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  1. misskitten

    SSHD Has Your Opinion Changed With SSHD?

    I had a very love/hate relationship with it back in the wii days and quit before the halfway mark of the game. I will still say there are things in it I am definitely not fond of, like the Silent Realms (oh man, they stress me out and I hate it, the Eldin one especially). But this time around I...
  2. misskitten

    SSHD What do people who prefer motion control think about this game?

    On the wii I hated the motion controls, they just didn't respond well to me and I got massively frustrated with it (nearly broke me in the first Ghirahim fight, but lucked out in the end and got a bit further in the game before I quit playing it). On the Switch I played the majority of the game...
  3. misskitten

    NES & SNES games for NSO will now be added 'irregularly' rather than monthly

    Well we did just get 20 games at once and among them some of the best games the SNES could offer. I'm not too concerned about the pace going forward, I'd much rather get fewer quality drops than just random drops of uninteresting/obscure titles no one asked for.
  4. misskitten

    Mario Maker Courses

    Finally created a Zelda-themed level :D "Legend of Zelda: The Sandship" S7R-WJG-Y1G ETA: And with this other Zelda-themed level, I finally have at least one level in each of the different game styles (not sure how many more 3D-world levels I'll make, though, lol. They are pretty, but I find...
  5. misskitten

    Mario Maker Courses

    Made my first properly themed level; "Hogwarts: Moving Staircases" Y02-1H3-C5G ETA: Made another themed one: «Playtime at the Mall» PSJ-PWL-6YF ETA: Another themed one: "You cannot Breathe in Space" WCQ-QDP-PJF
  6. misskitten

    Mario Maker Courses

    Only linking my second level: "Shifty Forest" Course ID: 98K-0P5-0GF
  7. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  8. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  9. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  10. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  11. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  12. misskitten

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)

    Thank you :) (I completely forgot to check in here that day, so sorry for the late reply, lol)
  13. misskitten

    Fall or Spring or is it Summer or Winter?

    I'm definitely a Spring person, I love it when the weather finally turns, when I can stop with the layers, eventually swap to a lighter jacket, maybe even drop a jacket altogether. I love being on the edge of Summer, have the holidays ahead and not yet knowing if it's going to be one of the good...
  14. misskitten

    Are you formal when it comes to writing?

    I'm not a very formal person, but I take great pride in writing proper grammar, which is actually the main reason I prefer writing my stories in English rather than Norwegian. That is because when you write dialogue in Norwegian you have to either ignore the dialect or you have to ignore proper...
  15. misskitten

    Handwritten mail or email?

    Electronic all the way for me. The concept of a handwritten letter is nice, but then I'm stuck with this physical item that I feel guilty throwing away, but also have no need to hold onto. I know myself, and I'm not someone who go through old cards and letters. I stick them in some box and then...
  16. misskitten

    Central Heating off or on at every occasion?

    I have three main heat sources in my apartment, the freestanding oven in my livingroom, the floor heating in the loo, and a wall-mounted heater in the bathroom. Because my bathroom is enclosed by rooms on all sides, I don't always have heating on in that room to save on electricity, and it's...
  17. misskitten

    Slippers, socks, shoes or just barefooted at home

    Shoes inside is a big no-no here, you just drag in so much crap from the outside if you did. Those are taken off at the entrance. Indoors I mostly go socked, when it's extra cold in the winter I might put on some slippers, and when it's warm in the summer I can easily forgo the socks and just go...
  18. misskitten

    Breath of the Wild Is BotW your least favourite for anything?

    BotW is my favourite game, but of course I can see that it isn't perfect in all respects. There are at least a couple of cheap things to list off; Dungeon boss variety. I specified dungeon boss since I think the overworld bosses rectify the problem. But in the dungeons themselves, having it all...
  19. misskitten

    Breath of the Wild Is BotW your favourite for anything?

    Favourite Zelda game, favourite exploration (most open game ever), favourite traversal (so many great options), favourite art style (at least out of Zelda games, I sometimes just stop and watch the sunrise/sunsets, taking in the beauty).
  20. misskitten

    To navigate or not

    Phone pretty much all the way. It's the most accurate, you can see how far you have left, what seems like the best route to take and so forth.
  21. misskitten

    Do/did you keep a diary and do you read it back sometimes

    Haha, I used to keep one as a teen, had a few entries in it, but I actually threw it away a few days ago. I just had no need to read the old melodramatic scribbles of my teen self anymore, lol.
  22. misskitten

    Are you a doing it yourself kinda person?

    If it has anything to do with wiring or plumbing, I will always have a professional do it for insurance purposes. Not sure what I'd do with a car since I haven't owned one yet myself, but I do suspect I would probably rather take the easy way out with that as well. However with a lot of other...
  23. misskitten

    Do you keep your computer organised?

    I like being as organized as I can be. I have some icons on my desktop for quick access stuff, but not enough to crowd it in any way. I keep things organized in folders, though I do need to go through and clear out some of the less usefull stuff eventually.
  24. misskitten

    Do you eat vegetarian if you're in the company of vegetarians?

    Nope, to put it this way, I had two vegan friends visit me this summer, and I ate what I wanted to eat and they ate what they wanted and it was never any issue with either party. They went with me so I could pick up something to eat at McDonalds, and I helped them read through grocery labels...
  25. misskitten

    walkthroughs yea or nay??

    Video > picture > text for me. Text can do some of the job, but you can have trouble translating the directions to what you do in the game, it's easy to get turned around and not be where you need to be. Pictures are a step up as they can more clearly illustrate where to go and what to do...
  26. misskitten

    Cab or bus?

    I'm a regular bus-goer in general and hardly ever take cabs at all. Last time was when I was in Germany, but then we were four people going back and forth to a venue, carrying a lot of stuff with us (at least on the return trip) and the cab fare split between us wasn't much more than the four...
  27. misskitten


    Happy new year, guys :)
  28. misskitten

    Goals for 2019

    For once I actually do have some goals for the coming year. I didn't use to, wasn't really a new years resolution kind of person, but at the beginning of this year I set some some for myself, except I called it a plan, a financial plan to be specific. I put down a minimum goal for how much I was...
  29. misskitten

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    Got money from my parents and granddad, which I put towards getting a PS4 and some games for it. Outside of that I got some socks, bowls, a book, a boardgame, a toy for my cat, fairy lights and my nieces treated me for bowling and laser tag :)
  30. misskitten

    Christmas: Are you looking forward to it?

    Well, Christmas here is the 24th, not the 25th, lol. But yeah, I am looking forward to celebrating tomorrow. Going to be just me, my parents and my grandpa tomorrow for the main celebration, with my sister and her family coming over later in the evening. Working in the health section I don't get...
  31. misskitten

    2018 is almost over, so how did this year go for you? And do you look forward to 2019?

    2018 has all in all been a great year for me. I started the year getting the night position I have always wanted, which came as an immense relieff after the stress and overtime towards the end of last year. It's been unbelievably good to not have to get up at the crack of dawn anymore. I've also...
  32. misskitten

    Best friends forever...do you have one?

    I was severely bullied since I started school as a kid, and I really do mean severely, it was absolute hell. Here the switch from primary to secondary school is when we're 13. In secondary our classes were put together with pupils from three different primary schools. I didn't know this at the...
  33. misskitten

    Do you play less video games than you used to?

    This past year I've played videogames far more often than I have my entire gaming life before this. Generally this is because of the Switch and how I've gotten addicted to indie games. Before, I used to play my favourite games for a while and then put the controller down for months at a time. In...
  34. misskitten

    A Link Between Worlds appreciation.

    It's actually my favourite Zelda after BotW. I loved how open it was, how it was a Zelda that finally did collectables right by actually giving us useful rewards from beginning to end. The wallmerging ability was absolutely fantastic in my opinion, and I just thoroughly enjoyed it start to...
  35. misskitten

    Breath of the Wild Do BotW's flaws show more clearly than other Zelda games?

    What one person sees as a flaw, another will appreciate. For instance, some people will praise the 3-day gimmick in MM, whilst for me it was just one more feature I couldn't stand in the game. So going through your list... Korok seeds - yeah, the number is blown up too much, the tracking...
  36. misskitten

    Breath of the Wild How / When did you kill Calamity Ganon?

    Nope, play the game however you enjoy it :)
  37. misskitten


    Here in Norway I prefer Burger King, but don't mind going to McD, if I'm in the UK, I prefer McD (something about the different way Burger King does their fries there compared to back home)
  38. misskitten

    What's the one thing you HATE to do most?

    Dusting shelves, vacuuming and mopping floors. I'd honestly rather do the dishes by hand or clean the bathroom.
  39. misskitten

    Again a damn commercial?!

    Some commercials are annoying and some are entertaining (we have an annual award show for the best made commercials in the year - really), thankfully I don't watch much that have commercials now, so the few times I do, I can enjoy the funny ones without getting too annoyed with the other ones.
  40. misskitten

    Breath of the Wild How / When did you kill Calamity Ganon?

    I didn't take on Ganon until I had all four Divine beasts beaten and had collected all memories. Still hadn't found all the shrines and stuff, but had gotten fairly far before I attempted it. Have only done that particular fight once so far, though I have started other games since.
  41. misskitten

    Zelda Monopoly GameStop Bonus Cards Scans?

    The shape isn't perfect, but I found an online store through a lot of searching that sold acrylic gems that were similar enough to work. I think it was either 50 or 100 per bag. It's been a few years since I did this, so I don't have the link anymore.
  42. misskitten

    Messy, clean or a little bit in between?

    I'm in the middle, I hate tidying and can be rather lazy, but I also love organizing and having a tidy environment around me. So I'll have small messes around me, but also manage to tidy up without it taking a long time. Recently did a lot of decluttering, so I have less stuff that can make me...
  43. misskitten

    What pets do you own?

    Have a cat, my family used to have budgies when I was growing up. I'm good with having cats now and in the future :)
  44. misskitten

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  45. misskitten

    34 years ago, lol :)

    34 years ago, lol :)
  46. misskitten

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  47. misskitten

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  48. misskitten

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    This month has been bad for my wallet, lol. First I bought some titles, and then the eshop and a site I like to buy games from decided to double-wham me with great deals so I ended up buying over twice as many games as I first intended, lol. Physical pre-orders (50% back in reward points): -...
  49. misskitten

    Doctor Who Series 11 - What do you want to see?

    For me I generally just want freshness. I love Moffat's writing, but he did handle Clara really badly by first making her just a plot point rather than a character and then going all over the place with her. I went from disinterested in her to going hot and cold on her, some episodes I would...
  50. misskitten


    Got a pretty sweet deal with work, where I have longer, but fewer shifts, so more days off. I like spending my downtime playing games, boardgames if my friends want to play with me and videogames if they don't. Sometimes I'll binge through a show or just watch random stuff on youtube, and if...
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