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    Beginner's Mafia 7 - Game Thread

    Lol first mafia game and First RV! YAY! -_- So quick to pull the RV though huh? well VOTE: Raindrop14
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    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    Well, easy. THE TWILIGHT REAMLS STUNK! They were boring, lifeles, dull, and annoying. The silent realms were, Challenging, fun, and didn't seem like a dumb fetch quest
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    Favorite Item?

    Clawshot/ transformation masks. SO much fun to use! or the ocarina! ALSO POST # 300!! Finally! :D
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    Majora's Mask Anyone else Really Hate Majora's Mask?

    Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game according to Story, Side quests, and items. It is an amazing game, and the time limit isn't that bad especially how all of the characters move with it and it is predictable. Also the song of Inverted time!!
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    LoZ Characater Most Like You?

    Link, especially in WW. I love my sisters and would do the same to save them. I love pretending to conduct music I am listening too. I sail constantly and it is my favorite thing to do. I am like link in general, because I would do ANYTHING for an adventure like his :P
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    General Modern Zelda On PC?

    NO xD Nintendo proably will never make PC's and since mario and zelda ect. are first party games, they will stay on first party consoles!
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    General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

    My favorite of the two is probably OoT. Due to the EPICness and best dungeons in the series. OoT is a flawless game (but not my favorite zelda game :P) MM is everything I could want in an overworld and side quests, but I focus on dungeons a little more :P and, I suck timed..... If after OoT...
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I never hear anyone say this game much, but FSA is a terrible game. At least 1 player. The formations and things just make it hard to get through. I bet with more people it could be fun
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    Skill Tree in Zelda?

    I wouldn't like to see a skill tree in a zelda game. Whenever I play an RPG or game with multiple endings, I always felt like I am missing a part, or spend hours ranking up in XP. I love zelda because you can 100% it in any run and I have lots of fun not having to worry about upgrading items and...
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    Spoiler Favorite Link?

    WW's link is not only hilarious and fun, he had to prove his strength and save his sister AND save hyrule. He was a very fun character and is deff my favorite. Also "Ovarina of time" xD
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 29!

    Well, I say yes, because all other intruments have failed to bring back the fun experimental of just playing with the Ocarina, but also the beautiful songs. The spirit flute came close to this but we steered way off track with the harp
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    Favorite Baba Incarnation?

    Definently the Quadro baba. Skyward sword with its controls gave an other wise bland enemy, very fun to fight.
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    How Easy Do You Think the Next Game Will Be?

    Well, hopefully the 3DS zelda will be like OoT 3D but I think it will be easier. The Wii U one will be more serious hopefully, more challenging
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    Fierce Deity: Yay or Nay

    While he was an epic completion bonus and a epic thing in general, I wouldn't want him to show up again, just like I wouldn't want the masks again. They are what make MM special
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    Weirdest Islands in Wind Waker

    I know! THIS is why WW is my favorite Zelda game! Because of the real sence of a vast unexplored world your put in!
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    Top 20 Zelda Songs (part 3)

    ok, subcribed! haha, but really! WIND WAKER THEME!
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    Do You Think We Will Be Able to Control Trains in Zelda Ever Again?

    I think we can see trains again, just like caleb said those Ideas are cool! But as another form of transportation? No, the train was the theme of that game! Just like we won't see any other masks again.
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    Twilight Princess Snowboarding!

    well, I loved the thrill digger, all chest games, the star game in tp took we a while, (i tried before i got the hookshot like 5 times) the bomb game in the wind waker, cave of ordeals, all shooting galleries, many more!
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    Ocarina of Time Play Through

    I have played the game 5 times twice (one on VC one on 3DS) once for 100% and a race with my friend I am In the middle of a three heart run
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    Boss Rush and Enemy Gaunlets - Could the Two Possibly Be Combined?

    Yes, cool idea for some bosses, but it would mess up a lot more, because if you take your eyes off the boss, it could attack, but for some bosses it would be great!
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    OoT-Wii Virtual Console or N64?

    I played both for the first time on the VC (I now have the n64 ones though ;) ) but, yeah, get the VC
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    Opinion: Nintendo Should Use Majora's Mask As A Template For Future Regions

    One complaint about Zelda in general for me is how 1 place is 1 place the entire game! SS fixed this a bit with the second section of each area but it would be cool to see more variety within each area
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    Top 20 Zelda Songs (part 2)

    Awesome! I swear if you guys dont have the WW theme.....
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    Elements You Have Been Waiting for in Zelda

    Story: I am really waiting for a VERY dark zelda game. I love WW and MM is pretty dark, but maybe something where if Link fails its over and he is killed, or maybe a personal thing he got into? Gameplay: So many ideas Ive forgotton!
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    Is Ocarina of Time Really the Best-made Zelda Game?

    Ocarina Of time is the definition of zelda. Is is perfect. Not one flaw. It isn't my favorite though. WW is (as you all know xD) and I can name 20 flaws about that game! Its just a matter of taste!
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    Which Zelda Game Was The Dividing Point?

    While I wish it wasn't true ;( but Wind Waker is the MOST argued over! ITS SO GOOD HOW CAN YOU HATE IT?! LISTEN TO THAT MUSAAAC! While Tp is some times argued over and A little more SS
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    Do You Play a Musical Instrument?

    I play ALOT of Zelda and Mario on the Piano. I also love playing guitar, bass, and ocarina!
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    Do You Wear Socks To Bed?

    I love the feeling of my feet on the sheets, I hate socks to bed
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    What is Your Favorite Museum?

    The liberty Science center or something along those lines, Oh and the Air and Space Muesuem
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    Should the Overall Combat Battle Speed Increase?

    Yeah, I hate WAITING for the enemy to attack so you can do it back, or when they do phases where you cant hurt them, I mean seriously a real fight is nt like that!
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    A Link to the Past What Was Link's Uncle Going To Say?

    Zelda is your......uh she is your corndog I dont know, the uncle is stupid for going by himself so maybe he really is dumb? :P
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    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    Ugh, bokoblins in SS by the second half of the game. We know that they cant kill me anymore so why do I have to get blocked for 20 min?
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    Should Future Antagonists Be Fought Multiple Times?

    Well, I didn't like not having a monster that you burrow with and fight in the Fire Snctuary, I would like if he popped up in dungeons, out of dungeons, and just always trying to stop you.
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    Dungeons Beaten Without a Walkthrough

    Uh, the first dungeon in WW and second in WW None in TP All in PH and ST MC all LA first 4 SS all with out OOt none MM none ALTTP all
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    A Link Between Worlds When Do You Think the Next 3ds Zelda Game Will Be Announced?

    I say we will ge artwork a few months before E3 like SS
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    Which is Better OoT or WW

    WW is my favorite game ever and I love it with all my heart, but play OoT first, It is the BEST zelda game, not my favorite though. OoT is just classic
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    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 28!

    I love ghirahim and it creeped me out with his tounge~
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    General Classic Link's Awakening! The Story of a "Game" Boy!

    Wow thats a great story! My first was TP was the secon dgame on my wii that my dads friend gave to me cause he heard of the violence! I wouldnt be anywhere close to the person I am now if he hadant givin that to me!
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    Majora's Mask+Skyward Sword=Path to Success

    A game would be great with SS controls MM sidequests WW graphics TP story and OOT dungeons would be the BEST zelda game!
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    Zelda Games in 3D

    I think a 3D classic kinda thing would be great for ALTTp
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    Should Nintendo Stick to ONE Link and Zelda for a While?

    Uh, its been done a lot.... lol it be cool to have another Oracle style game though!
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    General Modern Bring Back Young Link!!! Majora's Mask Style!!

    Well, yes. I think the 3DS game will star young link with OOT 3D graphics or WW graphics
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    A Super Mario 64/Zelda Hybrid?

    I agree with everything ALIT said!
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    Fire And Ice

    Wow, i can just see the shadow and light now o.O so nice!
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    Little Options That You Think Are Significant

    Custamizable controls In banjo-Kazooie being able to hold Z and always look behind you Ill edit this when i think of more
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    Spud's Quest - My Zelda Inspired Game

    Wow! This looks really cool! I really want to make some games, how do you make yours?
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    OoT-N64 What Complaints Did You Have with Ocarina of Time?

    Complaints about Ocarina of TIME? HAHAHA thats a good one! No, in all seriousness, The default on no with Kepora Geapora is dumb, and not skipping cut scenes in MQ or OOT 3D Maybe more enemies in the over world?
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    Fi, Midna, or Zelda?

    Well, 1) Midna: Great music to go with her, plus character development and she really is one of my favorite ever characters 2) Zelda: She is quite humorous and silly and she fits ST perfectly 3) Fi: While i did enjoy her parting words to Link, she is annoying through out the entire game...
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    General Modern Where Did the Hookshot Go... and What About the Boomerang?

    I mean, you can't HANG on stuff with the hoot shot, and if they hadn't got rid of it, TP and SS would be much different. And the boomarang is cool, but we have the Whip and the Beetle!
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    General Modern I Miss Epona!

    Well, in all the games Epona is useless anyway ESP in TP....so I don't MISS her...
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