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  1. Awesomehylian

    If Zora;s Lay Eggs

    In reality I would say the eggs were merely a tool for the story, and the Zora ladies have breasts just because they are ladies. HOWEVER, in OOT, there wasn't really a distinction, unless you could Roaru, or however you spell her name, when she matures. But when you talk with all the Zora in...
  2. Awesomehylian

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Right now I am playing Pokemon X and I have a running file I'm still paying attention to in Spirit Tracks where I CAN go to the big train fight, but I want to get all the bunnies and stamps first. I'm missing less than 10 bunnies and only 1 stamp. I want the sword techniques before I run into...
  3. Awesomehylian

    Skyward Sword Is the Goddess Shield/Hylian Shield Worth the Effort?

    Shield upgrades are always worth it. Period.
  4. Awesomehylian

    Adventure of Link Why Does Everyone Think Zelda 2 is Such a Hard Game?

    Honestly I would just say unfamiliar game mechanics. If you played it when it first came out and you were used to games of that era, it probably wasn't as hard. But if Zelda II is one of your later Zelda experiences (I think for most people it is), then you're dealing with a ton more...
  5. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda When Choices Determine the Outcome

    I think I would say, for the sake of maintaining a timeline and the canon material, having choices affect the game to extent of, say, Mass Effect, wouldn't be ideal. Think about how many discrepancies people have with how Nintendo framed the timeline and how the games connected. Can you imagine...
  6. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Marriage in Zelda? Continuing the Blood Line.

    I feel like this is asking a lot of metaphysical questions that we can only speculate about. :) Personally I don't think that Zelda and Link end up together, except for maybe in SS. Off the top of my head, I would buy into the Ganon's curse theory, which stipulates that Ganon curses Zelda and...
  7. Awesomehylian

    So... How's the Weather?

    It's so foggy here that visibility is at 1/4 mile. Rude.
  8. Awesomehylian

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    I saw a camera phone video of a car running into a cab, attempting to escape, backing into two other cars, trying to ram it's way past the cab and ruining the cab's driver's side and instead just smashing into another car coming from the opposite direction, then backing into another car and...
  9. Awesomehylian

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I have a sad amount of running files right now, but my last 60+ hours have been solid Pokemon X. I might finish ST before ALBW comes out, and maybe play some TP, but Pokemon is large enough to dominate until ALBW comes out.
  10. Awesomehylian

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    It's Friday. I'm so tired. And not even from doing anything last night for Halloween. I just watched young frankentein and hung out. But today I feel exhausted. Now I have the hiccups really badly and I'm stuck at work for another 3 and a half hours. :( I just want to go home, curl up in my warm...
  11. Awesomehylian

    Why Navi and Tatl Can't Heal.

    I honestly never really put Navi/Tatl in the same category as the healing fairies. I've always kind of taken it for granted that they are a totally different "animal," if you will. Navi is blue/white, Tatl is yellow/white, Tael is purple/white and the healing fairies are pink/white. I've kind of...
  12. Awesomehylian

    What Are You Currently Doing in the Pokémon World?

    I'm breeding digletts for the GTS in X and evolving some pokemon before I head off to the last gym. :) With this pokedex being every pokedex I thought I'd give myself the best options for my elite 4 team by seeing what all I can get! So far my battle team consists of old favorites and some new...
  13. Awesomehylian

    Do You Withdraw from Purchasing Certain Items when Around Friends

    I feel no shame when I buy things I'm excited about. Only things I don't want to have to use, like tampons, make me uncomfortable. But if I act normal everybody else does too.
  14. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda How Would You Feel About a Zelda Game With No Dungeons?

    This is the kind of Zelda game that I'd be okay with no dungeons: Mario 64. Since OOT was originally going to basically mirror the format of Mario 64, we know that the foundation is there. Imagine how many more "worlds" or "areas" a Zelda game could have with such a format. I'm not really sure...
  15. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Zelda Gameplay: Would You Rather...

    Water Temple. All day. There's no contest. I hate escort missions, especially in Twilight Princess. At least you can figure out the water temple and it's the same every time. Escorts can go on FOREVER and it's just however long it takes of being bombarded and harassed by psycho little warthogs.
  16. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Are People Simply Sticking Around Due to Nostalgia?

    To be honest, I have never played a Zelda game that wasn't engaging and fun. Do I trust to the series' reputation that any new titles will be fantastic? Sure. Why shouldn't I? It's basically the same team with basically the same leadership, so what is there to make me nervous that a new title...
  17. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Just How Important is Scale To The Zelda Series?

    I feel no desire for a skyrim/WoW/whatever type of overworld. I like being able to get places in a decent amount of time and I like my games to be engaging. If a game takes more than, say, 20 hours for me to play the first time through, it is highly unlikely that I will actually complete it that...
  18. Awesomehylian

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Hey, it's almost lunch time! I get to enjoy my lovely fish and veggies! And I made healthy and delicious chocolate pudding! WOOOOO! Good food and a good book. What more could I want in a mid-day meal? ^_^
  19. Awesomehylian

    How Do You Address Your Parents?

    Mom and Dad. Though since my dad is kind of estranged I sometimes refer to him as "my father" when discussing him.
  20. Awesomehylian

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Currently I am reading OwlsFlight by Mercedes Lackey. :) Sadly, it's at the end of a whole WORLD series, so I'm going to have to read a ton of other books to fully understand and appreciate all the references. >.<
  21. Awesomehylian

    Game Help Which Zelda Games Do You Own?

  22. Awesomehylian

    Best Nintendo Console?

    LOL I love how the GC is winning by a landslide and everyone was so pissed when it was released. Even now people refer to it as a brick and a paperweight. I still have mine and I still use it! The Wii sometimes freezes when playing GC games and that just makes me want to destroy it.
  23. Awesomehylian

    How Close is Too Close

    I have different limits for different people. I don't like strangers touching me. I don't think it is a part of mannerly behavior and I think it's weird to go around patting people you don't know. My family gets hugs and kisses and my bf has a very wide range of stuff he can get away with. My...
  24. Awesomehylian

    Card or Cash?

    I don't usually carry cash with me. When I do it's because I withdrew it for a specific purchase and am about to spend it. I like knowing that if my wallet was stolen I could make a couple phone calls and not lose any money. Plus if I don't use my debit card 10 times I month I get charged a fee...
  25. Awesomehylian

    Dear Mario

    Dear Mario, Please come to the castle I got you Link's fire resistance tunic so you won't burn up every time you come into contact with anything "warm." Yours truly, Princess Peach
  26. Awesomehylian

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    It's only 9am and I already want to ditch work and go home. Problems with the last check run keep coming up when it wasn't my fault. It's irritating. Plus i'm going to be applying for Zumba instructor positions next week and the pressure is on to get my playlist finished and polished before I...
  27. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda How Do You Supplement the Zelda Drought

    There are still a good amount of Zelda games I have never played due to the fact that I don't upgrade my hardware very often. It will be a long while before I run out of "new" Zelda games to play, regardless of how many are coming out. As it is, I will be getting ALBW immediately, but Zelda U...
  28. Awesomehylian

    3DS or Vita

    I have a PSP and I had the option to get the Vita instead when it came out. I don't like having my entire game library rely on an SD card. MEMORY, that's fine. But I am uncomfortable being forced to have all my games be digital copies. Generally I would only get a digital copy if I were unable...
  29. Awesomehylian

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm happy because I'm halfway through the work day that's keeping me from napping. ^_^ I am also happy for the flatbread pizza I made and just consumed for lunch. I will be even happier later when I have cheesy pasta, play with my hedgehog and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
  30. Awesomehylian

    Ganondorf Vs Bowser

    Ganondorf would whip Bowser's turtle patooti! Bowser breathes fire? Ganon is ON fire. Bower has claws? Ganon has a sentient sword. Bowser is heavy and hard to throw? Ganon floats in the air and lobs magical projectiles. Bowser would be blown off his own teetering battle platform into the lava...
  31. Awesomehylian

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    I watched the dwarf tomb scene from LotR: Fellowship to show my bf that the script says "orcs" not "goblins," after which we looked more into it and he says that for the sake of the series goblins and orcs are the same except for the mud-born warrior orcs (I can't spell what they're called)...
  32. Awesomehylian

    Do You Believe That Nintendo Would Fall?

    I don't think it's really Nintendo's fault, 100% that sales are down. We've reached a time in gaming where it is really hard to introduce anything new and remain cost effective. We're hitting a ceiling in the technology available and it's making gamers feel like they are being offered the same...
  33. Awesomehylian

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    I just finished the sand temple in Spirit Tracks today :)
  34. Awesomehylian

    Do You Think They Should Make Team Rocket Playable in Pokemon

    If they made a large-scale game with multiplayer capacities then absolutely. However stuffing both versions of the story into a cartridge might be a little hard, since that would basically be two different games.
  35. Awesomehylian

    Which Bicycle Did You Choose?

    Originally I chose the one you could hop around on. :D But throughout the games you need both in order to get to secret places and to win the bike race times, etc. I would just occasionally switch and see where it took me.
  36. Awesomehylian

    Wild Pokemon: Fight or Flee

    Unless I'm in a hurry or a jam I fight 'em all. :) I mean, why not? It's free experience! And the game assumes you will gain experience on your way to the next town because the bosses are more difficult and your rival's pokemon are leveled up a decent amount the next time you see him. Not...
  37. Awesomehylian

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I want to learn about 11 Zumba routines. . .I love them all. . .But I have to spend about an hour watching each one and then practice it at least three times before I can remember it enough to practice on my own. That's basically an entire day worth of watching and dancing. :( I want to...
  38. Awesomehylian

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Dale, a Zumba song I just got and will be rocking out to this weekend. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv1bawp_FT8
  39. Awesomehylian

    Zelda Timeline Doesn't Work

    It makes sense way beyond who's idea ALBW was for it to go in the decline time line purely based on it's own foundation. It is a direct sequel to AlttP and Nintendo has stated that it will take place centuries after Alttp, similarly to how TWW happened a really long time and multiple wars after...
  40. Awesomehylian

    The 80's: The Best Decade For Music?

    I love the 80s (minus political crap). Although I do love me some Duran Duran, I have to say that overall the 80s dished out the biggest % of the best. ^_^
  41. Awesomehylian

    Zelda Timeline Doesn't Work

    Agreed. Just like there are two alternate futures with child and adult Link, the decline timeline is born from yet another alternate ending: Link getting killed. You can't think of it as one or the other. A lot of people really dislike the use of Link dying because it's "non-canon" but to my...
  42. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Optimum Age

    I started too young, for sure. So young that I harbored irrational fears about OOT for quite a long time. But, despite that, I knew that I loved the Zelda games from very early on, which helped to build my enthusiasm and desire to play more.
  43. Awesomehylian

    Breath of the Wild What Are Your Worst Fears of Zelda Wii U?

    Pretty much all the stuff already said about the gameplay sucking, being to easy or awkward. I don't know enough about the wii U to have really thought about it too much, but the hand held modern Zelda games are way easy and I found that to be very disappointing. I hope the new game is more...
  44. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda If You Could Go to the ZD Marathon. . .

    What game(s) would you want to play or race? And do you think you could beat Mases? :)
  45. Awesomehylian

    Total Immersion

    I don't really get immersed in sports, but when I play a board or card game with my friends the competition is ON. As for video games, generally if I don't get immersed I will stop playing. My most recent immersion experiences with video games have been Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Tales of Symphonia...
  46. Awesomehylian

    What is a "Waste of Time"?

    I think wasting time is a choice, not necessarily doing something specific or not. Like, if you know you have a paper due in a week and you just don't want to do it, you substitute doing work for doing something else. Now, you're not really enjoying this something else because your brain is...
  47. Awesomehylian

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Currently I am attempting to find a place in the Zelda Universe forums, as I was just offered a position on staff with them. I must say that this forum is better and the people are more interested in each other, but there are still interesting things to read over there. :)
  48. Awesomehylian


    To me the worst kind of lie is the lie you knew you'd have to tell and verbally commit to something you have no intention of committing to. Things that fall into this category are: "I will always love you," "I'm just going out with some friends," "No, this pipe is not for crack." Some lies are...
  49. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Unpopular Characters You Like

    I agree that the cool professor is seriously underrated. Off the top of my head he is in at least 3 games, and you get a heart piece from his carnivorous fish in MM!! Probably the characters I would choose would be from MM over other games, but I love MM and harbor some sentimentality to the...
  50. Awesomehylian

    General Zelda Popular Characters You Hate

    I don't like Midna. At least pre-Zant-ambush Midna. I find her to be obnoxious and rude, not to mention bossy. I get that she's a princess and everything, but I found her to be downright abusive before you get all the fused shadows and she gets her butt handed to her (again) by Zant. Midna is...
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