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  1. Megamannt125

    My Theories - Regarding Timeline Placement and the Protag's Identity

    1. Link's origin - Zelda had Hylia, and Ganondorf had Demise. They are technically separate characters, but were caused because of that deity. SS Prequel. 2. WW Link's origin - WW Link was said to have no connection to the past hero, Adult Timeline had no Link during the great flood, meaning...
  2. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Roster Wishlists

    What are some of the playable characters you think will get in, or hope will? Here's my personal wishful roster.
  3. Megamannt125

    Could Laruto and Fado Make an Appearence in SS?

    Or their ancestors maybe? Why do I say this? Because the Earth and Wind sage play a key role in the Master Sword's power, and since Skyward Sword tells of the origin of the blade, it wouldn't be completely unreasonable to believe they would be in the game. What do you think?
  4. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    So, I am in the middle of replaying through Twilight Princess in anticipation for Skyward Sword, and noticed something interesting i've yet to notice. Rusl implies that the Oocca created the temple of time before giving you the Golden Cucco to grant you access to the Sacred Grove. This would...
  5. Megamannt125

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    I thought i'd make one single thread about him and all the theories surrounding him so we can keep them all in one place and discuss them. Theories: -He is the personification of the Gilded Sword -He is Vaati -He is Majora in human form -He is a Dark Interloper -He is a Shiekah -He is one of...
  6. Megamannt125

    Master Sword.

    Early in the UK Trailer we see gameplay of Link swinging a sword, if you pause, you'll notide it bears resemblence to that of the MS in shape and attributes, although I could obviously be wrong, if it is the MS, then we can expect Ganondorf to pull a Zant on us again.
  7. Megamannt125

    New Spirit Pipes Trailer

    I was just browsing gamespot, when I came across an ad, the ad was a spirit tracks ad, it was also an interactive ad, it said if you played a song on the spirit pipes in the ad you would get a secret trailer, I went along with it and followed the ads instructions about playing, afterwards, it...
  8. Megamannt125

    Twilight Princess Prequal

    Twilight Princess left so much open for a prequal, almost like Aonuma meant for it to be like that, and obviously by this, I mean a different Link way before the happenings of TP, there a re quite a few unexplained things in TP which may point to a prequal one day happening. As some people may...
  9. Megamannt125

    Spirit Tracks Opening Story

    For some reason, this makes me think of Ganondorf returning for revenge and wreaking havoc, but of course this can't be confirmed yet, but they refer to the Demon King as THE Demon King, not A Demon King, as in the players were meant to already know of a Demon King or something...
  10. Megamannt125

    Twilight Princess Has the Most Amazing Overworld of Any Zelda Game

    You can't truly enjoy this game until you walk around all of Hyrule Field on foot, it's wonderful, behind this games overall easy dungeons, enemies, and bosses, there is beauty, this game's overworld is a true work of gaming art. The canyons, the forests, the mountains, even the grass and small...
  11. Megamannt125

    Sword and Shield Accesories for Zelda Wii

    So I was just casually browsing Google Images when I came across this picture: Wouldn't it be awesome if Nintendo actually did something like this for Zelda Wii? I think it would help add to the experience a bit and who wouldn't love to swing around a Master Sword instead of a Wiimote?
  12. Megamannt125

    Something I Noticed About the Train

    Remember in the first trailer we ever saw? The front of the train was completely bare, then later, it changed to have a crest on it, but i'm now sure it isn't just a change in the design, but rather two different trains: I believe this plain train to be the starting train.
  13. Megamannt125

    Brand New Trailer

    I'm sure ZD will have the trailer up soon so I won't post that, but instead talk about a few things in it. First of all, it is clear that the phantom is not an actual companion, but rather suits of armor Zelda can possess to help Link, we also see Zelda is afraid of Rats. We also find out the...
  14. Megamannt125

    Ocarina of Time Link in Zelda Wii

    I discussed this before, but everyone here dismissed it as just a dumb theory, so I decided to make a video to discuss it more, and show more evidence to back up my theory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTQDdRxkYXM
  15. Megamannt125

    Zelda The Ghost

    I really think discussion about the whole "Zelda is a spirit in this game" should be in a seperate thread, rather than being in topics that aren't even about Princess Zelda. So then, here we go. Amazing that a box art could spawn so much theory.
  16. Megamannt125

    The Tower in the Box Art

    See the tower in the background, I know it's pretty early, but I wonder what it could be, and could it play a significant role in the story?
  17. Megamannt125

    The Kokiri

    Alright someone pointed this out to me here on the forums, but if you turn the map of hyrule in TP (wii version, and gamecube version if you also invert it) upsidedown, the landmarks match up to what they were in OOT, but where is Kokiri Forest? Where Snowpeak is. Do you think Kokiri Forest...
  18. Megamannt125

    Do You Think Ganondorf is Naive?

    Well for starters, he underestimated Link in OOT thinking he was just some kid, after being defeated by that Link, in Wind Waker he sees a kid in green clothes and decides to yet again underestimate him, then gets defeated. Then all the way on the other timeline, while Ganondorf in TP hasn't...
  19. Megamannt125

    Ganon in LoZ, Not the Actual Ganondorf?

    Okay so let's say there's ALttP, let's say Ganon dies in that, then LA happens, THEN OOX, now if i'm correct if you connect both oracles you get an ending where twinrova attempt to revive Ganon but end up with a fake Ganon, now i'm not fully sure about this because i've yet to play OOX, but what...
  20. Megamannt125

    Veran.... Twili?

    Alright this theory is a bit "out there" and something I thought about while seeing something on Midna, and I noticed that Veran looks like Midna (human form) Veran has blue skin with Red hair, not only that but she IS a sorceress of Shadows, there is also the Gerudo symbol on her (but then...
  21. Megamannt125

    PRINCESS Ralis?

    Well there's a rumor going around that Prince(ss?) Ralis is female in the japanese version of Twilight Princess. What do you think about this? Fact or something silly fans made up? I wouldn't put it past Nintendo since Gracie in Animal Crossing is male in the japanese version. (Also I didn't...
  22. Megamannt125

    Zelda FPS?

    Well the other day I got the Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow training, and I thought the parts where you walk around and shoot the crossbow were alot of fun, it was like Metroid Prime but with Zelda, I think Nintendo could do so much more with this. Does anyone think a Zelda FPS would be fun?
  23. Megamannt125

    OOA, OOS, Confusion

    Well the Oracle of seasons is s girl with dark skin, red clothes, and red hair, named Din and the Oracle of Ages is a girl with white skin and blue hair and blue clothing named Nayru Now the three goddesses, DIN: The goddess of power and the color red NAYRU: The goddess of Wisdom and the...
  24. Megamannt125

    The Two Zoras

    There is the friendly Zoras, most commonly white with a humanoid shape and a largr fin on it's head (varies) and the evil ones that are green with two fins on each side of their heads and can shoot ball things, we've yet to see both of these types in one game, could this relate to a timeline...
  25. Megamannt125

    What Do You Want in the Wii Title?

    I personally want a new four sword game with free roam, side quests, the ability to do multiplayer without 2-4 GBAS and online co-op and shadow battles, with the option of using the nunchuck, classic controller, and gamecube controller and a more in-depth storyline. And items and hearts don't...
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