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  1. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    I was playing Fire Emblem Awakening a while ago and got to the point where you find out that This sparked ten minutes of my friends and me randomly shouting MY BRAND.
  2. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    Hogwarts, easily. To be honest, I think Narnia would bore me after a while. WYR join a gang or join a cult?
  3. OcarinaBoy

    Split Timeline Elsewhere?

    Aww... It looks like the party started without me. Well, let's begin: As I've said in another thread (quite recently, actually), this is exactly why I reject the Hyrule Historia timeline. They've forced themselves into a corner in which the timeline becomes a timeweb. My problem with this is...
  4. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda What 2D Zelda Game Would You Like to See Remade As a 3d Game?

    I personally would like to see Link's Awakening remade. I can't quite grasp why, but that particular entry in the series really spoke to me emotionally. Seeing the story unfold again with an extra dimension would be interesting.
  5. OcarinaBoy

    WW-Wii U How Did the Great Deku Tree End Up on the Surface of the Ocean?

    I have two thoughts on this. A: After the great flood, the body of the Great Deku Tree from OoT floated to the surface with a small portion of the earth (in the root system) and the young Great Deku Tree Sprout. Because of the flood, the Great Deku Tree Sprout was uprooted and floated through...
  6. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Pronunciation of Farore

    To begin, this is mostly my own personal opinion, so you are free to ignore/disregard this idea. Of the four goddesses, Farore's name is (arguably) the hardest to pronounce. So how is it actually pronounced? This thought crossed my mind after a session of talking to myself. Ever since I started...
  7. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    I was having a discussion with some of my friends when I said the most profound yet weird thing I've said in a while: "I could fall in love with a potato if it's the right potato"
  8. OcarinaBoy

    Zelda II Split; Converging Back into 1 Timeline; Same Game Different Timelines

    Well, technically speaking (and this is why I reject the Hyrule Historia timeline), EVERY game in the series could cause a timeline split should Link fail. While this is an interesting concept, I don't particularly like timeline splits caused by failure. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the...
  9. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    I'm going to have to say Rattata. I've heard tales of a Rattata that is matched by none, said to be in the top percentage of all Rattata. WWW in a fashion face off: Lord Ghirahim or Yuga
  10. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    Listen to Gangnam Style. It's shorter, and the subtitles (if any) would distract me from what was happening in the movie. WYR spend time with kittens or with puppies?
  11. OcarinaBoy

    Anybody Have Tumblr Accounts?

    I do, but I'm not really an active member. I've posted maybe six things since joining. I am James Null. However, I must warn you that this is me completely uncensored, and I'm not sure how many of you can handle that. I swear a lot and discuss (im)mature topics. Here on ZD, since I'm in pleasant...
  12. OcarinaBoy

    Attractive Clothing on a Man

    I challenge this statement: ^You see that? Fedoras are sexy. Unless you mean those stupid trilby hats, then I agree with you. As a side note: I've heard that people think it's attractive when men wear button-up shirts with the sleeves rolled up a bit.
  13. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Derp Moments

    As I've detailed a few times before, I spent a good 15-20 minutes in SS trying to figure out how to flip the skulltulas around. I spent a solid five minutes shield-bashing one of them. I ended up dying. In the first temple, I ended up dying because I couldn't figure out that I had to slash...
  14. OcarinaBoy

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I've been listening to this a lot lately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ6A6GC_ki4
  15. OcarinaBoy

    Worst Item You've Lost

    When I was a young lad of about four, I had this little mario action figure. Only five points of articulation, but I loved it. It was arguably my most precious possession. Now, this was before I had heard of any gaming company other than Nintendo, and I was very unfamiliar with even their...
  16. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Why So Young?

    Link is a symbol. He is the gamers' "link" (yay, puns!) between the real world and the land of Hyrule. Link can do things that would be considered extraordinary feats for other children. He lifts objects several times his own weight, he fights off the most dangerous magical beings in the land...
  17. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    Solid Snake. He got pretty old over the course of the five (game world) years between MGS2 and MGS4. Unless you meant who was better at not aging, in which case it's Gandalf (because reasons I already said). In a "thwarted my plans" contest: Bowser or Dr. Eggman
  18. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    Some gems from my teachers this year "Have you ever seen somebody sneeze and they just have that look that everything has gone horribly wrong?" "You can't draw a circle because you're not at peace with yourself. See, you start drawing the circle and everything is fine, but then you start...
  19. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    I'd rather play myself. I'd probably die almost immediately, but it would be it would be a pretty cool 30 seconds. WYR spend the day with WW Tingle or MM Tingle?
  20. OcarinaBoy

    If I Remove...

    Then I wouldn't watch them. Everything would be considerably less awesome. What if Revolver Ocelot disappeared from the Metal Gear Solid series?
  21. OcarinaBoy

    (new) The Cucco Game.

    Link's Awakening... Six seconds... I should NOT have tried that with only one heart...
  22. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    Malon, of course. Hers is fluffy and filled with style. Zelda just has the generic long hair look. Besides, she's wearing stuff over her hair half the time anyway. in a (quite literal) Firefight: Prince Zuko (The Last Airbender) or Colonel Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)?
  23. OcarinaBoy

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    Me:"Sunscreen? Oh God, does this mean I have to go OUTSIDE?!" *starts to panic* *throws (full) soda can at NP due to panicking*
  24. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    Koifish and I got into a discussion about how translators sometimes mix up l's and r's when translating Japanese. We then proceeded to think of every name of characters, attacks, etc. from various anime and switch those letters around. Some of the highlights of the conversation are: Naluto Lock...
  25. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    I'd say Navi. Joey wasn't really annoying because, to me at least, he was just another random trainer. My interaction with him went something like: "My ratata is in the top percentage!" Okay, lol, go typhlosion. Navi just plain annoys me. Yes, she helped a bit when I first played the game, but...
  26. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Which Zelda Character is the Cutest

    I thought Marin:marin: was really cute. Her art style in the photo album was adorable. And the little sort of romance she had with Link was really cute, too. The scene where She's so innocent, too. When she called me "THEIF" after I stole the bow from the item shop (because I don't have time to...
  27. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    That's tough. It's choosing between abusing magic or unlimited food, and I like both of those things. I'm leaning more toward Hyrule. WYR watch anime or play video games?
  28. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    I feel as though Ganondorf is the more evil of the two. Gunslinger contest: John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) or Revolver Ocelot (MGS series)?
  29. OcarinaBoy

    General Art OcarinaBoy's Ocarinart

    Thank you both:)
  30. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    I'm gonna have to go with blue. WYR build a Tesla coil or a railgun?
  31. OcarinaBoy

    General Zelda Zelda Movie Prototype Footage

    This looks both good and bad in certain respects. On one hand, this looks like it has potential. They clearly had an idea worked out on just what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. The monsters exploding into dark energy instead of just dying was a nice touch. On the other, this...
  32. OcarinaBoy

    General Art OcarinaBoy's Ocarinart

    I finally drew more things! YAY!:party: First off, these pictures are really big. (Sorry, but when I tried to resize them the detail went out the window) <- My sister is a big fan of Death Note and wanted me to draw this in her notebook. I think I made her sufficiently happy with this. <- I...
  33. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    I was in a google document with a friend helping me write something, then my friend had to leave for a bit. He was gone for about three hours, and I ended up talking to myself in the comments for most of that time. (Note: I was playing Link's Awakening when I started talking to myself) What...
  34. OcarinaBoy

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    Me-"Aw sweet, a bagel!" *Starts eating* Me-"POCKET SAND!" *Throws pocket sand at NP*
  35. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    Modding my console I think would have more overall use to me. WYR hang out with the Joker or Deadpool?
  36. OcarinaBoy

    Who Would Win?

    Easy. Yoshi Fashion contest: Lord Ghirahim or Redd White (from Phoenix Wright)
  37. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    *My dad talking with me about my baby-hood* Dad- You started walking early. I tried to get your mom to come see you walk, but she was "busy". Ocarina- Didn't I start talking early too? Dad- Yup. Do you remember your first words? Ocarina- No Dad- *points to himself* Ocarina- (sarcastically)...
  38. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    *Me and my friends talking about Pokemon* Austin- Hey, you know Ash finished in the top 16 in the Kanto Pokemon League, the top 8 in Johto and Hoenn, the top 4 in Sinnoh, and then the top 8 again in Unova. Ocarina- Yes, I know. He's not a very good trainer. Austin- But he's getting better...
  39. OcarinaBoy

    Animation Software

    I'm looking to get into animation, and I was wondering if any of you know a good way to start out (recommended software, some tips, really anything will help). I would be greatly appreciative of any advice I could get.:)
  40. OcarinaBoy

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got released from prison school for the summer today. I'm happy to finally have time to relax again:party:
  41. OcarinaBoy

    Would You Rather

    Weapon. I love the (Mighty Morphin') Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger/ocarina/flute/thing. WYR spend 3 days in a car or in a plane?
  42. OcarinaBoy

    A Link Between Worlds Link's Hair

    This is a bit of a question directly from me, but does anyone else find it mildly annoying that Link's hair isn't pink? Now, I know that there are a lot of reasons why his hair would be brown. This could be a different Link, artwork shows his hair as being brown-ish, etc., but what I'm...
  43. OcarinaBoy

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I'm desperately trying to catch up with the series before Black Flag comes out (because if I don't, I'll have another game that I'll have to wait before playing)
  44. OcarinaBoy

    Zelda Dungeon Logo Revamp: Opinions?

    I personally prefer the current logo due to my OCD about letter placement and whatnot. As the two are now, I feel that the current logo flows with the top of the page better than the new one would. I also think that there should be a more bold change for it, as I found them to be too similar.
  45. OcarinaBoy

    Weird Things Your Pet Does

    Often when I am cooking, my dog will walk up to me and stand between my legs. He doesn't move or sit down, he just keeps standing there. Other times he will continuously lick the sheets on my bed. I always find it odd and somewhat amusing. What kind of weird things does your pet do?
  46. OcarinaBoy

    Writers Block: Real or Fake?

    It is indeed real, and I have suffered from it many a time. More often than not, I'm toiling away at something that's been floating in my head for a time, I leave to go to the bathroom or eat, and then nothing. I suddenly lose the ability to put words to paper. I know what I want written, but I...
  47. OcarinaBoy

    What Kind of Spider Do You Like Best?

    Ideally, a dead one. If they wish to survive, then any spider that's nowhere within 20 metres of me/in my field of vision.
  48. OcarinaBoy

    Your Opinion On Facial Hair

    My opinions on this can change on a whim, but at the moment I like my beard. The main reasons are because it makes me look like Solid Snake and Big Boss (so I've been told by my friends) and because it makes me look a good two or so years older than I am (I like messing with people like that). I...
  49. OcarinaBoy

    Random Moments from Anything and Everything

    Two knock-knock jokes that I experienced the other day: Friend: Knock-knock Ocarina: Go away! I don't want any! Friend: Knock-knock. Ocarina: Who's there? Friend: Doctor. Ocarina: Doctor who? Friend: Yes, exactly.:ten:
  50. OcarinaBoy

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    *Puts on sunglasses* *Throws coconut at NP*
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