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  1. Jedi Link

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic Reboot

    Name: Zerrum Bantrix Gender: Male Age: 14 District: 10 Appearance: Dark brown curly hair, tan skin, green eyes Personality: Bold, quick thinker, clever Weapon of choice: Polearm, and dagger
  2. Jedi Link

    General Art Knights of a Barren Wasteland (*SIGN UP*)

    Name: Zerrin Buscus Codename: Razor Gender: Male Age: 13 Role: Knight Affinity: Lightning Appearance: 5'3" thin, messy dark brown hair, emerald eyes, olive skin. Personality: Intelligent, Funny, Quirky, Quick thinker, Daring, Has a hard time trusting people, He may seem quirky, fun and...
  3. Jedi Link

    Favorite Creepypastas

    I havent read many creepy pastas but I do like slenderman and BEN. For a week after I read those i kept looking over my shoulder to check for slendy or ben... me and a few friends are gonna make a horror/found footage film about slenderman next summer.
  4. Jedi Link

    MS13's Hunger Games Fan-Fic Sign Up

    LOL i didnt realize that this thread was started a whole year ago not a month ago. *facepalm* -_-
  5. Jedi Link

    MS13's Hunger Games Fan-Fic Sign Up

    Are sign ups still open? You said in you last post that there were were still three unclaimed tributes left if sign ups are still open im posting a character if not than just disregard this post. Hope im not too late Name: Zerrum Bantrick Age:15 Gender:Male District:12 Hair Color: Dark Brown...
  6. Jedi Link

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    0/10 never seen you before.
  7. Jedi Link

    General Art The Spiral

    Yay my character appeared!
  8. Jedi Link


    Sorry if the first post seemed rushed but I wrote it at like 2am and I didn't bother to put paragraphs or too much detail but this next part will be much better. Ross Heller District 4 I don't usually like to show off, but that's exactly what I did during training. I...
  9. Jedi Link


    So here I will be posting a hunger games fan fiction. I was originally going to make this a short film with my friends but we never got around to it so I will just post the story here. I got the Pov idea from Myriad Viper 42's hunger games fan fics . I am using this pov because it allows me to...
  10. Jedi Link

    Scariest Thing in Zelda?

    freakin elegy of emptiness statue is scary as crap. my best friend used to be scared of the great deku tree because he thought it was trying to eat him.
  11. Jedi Link

    General Art New Story Sign Ups

    Secondary Protagonist Name: Ross Glennor Age: whatever you think his age should be Appearance: dark brown curly hair, tan skin, brown eyes Personality: He is intelligent but quiet and shy when he is around strangers.When around his friends he is funny,daring and creative. Quirk: skilled with a...
  12. Jedi Link

    Hunger Games a Disappointment????

    i was just upset cause they left out madge and the avox girl. iit was great besides that.
  13. Jedi Link

    DC or Marvel?

    Marvel definetly. dc has aquaman. marvel has wolverine. dc has the riddler. marvel has carnage... are you seeing a pattern here? marvel is my favorite and besides dc hasnt been doing much lately. marvel has been releasing movies left and right the past two years. ps. i cant wait for the amazing...
  14. Jedi Link

    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    I literally just finished the first book earlier this afternoon. I plan on checking Catching Fire out of my school library tomorrow. My favorite characters are Rue, Haymitch, and Peeta.
  15. Jedi Link

    Does Anyone Here Speak More Than One Language?

    I am taking Italian in school. English is my first language and I can speak a tiny bit of spanish
  16. Jedi Link

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    My favorite authors are J.K Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Christopher Paolini, and myself of course (I am in creative writing for the Performing and Visual Arts program at my school. I am currently writing a full- length novel that I will post here on ZD.)
  17. Jedi Link

    How Link Carries All of His Stuff

    Duh, Link went to Britain and Hermione gave him her magic purse. Jk. I like Chibiyu's idea though.
  18. Jedi Link

    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    I would be a dragon or water type pokemon
  19. Jedi Link

    Song of Storms Dubstep Rap

    a few months back ZD posted a video of a song of storms dubstep remix. this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOx_G2Wet48&feature=relmfu is the same song with a guy rapping to it. It's really awesome so check it out!:wave:
  20. Jedi Link

    The Final Zelda Game: What Do You Want It to Be Like?

    I want all the characters and items from all the previous zelda games. And it should have the best plot music and gameplay of the whole series. it should also have elements fom the whole series. Also all of the enimies AND bosses including main antagonists. I would like a game where all the...
  21. Jedi Link

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    I was 3 or 4 and just gotten my gameboy advance and was at my local gamestop when I saw the minish cap. It looked intresting and I bought it. I got stuck in the begining of the game (If my memory serves me correctly, it was right after link got shrunken when I got stuck) and eventually lost the...
  22. Jedi Link

    What Did You Name Your Loftwing?

    I named mine Ho-oh because it reminds me of the Pokemon Ho-oh. (although I prefer Lugia)
  23. Jedi Link

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

    Hey can you put these pics in a signature with whatever background you think fits and a size that won't violate the signature rules...
  24. Jedi Link

    Spoiler Midna's Real Form

    I personally LOVED it. Midna is awesome
  25. Jedi Link

    Who Would Win In A Death Battle?

    Hmmm intresting respponses and the thing about dumbledore wouldve changed things up... Why didn't I think of it!?
  26. Jedi Link

    Who Would Win In A Death Battle?

    So this is a simple question. Who would win in a death battle? Contestants: Link, Yoda, Harry Potter, Goku, and Eragon. If you don't know who Eragon is, read the book (along with its sequels Eldest Brisingr and Inheritance) watch the movie (actually don't watch the movie, it sucks) or just...
  27. Jedi Link

    Majora's Mask 2- Untold Legends of the Fierce Deity

    Read the end of the Majora's Mask manga to find out who the fierce deity was, who majora was, and how Majora's mask was created... That would make an interesting game though. And a spin off that I would definetly play
  28. Jedi Link

    The Spoiler Free Pledge

    Well, I already read spoilers for Skyward Sword but for all upcoming Zelda titles: I, Jedi Link will be an honorable Legend of Zelda player, I will be spoiler free from all current and future Zelda titles to come, my courage is like a light that guides me through the night, I will never give up...
  29. Jedi Link

    Midna- One Time Thing or Continous Character?

    Even though i've never played TP, I've heard alot about it and I feel like she was one of the only side kicks in zelda that really evolved as a character (except maybe Tatl) And I would love to see her again.
  30. Jedi Link

    What Do You Think is the Most Underrated Zelda?

    I think the DS games are VERY underrated. I found them to be great games while most people say (including zelda fans) that they are not good games. Maybe it's just because they were my first zelda games and they hold a special place in my heart.
  31. Jedi Link

    Gorons Vs. Zoras.

    ZORAS!!! They are my second favorite zelda race followed by the Sheikah. Hmmm... The real question is who would win, an army of zoras or an army of gorons? That's a tough one.
  32. Jedi Link

    If You Could Create a Boss

    DEMON DRAGON ZENTAR This boss only sppears once. In the first phase of the battle, you must hookshot onto it's tail and slash it's wings to make it unable to fly. Next it will attack you wih fire and its claws until you can get the dragon to flip over (by using bombs or runinng around in...
  33. Jedi Link

    Which Zelda Games Have You Beaten So Far?

    Phantom Hourglass Spirit Tracks Ocarina of Time (i currently own LA, FS, LOZ, AOL, MM, and SS and I am currently focusing on SS and will soon move on to MM)
  34. Jedi Link

    Master Sword Over the Years

    LOL ALTTP isn't even blue. I wonder why...Oh yeah first design. I wonder why they changed it... oh yeah, it looks like crap.(no offense ALTTP)
  35. Jedi Link

    Who's More Annoying, Fi or Navi?

    Fi is much more helpful but her constant reminders that my health is low really get on my nerves. navi actually didn't get on my nerves at all (well... maybe a little)
  36. Jedi Link

    Is Zelda Getting Old?

    Like many people have stated before, the lowest rating skyward sword got was a 7.5. All the others were 9 or higher please check your facts
  37. Jedi Link

    G4tv Game of the Year Voting: Skyward Sword Needs Your Help!

  38. Jedi Link

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Ghiratina- Gary Lugia- Luigi Zekrom-Zeke I don't remember anymore of my nick names
  39. Jedi Link

    This Game's a Joke, Right?

    you stated yourself that you only played five hours of the game. The game is 50-100 hours long. i havent played the game but im sure it gets better. btw worse graphics then oot? wtf
  40. Jedi Link

    Titles That Didn't Deserve/need Sequels

    they keep making COD games because if they stop all their fans will get SUPER pissed.
  41. Jedi Link

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    I NEED THIS GAME! i wonder why these havent been removed by nintendo yet
  42. Jedi Link

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    OH YEAH Cant wait! im gonna get the midnight release of the game and stay up all night playing it! YEAH BUDDY!
  43. Jedi Link

    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    All the stuff i got from mah b-day yo! (this was taken like 10 months ago so i probably have more swag but i was to lazy to upload newer pics fom my phone to my computer)
  44. Jedi Link

    6 Graders

    Cool! I'm a sixth grader too! It's great to know that I'm not alone
  45. Jedi Link

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1215) go in to a public restroom. go into a stall. cover your hand in melted chocolate. reach into the next stall and ask for toilet paper:yes:
  46. Jedi Link

    Spoiler 4 Chan Rumours. Does Zelda Have Romantic Feelings for Link?: Answer Right Here

    Nintendo released a romance trailer.it was even titled "romance trailer" It also seems like zelda flirts with link alot in this game... So yeah, that just proves you and Zelda Informer wrong. I hate Zelink, but at least there is something goin on
  47. Jedi Link

    Weirdest Zelda Pairing?

    impa and groose... actually that one makes alot of sense. i can actually see that in my mind. Maybe happy mask salesman and majora? can definetly imagine him humping that mask..(shudders)
  48. Jedi Link

    Funny Comic, Three Parts.

    These are pretty cool... It sparks up some ideas
  49. Jedi Link

    Ocarina of Time Fave Thing to Do in OoT

    I loved fighting Iron Knuckles
  50. Jedi Link

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest - How Long Did It Take Before You Cracked?

    I haven't used a walkthrough but i've been on dodongo's cavern for like two months
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