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  1. TQX

    Spirit Tracks Where Can I Get the Cannon?

    Uh, i still haven't the cannon yet (after trying many things...). Does someone has a solution to this?
  2. TQX

    Spirit Tracks Where Can I Get the Cannon?

    Yes i did and i haven't the cannon. I get a message that i can customise my train, but i don't having any parts yet..
  3. TQX

    Spirit Tracks Where Can I Get the Cannon?

    I did what you guys said and escort him to adoba/outset village but after that i don't get the cannon from him. I also talked to Nico btw. I'm now nearly to the fire temple and need the cannon to shoot on the monsters that are holding the tree keys.. Did i do fogotten something or so? :D
  4. TQX

    Spirit Tracks Where Can I Get the Cannon?

    I don't know where i can get the cannon... Thanks for answering. :)
  5. TQX

    Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals - 4 Darknuts

    I tried it for 4 times now and i still like it much :)
  6. TQX

    Ocarina of Time What's So Scary/eerie About the Forest Temple Theme?

    The forest temple location, theme and music make it a secret temple.
  7. TQX

    Ganondorf Is, Fat?

    He was very flexible with that body?!
  8. TQX

    End Scene?

    I also didn't noticed that. Lol, and i have beaten this game for at least 5 a 6 times.. :)
  9. TQX

    How Was TWW Good?

    To make it short: It was a beautiful and impressive game. When my house was burning, i should ran inside to take that game from the table!! (Alright, that`s going maybe a bit to far, but it`s still a great game..)
  10. TQX

    Which of the Girls That Were Captured by Ganon Was the Most Hot.

    The white birds,:P they where been captured too, right? :lol:
  11. TQX

    Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

    I had needed a walktrough to cut though the temple.. For me, it was a difficult temple. Yeah, i agree with that.
  12. TQX

    Twilight Princess Cave of Ordeals - 4 Darknuts

    Played it currently for 1 time. The "Ice" Parts are strategic prepared and difficult to slash trough btw.. :)
  13. TQX

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    I haven't played Majora's Mask much, mostly because everything goes on time.. :suspicious:
  14. TQX

    Ocarina of Time Coolest Temple Soundtrack

    The Forest Temple was very mysterious. Middle in the nowhere of the Lost Woods with that music makes it perfect :) The Spirit Temple was a beautiful Egypt Temple. Also, the music was good to that Temple. the Temple looks also bit on the Arbiter's Grounds.
  15. TQX

    Favorite Moment in WW

    I agree with this one. haha! :)
  16. TQX

    Final Boss Fight :)

    All what i can say about it is already said here lol! :D
  17. TQX

    Twilight Princess POLL: How Difficult Was Ganondorf in TP?

    I had to vote on 2. He was not very difficult because i had more effort with other bosses. I had the same idea with the Windwaker. :)
  18. TQX

    What is Your Favorite Thing About the Master Sword in Wind Waker

    Cool that there are different versions of it. I mean that the first time the sword is different with the second time when the 2 sides of the sword restore + the light :D
  19. TQX

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker Create an Island

    My Island: :D Description: - 1x Dungeon - 6x Mighty Darknuts (Into Dungeon and above island. Total = 12) - 3x Treasure Chests (Knights Chest, Rupee, Piece of Heart) - 1x Sea Chart (indicated with red X) Called: Ruin Island
  20. TQX

    What is Your Fav WW Island?

    Ice Ring Island. Why? Because it has something unique with all of that ice, mostly in the beginning (without shooting the fire arrow)! And i like Shark Island, because of the great and many enemies into the hidden hole! :D
  21. TQX

    Twilight Princess Double Clawshot: Good or Bad?

    It looks very cool. Also, with iron boots and zora armor on! ;)
  22. TQX

    Nintendo Gallery

    Have many status and chambers completed, but absolutely not collected all of them.. Hint: The 4 first bosses are also into Gannon`s Castle (duh), but you can fight them again and again, so you can also make pictures of it! :)
  23. TQX

    Twilight Princess Favorite Twilight Princess Dungeon?

    The Temple of Time is beautiful. And so mysterious because it is in the middle of nowhere (Into a giant forest, the Sacred Groove), and when you are there, you have also to enter a door the lead to the same area, but then fully intact.
  24. TQX

    General Modern Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?

    Difficult to choose between these two. It are two fantastic games that i will never forget. The Windwaker has an unique style of graphics that not many games have. I must say: I like that style sooo much that i had to which there where a lot more of that kind of versions. Twilight Princess is a...
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