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    What Does Everyone See in This Skyward Sword?

    Obvious spoilers in here, not going through the hassle of hiding every single one separately, so be warned. Gameplay and controls: I think they did a good job with the motion controls overall. Never had any of the problems other people complained, only when I hectically flailed the Wiimote...
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    What's Your Earliest Memory?

    For me it was in late 1988 or early 89 (1 1/2 years old). I can remember standing under the huge door frame to my room and my mom praised me for staying clean that day :D
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    Spoiler Evidence of a Skyward Sword Prequel??

    I really hope there won't be yet another prequel because it's already ridiculous now, no need to make it even more ridiculous. I mean, with SS we have a prequel of a prequel (TMC) of a prequel (OoT) of a prequel (aLttP) of the original game (LoZ), and I'm only talking about games that were...
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    Your Opinion on Youtube's New Channel Design

    Oh, are they changing it again? Honestly I found the design that they had around 2008 the best. I generally don't like the web trend in the last couple years that everything has to look more streamlined, simplified, Java-scripted and so on (I like to call it "Apple-isation"). Things weren't...
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    Your Lightning Round First Battle

    Honestly I didn't even care much about the boss rush until I was in hero Mode. There, I usually pick Demise first because it's always a really fun battle!
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    Do You Think Skyward Sword Lived Up to the Hype, the Reviews, and Your Expectations?

    I didn't have any sky-high expectations to start with. TBH as soon as I saw the E3 2010 demo I thought "Great, another Zelda game aimed at 10-year-olds" but yet the game turned out pretty well and didn't disappoint! Sure, there were some things that could've been handled a bit better (Fi's...
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    How Long?

    ~35 hours on my first run, getting around 75% of the sidequests/heart pieces/gratitude crystals done. That first run was started on a Monday and finished Saturday in the same week. On Hero Mode I beat it in around 30 hours, missing just 2 heart pieces (one from that cart game IIRC).
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    6 Heart Run

    So far I've played through regular mode and Hero mode of the game, but without limitations. Now I've just started my third run (on regular mode) as a minimalist run. This means no heart containers, no shields, no potions, only one bottle because you need it and no upgrades. I'm at the start of...
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    What Was Your First Video Game?

    I have some vague memories of playing Pong when I was 3-4 or so, it was on a sort of console that got hooked up to the TV but I don't remember which one it was or even how it looked like. But this was my parent's, the first one I really owned was Tetris for the original Gameboy, got it for...
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    Favorite Mario Platformer

    Yoshi's Island. Got it shortly after release in 1995 and it was sooo addicting! Brilliant graphics and level design and quite challenging to 100% which gave it a lot of replay value. And an amazing soundtrack as well, definitely one of Kondo's best scores.
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    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    I don't say that they suck either, they're rather "meh" for me. The only shooter I sometimes play is good old Counter Strike with some friends over LAN (in one room), which is a lot of fun, especially when there are many people on a small map! Lots of laughing, screaming, raging and swearing...
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    Next Console Gen.

    I'll only get myself the WiiU if any, because Nintendo has the only exclusives I care for, plus the WiiU will most likely have better third party support than the Wii had. Another thing is pricing: How I know all these companies, the WiiU will propably go for ~€300, which is still affordable...
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    Opinions on Voice Acting

    Oh, the never-ending argument ;) I don't remember having stated my opinion in a dedicated thread like this one, but here it goes: I'm 100% for voice acting for other characters and I'm fine either way if Link stays mute or has a voice. Most of the arguments against voice acting for other...
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    Hardest Mario Kart

    I'll have to go with SMK too, but then again I've only played that, SMK64 and some of DD. Still I thought that the Donut Plains(?) level from the Special Cup in 150 was a nightmare! But then again I probably suck at the game. I never got under 1 minute in the very first course (150) but a friend...
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    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    10. Why is a banana yellow? (30clm)
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    How Do You Like the New Comment System?

    While I don't think it's terribly bad I still prefer the old one, the new one looks too... simplified for me. As I said there, this might be good for mobile phone users but it looks a bit too blank now for me on my 1920x1080 screen. For the user it's less features than before (voting, rep system...
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    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    - Anything Star Wars related - Anything LOTR related - "I accidentally (the entire) <noun>" - "<sentence>!!!11eleben!!11" - "Pingas!" - On Youtube: "<number of dislikers> have been <something related to the video>" - "<adjective> <noun> is <adjective>", for example "Obvious troll is obvious" -...
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    Ever Died in the Game?

    About three times on my regular first playthrough and ~10-15 times on Hero Mode. I guess I was just too lazy to get potions all the time and I learned about the usefulness of the shield bash only when I was 3/4 through with Hero Mode...
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    Who's Your Favorite LPer (Let's Player)?

    Tie between NintendoCapriSun and HCBailley. On the one hand HCB stays closer to the game, doesn't make too many pointless movie references like NCS does (I'm watching a movie literally every leapyear therefore the references are unfunny to me) and gives more background info, but on the other...
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    Would It Be Cool to Have Superbosses in Zelda?

    Yeah, optional bosses that are a bit harder than the regular ones would be a nice addition, maybe along with optional dungeons too. But they shouldn't be totally impossible to beat like fx Shinryuu from FF5, that was way over the top, even massive savestate exploitation didn't help.
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    Time Taken on the Game

    I don't remember exactly how the play time was spread over my two runs (normal + hero mode), but in total it was about 65 hours for both, with the first run being around 80% completion and the hero mode run ~95% (all gratitude crystals, all bottles, all upgrades, bought Beedle's shop empty...
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    Skyward Sword's Music Lacking

    Hmm maybe it's nostalgia for you and the songs in this games will grow onto you after a couple years? I don't know, I liked most of the music in this game. And while I don't think that any of the songs are "classic" yet, that may still come, possibly for the Faron Woods, Sealed Grounds and Eldin...
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    What's Your Favorite Bug/Treasure In Skyward Sword?

    Insect Fav: Hmm, hard to tell but I guess I'll go with the sand cicada, because it is relatively rare and hard to catch so I always had some feeling of accomplishment after getting one (or even two at once). Least fav: I think the Skyloft Mantis because I often had trouble finding them and they...
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    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    Well I don't know how the majority of Zelda fans think but I do have clear ideas about how a Zelda overworld should look like: I think the best overworlds yet are those in aLttP, MM and SS (surface!). They're reasonably sized, have a lot of terrain variation instead of a flat...
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    Your First Playthrough of a Zelda Game.

    I played and beat a Link to the Past when I was around 8, and back then there was no internet to guide me if I was stuck. And I was stuck a couple of times! (One example: Finding the entrance to Misery Mire). But even nowadays I don't use walkthroughs for my first time through a Zelda game. When...
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    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    I wonder what the opinions would be like if everyone had only played the 3DS version, because they made the Water Temple much less annoying by making the iron boots a regular item and they also added some kind of a guidance system in the Water Temple.
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    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    Late reply, but: I think they kinda did that in Majora's Mask with the Deku Butler's son, Darmani and Mikau. The characters may not have been as important as Zelda, but still... and then there's Queen Rutela in TP and After rethinking the modernisation process now... I wouldn't even be mad if...
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    Game Sales Week 4

    As it has been said, the Wii being at the end of its life cycle might be a reason why the sales aren't much higher. So I think there are quite a few people interested in the game but don't have a Wii (any more) and don't want to buy one now any more. So maybe when the Wii U is out, we will see...
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    Do You Think Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword Are Similar?

    Most similarities I see are more of a general nature (both are Zelda games and therefore share elements, but those are found in other games in the series too), so I won't get into them. And of course there are some references, namely the hand in the toilet. Other somehow similar things are the...
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    Hardest Enemy

    Haha, where did he say he's French? In the German version (probably his version too, according to his location info) they're called "Echsalfos", with "Echse" meaning "lizard". But interesting how wiktionary gives "saurian" as a secondary translation for "Echse", maybe that's where he got it...
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    Fun Places to Use the Beetle!

    If I remember correctly there even was a golden rupee sitting in the area in front of the Ancient Cistern (somewhere high on a ledge or tree, facing right after leaving the Ancient Cistern). And another silver rupee in the Fire Sanctuary part of Sky Keep.
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    Do You Like the Nes or Famicom Game Better

    Huh, where are there game-breaking glitches in the first two Zelda games, I never ran into one. I know that in aLttP there's that glitch with the mirror where you can go "under" a dungeon and do several other things, but you must really try to get that on purpose. But in the NES games?
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    Well, I haven't read anything about that and I still believe it's skill-based, meaning you have to do the timing just right. Speaking of timing, maybe they could've narrowed down the time window a little with the shield bash for more challenge (be it in the Hero Mode or generally). You cannot...
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    Yeah, you're somehow right, total pros like that one Japanese guy who finished off Demise in 28 seconds will use the advantages of both defensive and offensive gameplay at the same time. I was thinking more of the following two extremes: In the second phase, you can either just stay close up to...
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    From Aquamentus to ... -Who is the Best and Worst Boss in Zelda?

    Best: Probably Majora (all three forms) because you could beat him in so many different ways, which gave that battle some good replay value (now as I think of it: Is it possible to go through the whole battle with Deku Link only? If yes then that'd be the ultimate challenge!) Others on the top...
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    How Are You Supposed to Play the Freaking Harp in the Restaurant?

    For me it helped to not try to memorize or predict the erratic movements of the two guys, but simply reacting to it with a constant delay of about half a second. The game accepts that (I think as long as the delay stays the same and you don't switch back to predicting in the middle). The first...
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    I enjoyed it and used it a lot. Sure, it might kill the motion controls if abused too much but in many situations it was just a good time saver compared to the backflip. Good example are the Lizalfos. Without the shield bash, it would've taken much longer to kill one because you'd have to wait...
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    The Whip Sucks... >.>

    Guess I should've explained that better. Well, with the original hookshot, you could grapple on to a big variety of objects, like most wooden things. This opened up shortcuts in previous areas and made many puzzles possible. Twilight Princess took that away (you now could only hit targets and...
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    The Whip Sucks... >.>

    Honestly, that's exactly how I felt about the clawshots in this game. Twilight Princess at least had some interesting puzzles with them because you could extend them to lower yourself, plus you had to be quick with falling targets, although that almost never was a challenge thanks to...
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    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    Yeah, even though I liked the Sky Keep, I still think that aLttP had the best final dungeon in the series yet. Although it used many elements from previous dungeons (like the wallmaster from the Skull Woods or the ice from the Ice Palace), it somehow had its own theme, and be it just the sheer...
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    Skyward Sword Monster Claws?

    Hmm, maybe they only appear after the 50th or so Keese you've beaten? How many have you defeated? Fi tells you that when you Z-target one and press D-down. All youcan possibly do is run back and forth through the waterfall cave and beat many, many Keese. EDIT: Ninja'd o.o
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    Skyward Sword Monster Claws?

    Yeah, I also think that they are very rare in the beginning of the game. According to Fi I beat over 50 keese before seeing my first monster claw (but at the same time maybe 10 slimes or however they're called in the English version), maybe the game doesn't want you to get them too early?
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    Spoiler Are the Names of Some of the Dungeons Odd?

    I said it somewhere before, I think the dungeon names in the English version are as they are because NoA has apparently been very creative with their names this time around. I have the German version and all names of the original Japanese version I know of are translated/romanized almost 1:1 in...
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    Just Some Thoughts

    You see, it's difficult to differentiate between people who genuinely don't like the game because of valid complaints and those who are just trolling for attention. Wrong accusations of trolling are made very quickly on the internet nowadays, so always be careful... if someone is really...
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    General Modern Zelda: WiiU

    Story-wise, I want it to stay away from the typical and predictable formula of "Rather peaceful beginning - minor plot twist - collect three pearl/pendant things - get the Master Sword - major plot twist (something happens to Zelda) - beat more dungeons - face off Ganon". The last console Zelda...
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    Hardest Enemy

    Well, for regular non-boss enemies, I'll have to go with the iron-shielded fat moblin because he uses up 5 arrows with the fully-powered bow (10 regular ones) and I don't know how many dozens of sword slashes. He depleted me completely of my arrows when I did a certain escort mission for the...
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    What Do You Think of Twilight Princess Now?

    I don't know where all of you who blame TP trying to "copy" OoT are coming from. Honestly, TP is somewhere in the middle when it comes to my favourite Zelda list, and there sure are some things wrong with it (long and tutorial-like intro, too empty overworld, too easy enemies and bosses etc.)...
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    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    Am I the only one who thinks the Forest Temple was the hardest? Lots of keys to be missed, especially the one far up in the first room. And then the constant (un-)twisting of that hallway. Plus I hated the Stalfos when I first played the game, a normal slash does 1 and a charged one 2 hearts of...
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    Spoiler Locked Door in the Hylian Temple???

    Yeah, you can blame the game designers for putting a keyhole in the map where there is none (at least none which you could open). And yeah it would probably lead to the Ancient Faron Woods or whatever was there in the past. But AFAIK there's another situation of a door you can't open at a...
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    Spoiler Why is There a Lack of Zelda in Majora's Mask?

    Well even in the original game she appears only once at the very end and the game wouldn't be much different without her. Similar in AoL where she's only sleeping the whole time just to appear again after the final boss. It wasn't until aLttP/OoT that she gained some importance beyond the storyline.
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