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  1. blackice_cc

    Midora - Zelda Inspired Game on Kickstarter

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had seen anything about a cool looking new game on Kickstarter called "Midora". It's heavily influenced by the Zelda series, and its visuals are inspired by (and very similar to) Minish Cap's. It looks pretty cool so far. It's still in the funding period...
  2. blackice_cc

    Ocarina of Time What Would You Think About DLC for OoT3DS?

    So just this morning I read an article on IGN about how Nintendo was planning on having Downloadable Content for both the 3DS and the Wii U: apparently they'll have it ready to launch for the 3DS by the end of the year. Now, the obvious applications of this would be to games such as Mario Kart...
  3. blackice_cc

    Spirit Tracks Duets

    I'm replaying ST right now, and, sort of surprisingly, my favorite parts are the duets when you have to play the Spirit Pipe with each of the various Lokomos. They're fun, sort of challenging, and satisfying to complete. My only issue is that you only get to do it on a handful of occasions, and...
  4. blackice_cc

    Future 3D Mario Games: Non-Linear, Please

    Maybe I'm just too much of an old-school gamer in a new-school gaming world. Maybe I just love Mario 64 too much to appreciate the new titles as much. However, I must say that the direction the 3D Mario games appear to be going in has really degraded the quality of the series. Mario Galaxy 1 and...
  5. blackice_cc

    A Link to the Past GBA Version Super Bomb Trouble

    I'm near the end of a minimalist challenge on ALttP (GBA version, as stated in thread title), and I've got a bit of an issue. I've beaten all seven dark-world dungeons, beaten Agahnim in Ganon's Tower, and the Super Bomb still isn't showing up in the bomb shop in the dark-world. Since this is a...
  6. blackice_cc

    ST Treasue Help

    I'm having a bit of trouble finding the treasure I need for train parts; anyone know where I could easily get several Dragon Scales and/or Dark Pearl Loops? I think I've found one of each of those, but I'm at a loss as to where any more are. They never seem to show up in shops, and I haven't...
  7. blackice_cc

    ST: Demonic Train Info

    I'm playing ST (of course), and I just noticed a few times that those demonic trains (the ones that try and ram into you) have been nowhere to be seen. It seems like this only happens every now and then. Is this something to do with how far I am in the story, or is it that at a certain time of...
  8. blackice_cc

    What instrument do you play?

    Well, I haven't seen any thread like this yet, and I know some of you people play instruments. So, what do you play? I've pretty recently started playing the Guitar a bit. It's really awesome now, because I'm starting to be able to play songs.
  9. blackice_cc

    OoA/OoS favorite companion

    What is your favorite companion out of the three animals in OoA/OoS? Mine would have to be Dimitri. He's really fast in water, you can pick him up and throw him at those annoying electric Chu Chu things, and he can swim up waterfalls.
  10. blackice_cc

    Favorite Books

    Here is the thread to list your favorite books of all time. Here are Mine: The Lord of the Rings (the entire trilogy) an awesome series, epic and well written Percy Jackson and the Olympians (all of them so far) really good series, and I like mythology :D Harry Potter (whole series, again)...
  11. blackice_cc

    The mysterious Linebeck

    I was thinking recently while playing PH, we really know nothing of Linebeck's history or anything. Where does he really come from: the Great Sea, or the Ocean King's sea? Was he out adventuring one day and just found an opening into the Ocean Kings realm, or has he always been there?
  12. blackice_cc

    Questions concerning Majora

    I was just wondering, if there's such thing as Majora's Mask, then there has to be someone, or something called Majora. Now, I don't think that this question has been resolved, in MM or any other Zelda game. So what, or who, do you think Majora is or was?
  13. blackice_cc

    Zelda Classic for DS

    I think it would be really neat if nintendo made a game card for the DS that had the first 4 zelda games in their original form. Maybe that's only because I haven't played a few of the old classic ones, but what's your opinion on this?
  14. blackice_cc

    Which is easier: Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglass?

    I would have to say that I think PH was easier, because the dungeons were shorter and much more straight forward. What do you think? Discuss.
  15. blackice_cc

    Muliplayer Zelda?

    Four swords 3D I think it would be really cool if, sometime in the future, they made a 3D four swords adventure. Even a remake of ocarina of time that was modded for four players would be good. What do you think?
  16. blackice_cc

    Least Favorite Sword Technique

    I have to say, I think the dash attack (MC) was kind of useless, but in TP I think they all came in handy. What's your opinion on this?
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