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  1. MiniMouseofPyru

    Do You Like Your Orange Juice with or Without Pulp?

    Just as the title says, do you like your orange juice with or without pulp?
  2. MiniMouseofPyru

    Plato's Meno

    I've been pondering on about this "thing" ever since I read it a couple years back. I'd like to hear what you guys think about this. For those of you who don't know what Plato's Meno is, here's a link, it's a PDF though. homepage.mac.com/jholbo/writings/pdf/meno.pdf Anyhow, I'd tell you...
  3. MiniMouseofPyru

    What Would You Like to See More of Out of Zelda Dungeon

    As you should all know, Zelda Dungeon is amazing. There are detailed site walkthroughs, video walkthroughs, guides, you name it. But what would you like to see Zelda Dungeon improve on, or what would you like to see Zelda Dungeon add to their website. ZD has always updated their new very...
  4. MiniMouseofPyru

    Glittering Spores

    I got Glittering Spores from a sparking mushroom out of the mushroom patch in Faron Woods. I know they can be used under various situations, but can they only be obtained once? You get five uses out of one bottle, so is that it? One bottle, no more. It would make sense if Glittering Spores...
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