tingle, baby Goron's cry. those are my top ranking annoyances because they just want to make me tear my face off and bleed all over the wall. THERE I SAID IT! Tingle just annoys me because he's greedy and deserves to never be a fairy boy....Jerk.
  40. Hero_in_Green

    Why is the Legend of Hero ALWAYS Lost?

    I understand the creators of the Zelda series wanted to make the games stand on their own, but theoretically aside from Ocarina of Time's Hero of Time, why is no other Link hailed by the masses as a hero? We can understand that Link is a humble person and probably would not want to be hailed...
  41. Hero_in_Green

    Embarassing Situations and Goofs

    LMAO! i did something similar except i went to him and started playing the song to awaken him but i didnt work. I think I had to go to the wind temple beforehand lol
  42. Hero_in_Green

    TLoZ: 3DS Wish List

    Much to the dismay of Axle, I'd really love Majora back. I just found him to be creepy and scary and to be honest, shivers ran down my spine when I was facing him. Id like him to be harder though. He was WAY too easy in Majora's Mask and no I didn't use the fairy sword. And as much as I woud...
  43. Hero_in_Green

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    There's a simple reason why Zelda and Nintendo gets hate. First off, my generation and yours grew up with platformers and action adventure games and to this day I strongly believe that they are better than these generic FPS games that everyone loves. These people are CONVINCED that Call of Duty...
  44. Hero_in_Green

    Master Sword Over the Years

    My favourite would have to the Skyward Sword Master Sword. It's because I've seen the Master Sword evolve so much that the newest, cleanest version is just more visually appealing to me. HOWEVER, I still think the one from OoT is more epic, because the first time you step inside of the Sword's...
  45. Hero_in_Green

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    My starters are my bros. I've had the same Charizard from LeafGreen for like 3 years that I transferred to HeartGold when that came out. Totodile, Squirtle, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko, and Snivy will always be my bros. Im starting to dislike the fire starters because of their repeated...
  46. Hero_in_Green

    To Evolve Or Not?

    I do the same. I try to get my pokemon to learn the best moves I think they should have, and then I evolve them. I love their basic forms because those are some of the very first pokemon i grew up with, but I've always love brute strength :P
  47. Hero_in_Green

    Favorite Generation

    Frankly Im OBSESSED with generation II and HeartGold and SoulSilver. I remember the Christmas I opened up a box that contained a new gameboy colour and Pokemon Silver. Boy was I overjoyed. Everything about that game was magical evermore so than Gen I that started off everything. I cant recall...
  48. Hero_in_Green

    Oh Dear!

    you are entitled to your own opinion, but you come off as arrogant. Are you seriously one of those people that are like "LULZ OMG OCAR1NA OF T1ME IS TEH GREATEST GAME EVAR!!!!!"....Like get a grip, Skyward Sword is the most revolutionary Zelda game as of yet. But then again...the troll loves his...
  49. Hero_in_Green

    Cuckoos in SS???

    Im pretty sure Cuccos will be in Skyward Sword :). There are obvious places where they'll be. In Skyloft for sure and probably on some of the floating islands in the sky where maybe you'll need them to reach other places on said Islands. And who knows they might be in the land below but from...
  50. Hero_in_Green

    Remembering Skyward Sword

    I think this will be the most revolutionary Zelda we have seen to date. I was a little skeptical about the unfinished graphics back then but now I can see they've polished everything up quite well. I have nothing but great expectations about Skyward Sword and I can't wait to conquer the evil of...
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