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  1. Lamentizer

    Game Help Need Help With Finding Twilight Princess E3 Trailer Music With No Sound Effects

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. I've chosen the "Game Help" prefix for this because I wasn't sure if it should be "Game Help" or "General Zelda". The music pieces for the Twilight Princess E3 trailers are just epic. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of each without all the sound effects? I've...
  2. Lamentizer

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Temple\Dungeon Themes From Ocarina Of Time?

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! So, what are your favorite Temple\Dungeon themes from Ocarina Of Time? Not your favorite Temple\Dungeon, but your favorite Temple\Dungeon music. Inside The Deku Tree Dodongo's Cavern Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Forest Temple Fire Temple (Original) Fire Temple (No...
  3. Lamentizer

    Oracle 3DS Question

    I saw the Zelda commercial for the Oracle 3DS games (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmWd6vF7yAw#aid=P-_s6xZR7Dk). It said it was available "for a limited time, each available for $4.99". Does it mean that the Oracle games themselves are limited (like Four Swords Anniversary Edition), or is the...
  4. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Zelda Games And Products You Wish You Had

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! We all have some Zelda games and products that we really want, but we son't have the money, time, etc. to get it. So I'm wondering what are the ones that you really wish you had? Feel free to leave a picture if you want to. If you want, you can explain why you don't have...
  5. Lamentizer

    What Will You Do For The 2013 Summer?

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! With summer break almost here (or already here for some people), what are your plans? Where will you go? What will you do? Have you been there before or it your first time? For me, I'm going to be going down to my lake house, it's a pretty cool place. I'm going to be...
  6. Lamentizer

    YouTube Account Video Ideas

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners! Hopefully soon, I'll have a YouTube account set up. But the thing is, I need ideas for videos. I'll mostly be uploading my own films. I've been making films since a little kid. Most are very cheap. You know, rock the camera back and forth while I scream "EARTHQUAKE!" or...
  7. Lamentizer

    Your Favorite One Piece Openings & Endings

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. Wow! It's been a while since I created a new threat. So now it's time to quit stalling. With the new One Piece opening, Hands Up! (See here for a few details: One Piece Opening 16: Hands Up! - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network), I'm interested in what you're favorite...
  8. Lamentizer

    The One Place Where You Want To Live

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. So we all have that one place where we say "That's it. I want to live there". So what is this place? Where is it? What country? Can you speak the language of this place? Why live there? For me, I've always wanted to live in Kyoto, Japan. I'm learning Japanese right...
  9. Lamentizer

    The Scariest Book Series You Have Read

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. So...what's the scariest book series you ever read? Mine would be Goosebumps. When I was little, the books scared the heck out of me. It was mostly due to the book covers. Let's take a look at some of the ones that scared me, as well as some that weren't scary, but cool...
  10. Lamentizer

    Ocarina of Time The Fire Temple Chant & Gerudo Symbol

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. Today I'll be taking a look at the lost chant of the Fire Temple and the lost Gerudo Symbol from Ocarina Of Time. First off, I've always found the chant to sound cool. The chant was original in the N64 version, but then later removed due to "complaints" from the muslim...
  11. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Zelda First-Person Feelings

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. So how would you feel if Zelda was only a first-person shooter game? I know that I probably wouldn't like the series that much. First-person shooting games are kind of hard for me. I just can't see everything around me all at once.
  12. Lamentizer

    How To Edit Your Blog?

    I made a Star Wars blog, then decided to add more. But I can't seem to do it. Is there a way to finish editing the blog? Thanks for ant help.
  13. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Godzilla Is Actually Dodongo

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. So I just finished watching Godzilla VS. Mechagodzilla. I thought to myself, "what if Godzilla and Dodongo are one and the same?" I'm a huge fan of the Godzilla series. I've been a fan ever since 1954. Just joking. I'm not that old. I've actually been a fan since I was...
  14. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Should There Be A Zelda Musical?

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. So we know that the Japanese ALTTP release trailer was in a musical form. So I was wondering what your guys opinions one Nintendo creating an actual musical. Here's a few questions to think about: If it was based on a game, what game would it be? Who many acts...
  15. Lamentizer

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    Due To Popularity, Selected Questions Will Appear In Future Episodes Of Z-Talk! Thanks Din And Rish! Hello Zelda Dungeoners. A week ago I found this amazing crossword puzzle on Deviantart. I've spent the last few days turning it into an ultimate quiz. Here's the rules: 1. Do not use Zelda...
  16. Lamentizer

    General Zelda What I Would Do To Make The CD-i Games Better

    Hello Zelda Dungeoners. Today I will be talking about what I would do with the CD-i games. Let's pretend that I was a person working at Nintendo when Philips came to me with the games. What would I do? Well I would play them all one time and say "Okay, here's what wrong and this is how it...
  17. Lamentizer

    General Zelda The Best And Worst Zelda Game You Played And Why

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. So the best one I have played would a hard choice between Ocarina and Majora's, but I'll have to go with Majora's Mask because of all the things there are to do and you feel this need to help save the people of Termina, even if the don't remember you. The worst...
  18. Lamentizer

    General Zelda The Pieces Of A Bigger Puzzle: Episode I - TLOZ

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. Today I was messing around with the dungeon maps of the original Zelda. What I found was shocking! The dungeons fit together like a puzzle. Not just in First Quest but also in Second Quest! First Quest: Levels 1-6: http://i.imgur.com/kJcOVhp.png Levels 7-9...
  19. Lamentizer

    General Zelda If The Lands Of Zelda Were Real, Where Would You Live?

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. So imagine that Hyrule, Termina, Holodrum, etc. were real. Where would you live? What land, what part of that land would you live in and why? You can give multiple locations. I would most likely live in the Haunted Wasteland or Ikana Canyon. I would live in the...
  20. Lamentizer

    Skyward Sword The Spirit Of The Sword: Fi

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. So, we can all agree that Fi is one of the coolest characters ever to roam the planet? You should say yes. If then say no, then I'll go Obi-Wan style on you. "You think Fi is one of the coolest characters ever to roam the planet." "I think Fi is one of the coolest...
  21. Lamentizer

    General Zelda My Thoughts & Research On Ura Zelda

    NOTE: I have so much research and things to say, it might take a while to post everything. So check back every few days for new pictures and stuff. I'll be filling out the "Reason For Editing" every time I add something, just so you know what to check out. Since it's not done, if you see a note...
  22. Lamentizer

    Image Posting Help

    How do you post a picture on a thread? It's with the link in the middle right? I always get a blue ? square. Thanks for any help.
  23. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Your Household Zelda Items

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. So, what items do you have around your house that look like Zelda items. Explain how\where you got these items. Don't forget to post a picture or two of it for us to see. If you can't post a picture at the moment, say so and post it when you can. Don't forget to...
  24. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Zelda 50th Anniversary Celebration

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. Even though it only a short 24 years away, what do you guys want for the 50th anniversary? This is want I want: 1. Another Special Edition Soundtrack releases with The Legend Of Zelda 50th Year. 2. Hyrule Historia Volume 2. You know that Volume 1 will be...
  25. Lamentizer

    General Zelda What Zelda Character Would You Be And Why?

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. Out of all the characters, I would be Midna. Why? Because she's awesome and very mysterious, ilke me. She also jokes around sometimes. So she's a lot like I am. Note to readers: You can't choose Zelda or Link. Everyone wants to be those two. You can choose Tetra...
  26. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Should The Rupee Bank Return In The Future?

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. I would like the Rupee Bank to return for Zelda Wii U and beyond. It was totally worth using it in Majora's Mask. The bank in Skyward Sword lets you hold anything but Rupees. Plus it takes down lots of time on cutting grass and killing enemies to search for Rupees.
  27. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Voice Acting In Future Zelda Games

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. A big question is "will there ever be voice acting in Zelda?" Well I for one would love to see this happen. But there's things that Nintendo will need to be handled properly, or else we'll get another CD-i type game. Speaking of which, I wonder what's for dinner...
  28. Lamentizer

    General Zelda My Zelda Minecraft Project

    Updates every week or so on my ideas for each each world. NOTE: I haven't been working on this project for a little while because Minecraft stopped working on my computer. When I get it to work again, I'll resume work. For now, any thoughts I have about each world will be list under that game...
  29. Lamentizer

    What You Like Most About Zelda Dungeon

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. What I like the most about Zelda Dungeon is the walkthrough videos. Mases and Caleb give excellent commentary. They hardly ever stumble over a word in the final recording. Most people alway go "and then you do this, defeat this fat guy, and then you need to go...
  30. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Should Time Travel Play A Bigger Role?

    Well I think it should. I love time travel. In Ocarina Of Time, there wasn't much time travel. It was only needed to get the Lens Of Truth, which allows you to safely make it threw the extremely haunting Shadow Temple, and to get the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple. It played a huge role...
  31. Lamentizer

    The World Without Zelda

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. A while back, I found a site where people said things about the world if something didn't exist. Most of the things said were historically inaccurate or completely random. Some were very dirty. So here is my attempt at this. Don't worry, stated nothing here is...
  32. Lamentizer

    VBShop Question

    What do some of the masks in the vBShop do? Example: The Twinmold mask has the price which is high, but lets say in the future I buy it, what does it do? It has the price, a small mask description, stock. But nothing about what it actually does. Thanks for your help.
  33. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Do You Miss The Magically Magical Magic Meter?

    Hello few Zelda Dungeoners. Don't you just love my title for this thread? Anyways... Lets get down to business (to defeat the Huns). Well I really, really, miss it. It's been in every game since The Adventure Of Link. It could have been used in some of the more recent games like Twilight...
  34. Lamentizer

    How Do You Get This?

    So, I would like to hold a staff position. I've already applied. How long does it take? Do you have to be part of the forums for a certain length? And also, what is the purpose of the vBShop?
  35. Lamentizer

    General Zelda My Zelda Media Collection

    Hello fellow Zelda Dungeoners. This is my collection of Zelda media. It's all for download! Some of these I've made. The only thing that I ask of you is to not steal it and say that you made it. It's not that hard to say "Lamentizer made this soundtrack" or "Lamentizer scanned these cards" or...
  36. Lamentizer

    Serious Important Message!!! Read!!!

    Okay everybody. It appears that everything is cool again. Here's the message from FFShrine: So it's a good thing that the person didn't make their way here, that would have been bad seeing that there are more users here than at FFShrine. With this event settled, I can post some stuff that I...
  37. Lamentizer

    General Zelda What Zelda Project Are You Currently Working On?

    Well, I'm a little busy. Making Game Maps For: Link's Awakening DX Link's Awakening Oracle Series Zelda NES Zelda II A Link To The Past Text Walkthroughs: Skyward Sword Link's Awakening\Link's Awakening DX Ocarina Of Time Videos: Majora's Mask E3 2000 Trailer Remake in 1080p (Editing the...
  38. Lamentizer

    General Zelda Contest: Zelda Movie Trailer

    Hello everybody. It's Lamentizer here with something that will blow your mind! After seeing the Wii U Tech Demo, the Ocarina Of Time 3DS Trailer, and the Majora's Mask 3D (Tech Demo) Trailer, I decided to make my own trailer. But then I thought, why not hold a contest on the forums. So here it...
  39. Lamentizer

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Three Day Challenge Walkthrough

    Hello fellow ZeldaDungeoners! As my first post on this website, I'd like to share with everyone how to beat Majora's Mask is three days. First off, most people call it the Six-Day Challenge, I always call it the Three-Day Challenge because you really can't do anything during the first three...
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