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  1. henrodi

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    I have to say that, after playing SS, I was fatigued of being told all the time what to do. SS, for exemple, feels like it overstays its welcome, and it is a terrible signal. OoT is a great game and MM stayed with its own stick. WW is great, but you can see there were a lot of parts removed for...
  2. henrodi

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    Subjectively 1) Tie MM/OoT/BotW: - Ocarina is Magical and Dark at the same time - Majora's Mask: There is still no game like it as in 2019 - BotW: The feeling of discovery and exploration is as if I was playing ocarina of time again back in 1999 2) WW: Almost Perfect, but needed some more time...
  3. henrodi

    Was There A Hero Before Skyward Sword Link?

    Link in Skyward Sword is refered as Hylia's chosen hero. He is the one who destroy both Demise and the Imprisioned by hers instructions. Hylia gave up her immortality to this cause. I wonder if the spirit of the hero is also a reincarnation of a previous God. In MM, I imagine Fierce Deity being...
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