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  1. ancazur

    Old Fandoms

    When I acquire a fandom, I fall hard. I become obsessed with it. I've done this in the past with various things, including Weezer, Buddy Holly, NASCAR, NKOTB (yeah yeah, just dated myself), and various books series. As of late, I'm full-force into Fire Emblem mode. Most of the time I'm alone...
  2. ancazur

    Twilight Princess Does Anyone else Get Lost in Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess?

    I used to get lost all the time :lol: After you play the game through a couple times you tend to remember it (no, I never used a map, heh), but I spent more time roaming aimlessly in the beginning than anything else.
  3. ancazur

    April 2011 Release Date?!?!

    Wasn't there something that said it would be released in the first quarter of the year? For some reason, I have March stuck in my head. Though I wouldn't be at all surprised if that were pushed out.
  4. ancazur

    Your Opinion on Emulation

    I have an emulator, but rarely use it. I prefer to own my games outright. But the only games I use it for are those that weren't released in America, and require the use of a translator to play. So yeah, I think I'm okay with that.
  5. ancazur

    Which Piece of the Triforce Would You Like to Own?

    I'm going with the one I lack most in my life - courage. Difficult to have all that other good stuff when you can't stand up for yourself.
  6. ancazur

    Nostalgic Music

    Really, any of the grungy 90's tunes always bring me back to the good ol' days. Brings back memories of big jeans, my Airwalk sneakers, and all my stupid friends :P Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, the Cranberries... I still have all these CDs, too, and they never fail to transport me back in...
  7. ancazur

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    First time I changed mine in probably forever. Definitely my favorite piece of artwork from Radiant Dawn.
  8. ancazur

    Ocarina IPhone App

    Bummer that it's not free! I don't like paying for apps :P
  9. ancazur

    How Did You Meet Link?

    That bar scene? Fantastic :D I feel like I always knew about Link, but we hadn't properly met until I played the original LoZ (woo, NES!). It didn't take us long to become best friends :P
  10. ancazur

    Twilight Princess Epona...

    ^ I'm still disappointed that the horse whistle doesn't come sooner. Because by that point, you don't need Epona as much. But even with the ability to warp, I usually travel Hyrule using my trusty horse. The scenery is too pretty not to. Besides, it's also great fun running over bad guys on a...
  11. ancazur


    I was a little weird about it at first, but it was done rather well. I liked the conclusion and the whole theme of "finding yourself" and all that.
  12. ancazur

    Humans or Hylians?

    Well, just because the language is ancient doesn't mean the people aren't still around. Compare old English to modern English, for example. Or any ancient version of a modern language, I'm assuming. English-speaking people are still around, but old English is practically indecipherable.
  13. ancazur

    Your First Forum

    My first was the forum at Lissa Explains it All, a site for kids to learn HTML. I joined in, what, 2001? Something like that. I was there for years. Was a moderator for a while, too. I've joined (and hosted) a number of different one since then.
  14. ancazur

    Do You Consider Yourself a Geek/nerd?

    Absolutely. I geek out over everything. Books, video games, computers, web design, etc etc... basically if I have an interest, there's a geek sub-culture attached to it.
  15. ancazur

    General Classic Termina or Hyrule?

    It's hard to say for me, because there are upteen different versions of Hyrule and only one of Termina. Hyrule feels like home, in a sense, because it's familiar. But I won't disagree with there being something special about Termina. Chronologically (at least, in order of game release), I hadn't...
  16. ancazur

    Spirit Tracks Sand Sanctuary Duet.

    I don't believe that worked. I've seriously been trying to do this for a week. THANKS :)
  17. ancazur


    I was really into it during the first season, but that seemed to be the show's peak. I don't really care for the plot anymore, and I don't like the episodes dedicated to one artist (I don't know how I sat through the Britney Spears episode). I still watch it, but it's more in the background as I...
  18. ancazur

    The Professor Layton Series NO SPOILERS

    I just acquired my first Professor Layton game for this reason. I'm not sure how I've never played them before, but if they're going to team up with Phoenix then it's an instant win in my book. Needless to say, I haven't actually played my new game yet :P
  19. ancazur

    Have You Ever Craved Zelda Games This Much?

    Last time I completed Twilight Princess, I let a friend borrow it. Figured I would be okay without it for a little while. A month later, I was itching to play it again. Drove me crazy that I didn't have it. Of course it's always the one you don't have that you want. Figures, doesn't it?
  20. ancazur

    Favorite Style of Game

    My favorite genre ever is strategy-based RPG. I like strategy and ganging up on my enemies. Plus, you can play the same game over & over again and it's never quite the same, depending on the experience level of your characters.
  21. ancazur

    Phantom Hourglass or SpiritTracks?

    I haven't completed Spirit Tracks yet, but I already enjoy it more than Phantom Hourglass. Then again, I love trains. For some reason, I find it more fun in ST to go exploring. Wasn't that into it throughout PH.
  22. ancazur

    Modern Movies Vs. Older Movies

    Personally, I feel that actors of the 40's/50's were real actors. It's like you said - modern movies depend upon special effects and violence and all that. Sure, there are some good actors nowadays, but they just don't live up to the old classics. I mean, look at Psycho. It's a "thriller."...
  23. ancazur

    Order You Played the Games

    I played them chronologically, for the most part. At least, the major ones. Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Ocarina of Time [Minish Cap was around this time, too] Majora's Mask Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass Spirit Tracks I was too excited to get to OoT that I skipped a lot of the hand...
  24. ancazur

    Any Doctor Who Fans or Likers?

    I started watching the first season (ie, Christopher Ecclestone) and instantly became addicted. Sure, I've only seen six episodes or so, but I already consider it one of my favorite shows. I watch it on streaming Netflix. Greatest thing ever.
  25. ancazur

    Ocarina of Time Zelda's Lullaby is Magical!

    :lol: That is awesome. Do you know how many times I accidentally destroy a sign? Those things need to be made of iron or something :P
  26. ancazur

    War of the Web Browsers

    I totally forgot about Firebird until you mentioned it. Man, now I feel old school. Still a Firefox fangirl, after all these years. I haven't tried Chrome, mainly because I have no issue with my old faithful Firefox. When I switched to a Mac I used Safari for a while, but it was considerably...
  27. ancazur

    Funky Fonts Are Funky

    Gil sans is my favorite font ever. I use it whenever possible. It's pretty (okay okay, design nerd going away). Unless I'm doing a website, then my standard is verdana. It's so tiny and clean.
  28. ancazur

    Night Owl?

    If I'm up that late anymore, it's usually because I'm playing video games. But I try to be a responsible adult and get to sleep by 11:00. Have to go to work early, after all.
  29. ancazur


    I love the water temples, personally. Any of them. I like water, and I like annoying puzzles. Gives my brain a bit of a workout :P
  30. ancazur

    Favorite Ways To Kill Miniblins

    Yeah that's pretty much my system as well :lol: Although, that seems to be my system with most enemies... if it works, of course.
  31. ancazur

    Where Link Keeps His Items?

    This is my theory as well. If you think about it, he can't possibly have some invisible giant knapsack or something of the sort. He'd have to lug that thing around, after all. Much easier to transport a tiny spinner in his pocket.
  32. ancazur

    Least Favorite Sword Technique

    haha I used the shield bash all the time. Who needs a sword? :P This is basic, but I kind of hate the forward thrust. I never use it, especially in TP. Even in beginning, when you're showing off to the village kids, I never quite get the hang of it.
  33. ancazur

    What Came First? The Chicken or the Egg?

    Out of curiosity, where does it say [in the Bible, I mean] that He created non-mammals from eggs? I believe He created all animals, and therefore the chicken came first.
  34. ancazur

    A Link to the Past Need Some Help

    Absolutely. I own it on the VC and GBA, if that explains my love for it :P
  35. ancazur

    General Classic Frustration Inducing Moments.

    I think because I started with the classics, the newer ones feel like cake most of the times. But I love the challenge of those classics, even if it includes me throwing down the controller and saying, "forget this, I'm checking the walk-through." :P I never even found the second dungeon in my...
  36. ancazur

    Your Teeth and You

    Probably is :lol: But he's old and has been doing it for a long time, so I suspect he's seen plenty of it in his experience.
  37. ancazur

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    I do think it's easier for a lefty to play right-handed than a righty to play left-handed (as someone mentioned earlier, how often do righties really have to use their left hand?). And I'm a bit of a left-handed freak; I do use the nunchuck in my right hand and have no problem with the analogue...
  38. ancazur

    Your Teeth and You

    I've become obsessive with my dental hygiene since my last dentist appointment. He basically told me, "you've got to start flossing if you don't want those wisdom teeth pulled." (Yes, I still have my wisdom teeth, with no intention of removing them.) It had something to do with air pockets back...
  39. ancazur

    Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

    I'll still play left-handed. I don't care that Link won't mirror my movements. It annoys me, though, that people think it's so easy for lefties to play right-handed. I'm not right-handed. How about we design a lefty-only game and make the righties switch? Huh? (No, not bitter at all...)
  40. ancazur

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Most recently, Skies of Arcadia Legends (gamecube). Not that I've played it yet... I'll get around to it.
  41. ancazur

    Weird Things That Make No Sense in Zelda

    That is amazing. I have to try it :lol:
  42. ancazur

    Twilight Princess Sumo Wrestling

    As soon as it starts, first thing I do is dodge. Gor Coron always has as faster reaction time than I do, and that prevents him from pushing me around too soon. After that, it's easier to grab onto him when he's not paying attention.
  43. ancazur

    Spirit Tracks Where Can I Get the Cannon?

    After you talk to Nico and go back to visit Alfonzo, the canon should automatically be on your train. Did you talk to Alfonzo? Did he say anything?
  44. ancazur

    A Catch Phrase?

    The only thing I recall him ever uttering (aside from the usual grunts) is "YAY" in WW. Though that's hardly a catchphrase :lol: It freaked me out, though, since he's not supposed to speak and all. Oh please no :lol:
  45. ancazur

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    The City in the Sky, hands down. I remember when I first got there I stared at the screen for a long time. Everything seems so calm up there, and having it be surrounded by clouds gives it a surreal kind of atmosphere. Though I guess it needs a calming sense, considering how you get there...
  46. ancazur

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    The Dragon Roost Island theme is my most played song on iTunes :lol: The Dark World theme (ALttP) and Gerudo Valley (OoT) are also on frequent rotation.
  47. ancazur

    Halloween Costumes 2010

    ^ There were several years I went as a witch when I was younger. Straighten the black hair and put on a hat & cape. Instant costume :P
  48. ancazur

    Link's "armor"

    He has chain mail in TP, too. I think at some point Nintendo said, "hm, we have to give him some kind of armor, don't we?" Because he really doesn't wear any in earlier games. I guess he's just that good that he doesn't need it :P
  49. ancazur

    If Link Were A Woman

    When you said "new elements," all I could picture was a pair of iron stilettos (rather than boots). Now those could do some damage.
  50. ancazur

    War of the Operating Systems

    And I hate Windows :P I actually work on both, since at home I have a Mac and at work I use a PC, so I have basis for my claims. Neither system is perfect (Whoever said Macs don't get a "blue screen of death" is lying), but it feels like home when I sit down to my trusty old Mac :)
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