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  1. Alita the Pun

    Thanks meesh! That means so much. Sorry I missed your birthday, My sister is getting a knee...

    Thanks meesh! That means so much. Sorry I missed your birthday, My sister is getting a knee surgery today so we have been getting ready for that. Happy late birthday! :pikalove::party:
  2. Alita the Pun

    Music Competition Beginners Advice (but it's good for all musicians so read up)

    Great suggestions! I'll add those to the list! :)
  3. Alita the Pun

    Music Competition Beginners Advice (but it's good for all musicians so read up)

    Update 1 - 10/3/19 - Added a section on Microphones in Peripherials. - Fixed some errors and clarified some sections. - Removed Herobrine. - Updated [My Choices :whistle:] to my current preferences.
  4. Alita the Pun

    ZD Writing Competition: Round 25

    if I have time...
  5. Alita the Pun

    Mario Kart Ultimate

    Mario kart ultimate would have Waluigi which is already better than smash ultimate.
  6. Alita the Pun

    Favorite non-Piece of Heart collectible in the series?

    Don’t forget about Kinstones! (MC)
  7. Alita the Pun

    What Would You Do If The World Was Ending?

    spend as much time as possible with the people I love. pray a lot. try to help comfort those who are afraid
  8. Alita the Pun

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Yeah, I agree with you SMS unfortunately I don't have much pull in that department and even if I did, it wouldn't be a long term fix I think. Low activity is a hard thing to shake.
  9. Alita the Pun

    Official Suggestions Thread

    It may be because a lot of the mods/CC's have been relatively inactive recently
  10. Alita the Pun

    Do You Eat 3 Meals Per Day?

    I don't eat breakfast for different reasons, I really hate most breakfast foods especially cereal. some things that are more complicated (pancakes, eggs, bacon) I like, but its wayyy too much work to make those so I usually just skip breakfast. I usually eat lunch, more so now that I have a job...
  11. Alita the Pun

    Thanks Midoo

    Thanks Midoo
  12. Alita the Pun

    Smash Bros Did your most wanted character ever make it in?

    the three characters I want most in smash are The Knight, Phoenix Wright, or Scribblenaut Maxwell with default Scribblenaut as an alternate skin
  13. Alita the Pun

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks so much!
  14. Alita the Pun

    Thanks funni!

    Thanks funni!
  15. Alita the Pun

    Thanks meesh! I hope you had a fun day yesterday too!

    Thanks meesh! I hope you had a fun day yesterday too!
  16. Alita the Pun

    Thank you Petter!

    Thank you Petter!
  17. Alita the Pun


  18. Alita the Pun


  19. Alita the Pun


  20. Alita the Pun

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  21. Alita the Pun

    Thank you ALIT!

    Thank you ALIT!
  22. Alita the Pun


  23. Alita the Pun

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Custom Stage Tournament!

    so we have to build a stage in order to be in the tournament? can you explain any details or rules about the actual stage builder part? I feel like it was glossed over? should stages meet any specific requirements?
  24. Alita the Pun

    Have you ever done things that you hate it when other people do it?

    I get annoyed when people argue around me but lo and behold I will find myself in a petty argument over anything
  25. Alita the Pun

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm so sorry Meesh, I couldn't imagine what you are going through right now. If you are ok with it, I will be praying for you and your family. I'm always here to talk if you need to. :hug:
  26. Alita the Pun

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Avengers Endgame: 10/10 absolutely insane movie. contrary to popular opinion, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. as someone who has been a MCU fan since Iron Man 1, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie in it's entirety. the only scenes I didn't like were the ones with Captain Marvel as I...
  27. Alita the Pun

    Any game genres you really don't like?

    I don't like sandbox or farming type games. I am not a huge fan of platforms although there are some exceptions like metroidvanias. I don't like horror games. I have no interest in sports or racing games. Sandbox/farm builder games like Minecraft, animal crossing, or stardew valley have never...
  28. Alita the Pun


  29. Alita the Pun

    Do you get stage fright?

    I don't get stage fright really. If I'm playing guitar or trumpet on stage I tend to get a little nervous but it's more nervous because I'm hoping I didn't forget anything than nervous to be in front of people. Public speaking gets me a little scared before hand but once I get into it, it goes...
  30. Alita the Pun

    Xenforo 2 Upgrade Suggestions & Feedback

    Im having trouble seeing this White text on the normal dungeon theme Maybe we could change the font color or darken it?
  31. Alita the Pun

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I'm happy because it is finally looking like airsoft weather!
  32. Alita the Pun

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    I think that Joker looks like a lot of fun. I haven't played P5 but have watched a lot of gameplay and am really excited for it. my favorite part of joker is the victory intro and how it's just like the victory animation in P5. also the stage looks sick and I love how it changes colors depending...
  33. Alita the Pun

    Pondering Human Clothing

    I don't really like jeans too much these days. they feel very restrictive and not fun to wear when sitting in class 8+ hours a day. since I started college, I've opted for shorts or sweat pants/joggers as they are the most comfortable. I usually wear a short or long sleeve t-shirt with some...
  34. Alita the Pun

    I Wish..

    now why would you make me hungry like that. now I want those too! DX
  35. Alita the Pun

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    wouldn't call them purchases because they are free, but I got Apex Legends and CS:GO recently. lots of fun, esp. Apex. just got my second win the other day :^^:
  36. Alita the Pun

    Fall or Spring or is it Summer or Winter?

    I like the idea of Fall. I don't like extreme cold and extreme heat. Spring has too much pollen. I wish Maryland got fall but we really just get HEAT - weird rain - COLD - more weird rain.
  37. Alita the Pun

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    me: Alright, you have lots of singing classes today, I hope your throat feels good enough to sing! flu: *cracks knuckles* nah fam
  38. Alita the Pun

    Favorite Wild Animal?

    Honduran White Bat <3
  39. Alita the Pun

    Does "it gets better later" put you off when considering purchasing a game?

    yes actually, that is the main reason why I have only ever attempted to play twilight princess a few times. The opening is so incredibly slow and boring for me, and my friends always say it gets better later, but I don't have the patience to sit through this boring tutorial.
  40. Alita the Pun

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 347!

    After the Tragedy of Princess Zelda, (that is, when her brother made a deal with evil dude and Sleeping Beauty'd Zelda)in AoL, all females in royal family would be traditionally named Zelda. Of course, that game comes fairly late in the Zelda timeline and we can't speak for the earlier games in...
  41. Alita the Pun

    What Annoyed You Today?

    waking up is lame. I'd much rather sleep till noon :`v`:
  42. Alita the Pun

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I have in the test in the morning, ive been studying so log. im going to sleep now but im really hoping in do good.
  43. Alita the Pun

    Link's Awakening Switch A sequel to which?

    technically it was a sequel, the link from ALttP went to another continent (possibly the land of the spirits of good, we can't be sure) for training. when he returned, he shipwrecked and woke up on kohlint island. so technically, it is kind of a sequel. I think that this will still be the case...
  44. Alita the Pun

    Dreams thread.

    I was playing a game with some dudes where there was a basketball hoop and it was surrounded by those inflatable moon-bounce bases. outside of the moon-bounce cushions were trampoline pads that allowed you to jump around and slam dunk and stuff. instead of a ball though, we used a frisbee. I...
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