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  1. Ljjpz1

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    Finally! This is the perfect thread for me. Playing through OOT for the first time, 8 years old. I have a friend sleeping over, and we're trying to figure out the game together. It's about 9:00 pm in the winter and the lights are off in my room, so it's just us, the darkness, and the glow of...
  2. Ljjpz1

    Majora's Mask If You Were Link...

    I'd feel stressed as well. Not to mention, everytime I reset time, I'd feel very disappointed in myself. I'd feel like I couldn't do it, or it was impossible. Plus with everyone having all their problems, Romani with the Aliens, Anju and Kafei, I'd just feel like it was too much. Maybe I'd give...
  3. Ljjpz1

    Clash of the Bosses

    I've never played ST, so I can't say much. Though from what I've heard here, I guess I'd have to go with Cragma? It seems he could pretty easily break Gohma's plating. One thing that no one has mentioned, however, is that you have to strike Gohma's eye to actually kill it. From the looks of...
  4. Ljjpz1

    Poll: What Gun Should Link Have if Nintendo Made a Zelda Game with Guns in

    Made me think of this: The Real Legend of Zelda 1 Part 1 - [HQ] - YouTube 3:00 - 3:40 Anyway, in the end I think I'd have to say some sort of medieval revolver, or something. Long range has and always should be dedicated to the bow and arrow, but the short range slingshot does practically...
  5. Ljjpz1

    Which Area Had the Best Music?

    I totally forgot about the market song, haha. I love that, I tried to learn it on my ocarina but never got around to figuring it out. What day is your favourite? I think I like it the best on the third day, because it plays so fast and it really shows you that sense of urgency and possibly...
  6. Ljjpz1

    Which Area Had the Best Music?

    With the whole Zelda orchestra and everything, I've been thinking about all the areas in all the games I've played that had really cool music. I'm assuming most people play with the sound on, and I personally believe that the music really creates the atmosphere to the place you're in. So...
  7. Ljjpz1

    Spoiler Midna's Return?

    ...Pun intended? As much as I love Twilight Princess, I don't think seeing her again will happen anywhere other than possibly the new Super Smash Brothers :P Which is unfortunate, in my opinion, but you gotta take the cards you're dealt, you know? It could work, though. Like how MM was set...
  8. Ljjpz1

    Majoras Mask, Skyward Sword Poster Prizes!

    I already had Majora's Mask downloaded, so I got it and put it on my girlfriend's wii. I already have some zelda posters, and I'm afraid if I get anymore my birds will chew them like they did the last bunch ): So I might as well get the Missus into it, right?
  9. Ljjpz1

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    Socks. And a catwoman outfit. (Provided cat woman was wearing a blue muscle shirt and black shorts :P)
  10. Ljjpz1

    Deku Vs Zora Who Will Win?

    Too true.
  11. Ljjpz1

    King Zora is Fat Because.....

    Because he is Lord Jabu Jabu's son.
  12. Ljjpz1

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  13. Ljjpz1

    Deku Vs Zora Who Will Win?

    I'd like to weigh in, here. I don't play much pokemon, but from my understanding, it's not the type of pokemon, it's the type of move, isn't it? We've clarified that deku scrubs can slice, shoot acid bubbles, and deku nuts. Would slice not be normal, and the acid bubbles not be poison? So that...
  14. Ljjpz1

    Majora's Mask Why Are the Guards in Majora' Mask Useless?

    First of all, it was clear just by playing OOT that they are useless, haha! Sneaking into zelda's castle wasn't much of a quest. You could literally shoot them with deku seeds, backflip behind them, and "KIYAAAA!" as loud as you wanted without even a turn of the head! I'm not really sure...
  15. Ljjpz1

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    For character, probably either the Skull Kid, Keaton, or Zant. Keaton was just plain cool, but I thought the Skull Kid (From any of his appearances) and Zant had really cool character design. I like Zelda as a darker game, that's why Majora's mask is my favourite. The bright colours and...
  16. Ljjpz1

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    Don't get me wrong here, but... Beedle. His hair, his voice, everything. It's not that he isn't useful, because he definitely is in both WW and SS, but I mean come on now. I've heard "THAAANK YOUUU!" enough times to make me almost have to mute the T.V. whenever I enter his store. Windwaker...
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