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  1. WeeGee

    Twilight Princess Old Man in Twilight Princess

    You know how you visit castle town and there he is, he wants your money, and says it's for charity...Is it really for Charity? What do you get from him in return? I'm going through my second play through of TP, and just noticed this now.
  2. WeeGee

    Skyward Sword Demo?

    Are they going to do it? I know this thread may come off as pointless, but there was a dead thread about sending an e-mail to Nintendo asking for a SS demo DLC, and I wanted to know if there was any news on it besides they are considering it?
  3. WeeGee

    There Are Too Many...

    There are too many Toon Link n00bs There are too many MM fans There are too many newbies to have yet played the old school There are too many TP ***s There are not enough Zelda games :P
  4. WeeGee


    I'm tired of newbies wishing that there will be a Zelda game that is non-linear. You may dis-agree with me (and look like a fool, might I add) but the only console Zelda game that is non-linear is the original. Why don't they play that? I much prefer it's style over any other Zelda game to date...
  5. WeeGee

    General Art Breademon

    Hello, I posted a video on YouTube called: Breademon Theme-Lyrics by Zach AbuElHaj Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y0IMLhxUIU If it is not being link-ish, just copy and paste it, PLEASE WATCH IT :D I know this isn't Zelda related, but I though that you could help a fellow...
  6. WeeGee

    Why Do Some Zelda Fans Think That SS Will Explain the Begging of the Hylian Race?

    First off, this wasn't posted to make anyone feel stupid, I'm sorry if it does (I doubt it will o.o). Ok, so some fans are now stating that Skyward Sword will explain the begging of the Hylian race, and quiet frankly, I find it impossible... I want to know what facts there are to follow up this...
  7. WeeGee

    Has Anyone Noticed This?

    Has anyone else noticed the Deku Butler's son hanging himself on a tree in this picture? I love Nintendo :) I also wanted to say that I know it is the Deku Butler's son because after you get the mask from him, he says that Deku Link looks like his son.
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