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  1. TheTwilightPrincess

    Celebrity and/or Fictional Character Crush Thread

    Each to their own I guess. I just have a thing for British people.
  2. TheTwilightPrincess

    Celebrity and/or Fictional Character Crush Thread

    Who doesn't have a celeb crush on Tom Hiddleston. Thanks to doctor who, Im a pretty big fan of Matt Smith & David Tennant too.
  3. TheTwilightPrincess

    Have Zelda characters impacted/inspired your life?

    I get very emotionally attached to characters, but one that I felt the most inspired by is Link. I always felt Link's willingness to power on, and to make it through the hardest of times, were things to be encouraged by. I have anxiety & depression, and getting through this year was much harder...
  4. TheTwilightPrincess

    Your favourite RPG battle system

    I really liked World of Final Fantasy's battle system. I actually really enjoy turn based combat systems, but my issue is when a battle drags on for ages to seem hard.
  5. TheTwilightPrincess

    What is the most important/valuable thing that you have lost?

    I lose things constantly. I lose my pet lizard at least once a week, and I haven't been able to find one of my friends books which I now have to buy for her. Honestly, I would lose my head if it wasn't attached to me.
  6. TheTwilightPrincess

    Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright

    I love both series! I played them when I was young and absolutely loved them. My opinions on the Wright/Layton cross over are probably biased, especially since I know so many people who didn't like them. I liked the story line, but parts of it confused me... Azran Legacy broke my heart... I love...
  7. TheTwilightPrincess

    Favorite youtuber?

    Ah Youtube... the land of the hateful comments and funny videos. There are SOOOO many fantastic youtubers out there! Some of my faves are: PBG, ProJared, SpaceHamster, BrutalMoose, Caddicarus, JonTron, Paint, Tomas sanders (sorta), Continue?, and so on!
  8. TheTwilightPrincess

    Personality Test by Color

    Its scary just how accurate this was for me. Your Existing Situation "Creative and emotional, looking for ways to further expand those qualities. Looking for a partner who enjoys the same activities. Seeking adventure and new and unusual activities." Your Stress Sources "Seeks freedom and the...
  9. TheTwilightPrincess

    Favorite Halloween Movies

    First one I thought of was Hocus Pocus, but since others have said that, Ill say Coraline. I really love this movie, and while its not the Scariest one you'll ever watch, its still eerie.
  10. TheTwilightPrincess

    What time do you usuallly get up?

    I live far away from EVERYTHING so I wake up at 5.40-6.00am
  11. TheTwilightPrincess

    Would/has anybody name/named their kids Link or Zelda?

    I named one of my chickens Midna. I have pretty much named all of my pets after fictional characters. I don't think it would be weird, as long as the name wouldn't interfere with a kids life.
  12. TheTwilightPrincess

    Hi! Wassup?

    Hi! Wassup?
  13. TheTwilightPrincess

    Dreams thread.

    My dreams are either seriously messed up or not there at all. Last night I dreamt that I was in a volcano, which was also my school. We were all lowered down on surfboards towards the lava. And before I died, I woke up. Ive been 'playing' Asagow Academy recently, so most dreams involve that...
  14. TheTwilightPrincess

    Sleeping or napping in the day

    If I fall asleep during the day, I wake up like a zombie. I feel even more exhausted and grumpy then before. When I was younger I could, but only for 30 mins.
  15. TheTwilightPrincess

    Splatoon Switch

    Never bought a Wii U, but Im pretty sure, from what Ive seen, that this is an extension of the Wii U version. I'll buy it, for sure.
  16. TheTwilightPrincess

    Spoiler Do People Really Think Link is Dead in Breath of the Wild?

    I would say he is in a state of cryosleep. He was most likely completely covered in the liquid he awoke in, so he could have been 'preserved'. Some people say he was brought back to life, but for 100 years?! Sure It would be a long process, but if the technology of the sheikah was around before...
  17. TheTwilightPrincess

    Anyone preorder new Link Amiibo?

    I'm not pre-ordering any. In fact, at the moment I don't own any. They look nice, and I am definitely going to buy them some time for collective purposes only, but right now, I have no money. I went on holiday, so i'm broke.
  18. TheTwilightPrincess

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    If you can call it a 'song' - I listen to PBG's stuff in the background when I work, or am on the internet. Right now (as I type) Ive got -
  19. TheTwilightPrincess

    What is your favorite way that Link wakes up?

    Breath of the Wild. It reeks of mystery, and so little is explained, unlike every other waking sequence.
  20. TheTwilightPrincess

    Getting Made Fun of for Zelda

    Not Really... I didnt really have many friends to talk to, so no one really knew. Now only (literally) 3 people know I play Zelda, and they really don't care. I got teased for reading though.
  21. TheTwilightPrincess

    How old were you when you got into Zelda

    I watched my parents play, and messed around with the games when I was REALLY young, but I got into it, starting with ST when I was 11.
  22. TheTwilightPrincess

    How do you organize your games?

    I prefer having a physical copy of a game, than to downloading them, but when I organize them, (which is very rarely, I might add) they go from most loved to least, in series. I dont keep mine all in the same place though. 3DS in one draw, Wii in the other, Xbox in another and so on.
  23. TheTwilightPrincess

    How many languages do you speak?

    Both my parents are Spanish, but I can only piece together a few sentences at a time. English is my main language. I am learning French now too.
  24. TheTwilightPrincess

    Favorite Fast Food

    A lot of the Food outlets on here I don't have over in Australia, but form the ones that are here, Macca's is my favorite. Gotta love McDonalds!- (Angry Angus burger all the way)
  25. TheTwilightPrincess

    What Country Are You In?

  26. TheTwilightPrincess

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild on Switch - Console screen or television?

    I would prefer the TV for sure, but since I dont spend a lot of time at home, Ill use the console.
  27. TheTwilightPrincess

    Which Game Has The Best Trailer

    BotW trailer for sure. Ive downloaded it as a soundtrack and I listen to it a few times a day. This one is pretty good to.
  28. TheTwilightPrincess

    Breath of the Wild Will you play Breath of the Wind on Wii U or Nintendo Switch?

    Im hoping that a BotW edition of the switch is released. Im willing to pay $400 for the game and a customized switch. I never bought a Wii U, so thats out of the question.
  29. TheTwilightPrincess

    Breath of the Wild Returning areas

    I hope some aspects of the Zora's return. The lakes in the Great plateau dont look like they can be swum, but hopefully another area will have an aquatic theme.
  30. TheTwilightPrincess

    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    Im concerned about the durability of the controllers/console. It looks like one fall could mean $300 down the drain. I hope cases are made for it. Apart from that it looks great! I actually prefer NX over Nintendo Switch though.
  31. TheTwilightPrincess

    NX Discussion and Rumor Thread

    I cant believe the NX is being revealed! My school internet was off, so I didn't even see the news until now. Only an hour late though, not to bad. fINALLY!
  32. TheTwilightPrincess

    Favorite game or current favorite game.

    Favorite Zelda game is either Minish cap or TP. My favorite game is Age of Empires.
  33. TheTwilightPrincess

    Best Outfits in Zelda

    Yeah, Links Blue tunic is definitely up there. Vaati's outfit is definitely something I would wear.
  34. TheTwilightPrincess

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Dubstep for some reason. Ive downloaded a ton of remixes from different games in the last few months.
  35. TheTwilightPrincess

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    If you cant tell, I used TP, mainly because I had just finished playing it when I chose the name, but also cause Midna is one of my favorite characters.
  36. TheTwilightPrincess

    Tri Force Heroes The Great Fairies of Zelda!

    The OoT great fairies creeped me out. I like ALttP'S fairies, they are my favorite.
  37. TheTwilightPrincess

    What is something that makes you squeamish?

    Social events make me sqeamish.
  38. TheTwilightPrincess

    Mobile Zelda?

    Hopefully not. I mean, if it is good, then sure, but I don't think a full Zelda game will make it. Spin offs maybe??
  39. TheTwilightPrincess

    Help Everyone Find the Best Zelda Album

    Hyrule's Requiem - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc47Fm-C8Vw - is my favorite, but the Song of Storms Dubstep Remix - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp3UeCguVVI - is good to.
  40. TheTwilightPrincess

    Breath of the Wild The Voice

    It could be one of the Sheikah. I honestly think the voice is Zelda though.
  41. TheTwilightPrincess

    What Games Do You Have On Your Phone?

    I have an android. But my Mac has an N64 emulator which doesn't crash.
  42. TheTwilightPrincess

    What Games Do You Have On Your Phone?

    Yeah. I downloaded different emulators (Gameboy, and NES) from Emuparadise. http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php
  43. TheTwilightPrincess

    Gaming remedies

    I play ST when Im down. The overworld music is great to listen to. When I feel upset, Super Smash Bros. Nothing better than beating up people.
  44. TheTwilightPrincess

    What is the most obscure fact you have memorized?

    I memorised the word - Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - which means a fear of long words. I also know that Hippo Milk is pink.
  45. TheTwilightPrincess

    The end of an art style

    I really dont Mind any of the art styles. They all had their unique twist, and brought something else to the game. I don't think we will see any returning art styles, that are copy and past from the other games, but a mash between some, and a little bit of something new.
  46. TheTwilightPrincess

    Best Zelda remake so far?

    I like WWHD, but I think OoT3D did more for the game. Those Iron boots, man, they sucked.
  47. TheTwilightPrincess

    Do you think we will ever see a Zelda Maker?

    Im not sure they will. They could do a side scroller type creator , like Links Adventure, but... yeah. Like that was a good idea.
  48. TheTwilightPrincess

    Best Handheld Zelda Game?

    I love the Minish Cap. Spirit tracks is my second favorite out of these.
  49. TheTwilightPrincess

    What Games Do You Have On Your Phone?

    Pokèmon Go, Sims Freeplay, Layton Brothers Mystery room, A Link to the Past, the Legend of Zelda, Pokemon leaf green& sapphire, The minish cap and Golden sun.
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