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    Is the Master Sword Zonai made?

    So much for being “resolved”. Someone can just say your name is disgusting for no reason but “name calling” is going too far. Goes to show forum moderation is often a complete joke, as usual.
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    What makes a good Boss Battle?

    There’s a lot of good general rules but I do think at times it can really depend on the game, especially between different genres or scenarios, how important it is at eliciting certain responses from the player, whether the game is meant to be super challenging or a bit of a breeze. Everyone...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I finished Another Code Recollection…I have reservations about a lot of the changes made, even to the sequel which I only watched a longplay of back in November for my first time, didn’t think I’d feel as attached to it. But ultimately I’m glad it was made and it still seemed heartfelt rather...
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    The timeline is real, but do we really need it?

    Assuming you meant the other way around, my main reasoning is that when playing a linked Iracle game, Zelda seems to be meeting Link for her first time, whereas Link in LA is the same as the one from ALttP…or at least it’s been generally thought of that way. The end of the linked Oracle games...
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    The timeline is real, but do we really need it?

    I’m a bit confused what you mean by Minish Cap removed from Spirit Tracks? Unless you meant Four Swords. In that case, there’s not a very strong reason as to why I place Minish Cap so early aside from it seeming to be the earliest any monsters have invaded Hyrule as a kingdom. As for FS being...
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    The timeline is real, but do we really need it?

    Well, I already believe Nintendo got some fanfic writers to release an “official” timeline to try and squeeze some money out of particular fans, banking in on something they’ve had some amount of trouble with for years in not realizing western fans cared way more about this stuff than the devs...
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    Violence in Video Games

    For some reason I remember an acting class I took when I was a young teen. Not sure why, didn’t really end up being my thing. I was more interested in writing a scene for the play we’d be putting on. I recall the instructor giving mine (and others’) some critique in that if there is no...
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    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    Pretty sure Hyrulean refers to nationality rather than race. So Hylians and and Gorons and Zora could all be Hyrulean, but neither the latter are Hylian. A bit silly to bother with something like that for a series like this tbh.
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 596!

    To be honest I’m having a bit of trouble recalling who some of these are lol. Especially considering I don’t think I ever ran into Kilton (Koltin?) in my first run of Breath of the Wild. Entirely new content my second time through. I thought they were alright in Tears of the Kingdom. Kind of...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Void Stranger…neat concept and love to see retro style being used so well, but man is it way more cryptic than even the original Zelda or Metroid, forget Dark Souls.
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    2024 Gaming Goals

    I always seem to have an ever growing backlog of games I’ve picked up and not finished. Still mean to mostly dig into those, on top of spending less in general as I did last year…but I’ve already made three purchases, small as they are. Rather than list those, these are definitely ones I plan...
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    Hopeful 2024 gaming news.

    Hoping to see more on the Lollipop Chainsaw remaster. That and each of the Prime games, maybe a trailer for 4. Hotel Barcelona looks fun but really hoping to see if Suda and Grasshopper have anything else to show us. I guess they are also remastering Shadows of the Damned now I think about...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Started off the new year with this little game called Deluge. There’s your popular games made in RPG maker everyone knows about, and surely plenty others, but I don’t play many at all myself, so it was an interesting experience. The guy who made it, Riggy2k3, found him doing pretty laid back...
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 595!

    This one was a little tougher for me…Tatl and Tael are a good pair, but don’t actually get to interact much. Mentioned before, but I do find Tingle’s slave labor implications silly. But I voted for Cyclos and Zephos despite shared problems…just something I find really goofy about one of them...
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    Varies by game how much I might like or dislike any game en characters. Some just don’t have much of anything going for them. But I think I can give some kind of list. AoL: Error ALttP: Liked - Link with pink hair, kid kicking the ball kid, guys who give you rupees to get out Disliked -...
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    Most Unbelievable Game Announcement

    For me it was probably a tie between Nier Automata and Deadly Premonition 2. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again not too far behind, especially after so long, but it was one series that got a sequel already where Grasshopper was typically keen on doing one and done deals.
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    Tears of the Kingdom What are your favorite builds?

    Kinda wish I’d kept more recordings of the stuff I’d made. There’s a bunch of neat stuff I made in the moments where I needed to, but only a couple times where I just messed around to see what all could be done. https://youtu.be/DCPv9OJ7c1Q?si=LS9rEI3Qmo6_0wlk...
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    Tears of the Kingdom Did you use the item duplication glitch in ToTK?

    Most definitely. Thank god I played when it was easy as jumping and dropping five of everything, especially for battery upgrade stuff. I didn’t have patience for later things like the loading zone in Faron or wherever it was, but by then I’d pretty much already upgraded battery and armor as...
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    What’s your game of the year? 2023

    Might be a bit preemptive of me, but I doubt I’ll be playing much else within the next few days, nor finishing up anything on my plate currently given how much of a grind Pokemon has become for me unfortunately. Really want to get back to some other stuff before I forget. In any case, I...
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    Is the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess a different one from the one in Ocarina of Time?

    They exist in FSA but tbh to me their culture felt entirely different. But then that’s not really anything unique to them in this series at this point. As far as their disappearance in TP goes, possible we just never really go to where they might be hiding out there, but I always had this...
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    Rank the Zelda soundtracks per-game

    Pretty tough to judge on a scale when there were different limitations at the time, as well as entirely different intentions, but mine would probably be something like this, from favorite to least: Skyward Sword Tears of the Kingdom The Wind Waker Majora’s Mask Link’s Awakening remake Breath of...
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    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    My opinion is the whole hero’s shade thing feels like crappy fanfiction.
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    Tears of the Kingdom Does TotK Have A Better Storyline Than BotW?

    Both are pretty close to me, and both definitely have their issues that they both share and weirdly do not. BotW being the sort of reintroduction to a much more freeform of gameplay allowed for much less handholding and consequently led to experiencing the story, if at all, at your own pace and...
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    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Man…I think I’d always assumed that corlancanth was just some weird outstretched map of Hyrule, and that it was just blurry as hell lol. Not that I ever looked in there too often other than to grab the heart piece.
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    Steam Year in Review

    Nowhere near as much as last year for me, probably more due to having finally got a decent computer last year to actually use for PC games. This year I spent far more time with my Switch, even some PS3, and some old DS games. But I did play a little bit here and there. I’ve got to say...
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    Is the Master Sword Zonai made?

    Excuse me? Why don’t you go guck yourself you xenophobic piece of ****.
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    Is the Master Sword Zonai made?

    Really childish of you to act as if someone making good points against your theory is somehow being off topic.
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions on a sort of a whim, just remember watching some hours into it and being more impressed than I expected years ago but never saw most of the rest. Not big into Persona and have not played much Fire Emblem but it feels to me like it’s very much its own thing. Also, bunch of...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Have been trying to get through Fire Emblem on the GBA, guess it’s technically the 7th but the first one in the US and my first overall. Very enjoyable, more than I thought, but I find it hard not to abuse the Switch Online savestate things. I’ve let a few people die early on but the pegasus...
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    Switch Year In Review 2023

    I felt like I did a lot on Switch this year but my time was probably equally split on ps3/4 and PC as well, in just trying to clear a lot of older games I haven’t finished yet or even played before.
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    Aonuma: OoT was restricting, the BotW format will continue

    Man the salt in the vocal minority is crazy. Aonuma’s been around since Majora’s Mask, made plenty of games that surpass Ocarina of Time, still has the humility to take criticism and let’s the guy who was in charge of the best 2D games try his hand at mainline titles, and the last two have been...
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    Little Traditions

    I’ve done a few minimal heart challenges in a few games but that’s really about it as far as any patterns go for me. I’ll regularly replay anything I happen to get a want to go back to at any given time, but that’s a bit random and less frequent nowadays.
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 593!

    Orca and Sturgeon feel the most genuine to me. Kinda wish they’d done a bit more with them tbh. That being said, I don’t recall who many of these later ones are lol. I do like the fact they gave Sophie a sister in TotK but Cece is kind of just too silly to be taken all that seriously. And if...
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    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    A Highland Song - Fun but a bit jank. Surprise d it had been released so soon. Only played a couple hours, surprised as I hear it takes many people 5-6 hours. Had expected a more relaxing experience a la Spiritfarer, and there is a lot of that, but there are some Death Stranding/survival...
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    Do you use mods in some of the games you play?

    Mostly I use ones I find funny, some are kind of helpful. Kinda late to PC gaming in general so it’s been really interesting. I tend to still play through vanilla at least once before doing anything. When they rereleased mgs3 hd I had to download a mod just to get it, you know…in hd. That...
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    Is the Master Sword Zonai made?

    Fi is the Master Sword, so
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 592!

    There were a lot of reasons Epona was annoying in OoT, thank god she was strictly optional there but doing the extra course for Malon after freeing her was a pain. I don’t know if they actually changed anything about how she controls, but I recently played through Majora’s Mask again and found...
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    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Had replayed A Link to the Past a week or two ago. Still fun but kind of soured my opinion of it a bit. Maybe I’m just more used to the GBA version? I don’t think there are that many differences. Even so, I recall thinking more highly of it before. Better in the earlier parts of the game...
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    The always online video game

    No ****ing thanks. Devs and publishers that push this sort of nonsense lose my respect and my money real fast.
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    Mobile Ports of Console Games

    I haven’t really played much mobile that came from console, but there have been a few that I understand were the other way around. Alice Gear Aegis I think it was called was an interesting one, but I only played through one character’s story I believe and never went back to it. I’m not sure...
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    3 shifts or just one daily shift?

    I seem to be cursed to work crack of dawn shifts no matter where I work, and it’s only got worse since. How could I ever think, when I first started back at Pizza Hut, that 9-10am was too early. Next was 6am, same at the one after that specifically applying for an evening shift and talking...
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    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Finished Last Window the other day. Really mixed feelings, mostly hinging on how it all played out in the end, despite generally really enjoying my time with it. Just that it can’t really be helped, comparing a lot of it to Hotel Dusk. I do feel it is a bit more “adult”, not necessarily more...
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    Which Zelda games show the best roles for Princess Zelda?

    Tetra has been a favorite, even with her role being reduced at the latter half of the game. Would have preferred if she had still been an active participant, but it feels to me an ok enough justification for her not to be when it’s come as a shock to her and the king didn’t expect Ganondorf to...
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    What's Your Favourite Item in Your Gaming Collection?

    I don’t have any pictures on hand, not even sure I kept everything since moving sadly. But years ago I won this Facebook raffle thing with one other person if I remember right. D3 sent us free copies of Earth Defense Force 2025 as well as a heart shaped box (I guess since it released on...
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    Unintentional jumpscares

    Like to think I’m pretty observant in most games, many things generally don’t catch me off guard. But a more recent one was in the depths in TotK, going under the Lost Woods. I’d heard about something that happens there, but didn’t realize it can happen anywhere else, so I was so surprised by...
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    Hated Zelda game

    My least favorites are hot takes but it is what it is. I found Twilight Princess highly derivative and boring, and barely remember anything about A Link Between Worlds. Not absolutely terrible games by any stretch, but no other game in the series has been as stale bread as these two for me.
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    Twillight Princess; The Heroes Shades Helm Discovery!

    That’s why I don’t like the idea that he’s Link at all. It’s just really dumb and we don’t have any idea whether that’s just conjecture from the people in charge of writing the book who weren’t Nintendo officials.
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    Has Link ever talked in a game? Would you want him to?

    I’m fine with the dialogue choice’s we’re given in the more recent games. If he talked as much as any other character, well…I’d rather they just commit to making a fully realized character named something else, then.
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    Thanks a bunch!

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Tears of the Kingdom [Spoiler] Koume and Kotake in "Tears of the Kingdom"? (Past)

    I guess it’s possible. I don’t recall whether I’d actually heard it confirmed anywhere. But it wouldn’t be the first time a small detail like this was put in - in Wind Waker, Ganondorf’s two swords apparently have their names on them. But I doubt that they’re the same ones, or that it matters...
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