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  1. MiniMouseofPyru

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    The last dungeon that I completed was Lorule Castle.
  2. MiniMouseofPyru

    A Link Between Worlds To Those Who Have Beaten the Game

    I had around 12,000 with 1 death.
  3. MiniMouseofPyru

    Should Link Have More Characterization or Should He Remain a Blank Slate?

    To me it felt that the amount of emotion Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword brought out was perfect for Link. Link is supposed to be you so giving too much characterization wouldn't be the best idea.
  4. MiniMouseofPyru

    Zelda Wii U Rumors

    Zelda WiiU: New Rumors Over at Zelda Informer they recently received a tip from an anonymous source who claims to work at Nintendo. This person says they have some new information about Zelda project for the WiiU. The following are the rumors regarding the game: -The game won't be revealed...
  5. MiniMouseofPyru

    General Modern The Best Name in Zelda History

    Yeah, Error was totally the best...
  6. MiniMouseofPyru

    Spoiler Lord Ghirahim's Fate

    I like to think that Ghirahim somehow survived the Final Battle. I suppose he actually got sealed away in the Master Sword along with Demise though. I think that's what happened.
  7. MiniMouseofPyru

    A Main Playable Character Besides Link?

    If I were to play as a different character, I'd have to know him/her/thing. I wouldn't buy a brand new Zelda game and start playing as the little booger-boy from TWW. I still prefer to play as Link. He is the main character after all. I think it would be weird for Zelda to go on a big, huge...
  8. MiniMouseofPyru

    A Link Between Worlds What Graphics/controls Will Work Best on the 3ds?

    I think OoT's controls were pretty good, but I still think they could improve a little on the item switching. I like the fact that you don't have to use a stylus. When I played PH and ST the stylus was always a bit awkward for me. As for the graphics I think Cel-shading's the best. It just...
  9. MiniMouseofPyru

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought Paper Mario: Sticker Star on boxing day.
  10. MiniMouseofPyru

    Do You Like Your Orange Juice with or Without Pulp?

    Just as the title says, do you like your orange juice with or without pulp?
  11. MiniMouseofPyru

    If You Could Know the Date of Your Death, Would You?

    I don't think I would want to know. Like some people, I don't fear death that much, but if I knew the date of my death it would still be in the back of my head saying "Hey, Listen! You're going to die on (insert date)!". I'd much rather live a long and happy life without knowing when I was going...
  12. MiniMouseofPyru

    Gamestop Sells a 3DS With Porn Recorded On It

    Stores should wipe everything off a system before resale. Seriously, that's what you're supposed to do. I blame the store.
  13. MiniMouseofPyru

    Best Soda

    Iced Tea? I'm not sure if that's a pop, but I've never drank Coca Cola, despite the fact that I'm 16. Call me weird.
  14. MiniMouseofPyru

    Best Song of 2012

    Honestly, I don't really listen to music, I don't know why. I play music, but don't listen to it. As for the best song of 2012, I don't have one, but I have to agree with Majora's Cat. I hate Gangnam Style, but on behalf of more or less everyone I know, I have to say Gangnam Style was along...
  15. MiniMouseofPyru

    Is Realism Necessarily Bad?

     I agree with JuicieJ. The colours are what too bland for real life.But, I have to say that TP is one of the more realisitic Zelda  games out there.  As for realism I don’t think it's that important, but some realism would be nice. 
  16. MiniMouseofPyru

    Link Should Be a Big Brother Again

    I'd love to see Link be a big brother again. Link has never really had a family. Sure, maybe he's had an uncle once or twice (I think), but I really love seeing Link with a family, which The Wind Waker had.
  17. MiniMouseofPyru

    Am I the Only One Who Truly Hated Skyward Sword?

    A lot of people disliked SS. I'm not one of them, but there were a lot of people unsatisfied with it.
  18. MiniMouseofPyru

    The Beetle is Freaking Awesome

    The beetle is amazing. Nintendo did a great job (in my opinion) of designing the beetle.
  19. MiniMouseofPyru

    What Would Your Fairy Be?

    My fairy would be a male fairy that was coloured...hazel...maybe...
  20. MiniMouseofPyru

    What Video Games Do You Want Most but Don't Have Yet?

    I really want to get Dishonored and Mass Effect 3. I'm probably going to get Dishonored sometime next month, but I don't know if I'm ever going to get Mass Effect 3. I've always wanted kind of wanted to get Mass Effect 3, but I've never gotten it. It's going to release on the WiiU so I might...
  21. MiniMouseofPyru

    For Those Curious About the SS Keychain Set...

    Those keychains look pretty stunning. I'm sure Mases may (or may not) get them. I'm not really sure if I will get them. I'll have to look at the price. Nice video by the way!
  22. MiniMouseofPyru

    Rupee System: Liked or Disliked?

    Is there something different about the Rupee system in SS? It felt exactly the same as before.
  23. MiniMouseofPyru

    Game Help Absent Skulltula?

    All skulltula appear only at night.
  24. MiniMouseofPyru

    What if Princess Zelda Was Murderd?

    That would be insane. I'd probably still play the franchise...if there are anymore games. But, it think a timeline where Zelda dies would be quite interesting. In a lot of the Zelda games, I don't think Link really has a legitimate reason to kill Ganon. In OoT all Ganon did was take over most...
  25. MiniMouseofPyru

    If You Could Get Away with a Murder, Would You Do It?

    I don't think I'd ever hate anyone enough to kill them. Sure, there are times when I've absolutely hated someone, but that would never make me want to kill them. The only reason I would actually try to hurt someone is if they are attacking me. And if I do accidentally kill them, that technically...
  26. MiniMouseofPyru

    Spoiler Were the Silent Realms Actually Challenging?

    I didn't think the Silent Realms were all that hard. The first time I played through the game, the Faron Woods Silent Realm was kind of difficult and the Lanayru Silent Realm was really challenging for me. It tool me over 5 tries to beat it. The Eldin and Hylia Silent Realms were a lot easier...
  27. MiniMouseofPyru

    Twilight Princess GameCube or Wii?

    I'f played TP on one of the two consoles, then there's no point in playing it on the other console.
  28. MiniMouseofPyru

    Spoiler Achidna and Bheithir

    Yeah, I did. The battles were different, but the models were pretty much exactly the same.
  29. MiniMouseofPyru

    Game Help Stuck in Pschameron Glitch? Darksiders 2 Technial Issues

    I'm not sure which part of of the Psychameron you are talking about, but the closest I can think about is the open area with a chest to your right. There are three buttons in front of you and you have to send your dead lords to push the buttons in that area. If that is the area you are stuck on...
  30. MiniMouseofPyru

    Walkthrough Screens

    It's most likely a technical hitch. Usually you'll have to wait an hour or so before it returns to normal. I don't think it's Darksiders Dungeons fault, but rather s hitch within your computer.
  31. MiniMouseofPyru

    Favorite Character?

    I like Crowfather, I'm not really sure why though. I think he's interesting...
  32. MiniMouseofPyru

    Majora's Mask Your Thought's on Stone Tower Temple.......

    To me, the Stone Tower Temple is the greatest dungeon in 3D Zelda history. The design is magnificent and it's downright one of the most interesting dungeons in Zelda.
  33. MiniMouseofPyru

    Hero's Quest?

    Hero Mode wasn't that worthless to me. There were a lot of people who died before they even obtained the slingshot. During the beginning of Hero Mode it's probably the hardest. Skyward Sword was an amazing game (in my opinion) and why not play it again in a harder difficulty. The Master Quest...
  34. MiniMouseofPyru

    Size of Sidekicks

    The size of a sidekick really doesn't matter. In Zelda all the sidekicks need are the two key elements. They need to be annoying and guide you in the right direction. The size really has no relevance in being a good sidekick.
  35. MiniMouseofPyru

    Poll: Who Would You Think Would Win a Fight?

    Curiosity Shop Guy would crush Gorman beneath his foot. The Deku King and his guards would whip Link if they have more than 4 guards. Sakon Sakon would die, but Mikau and Darmani would overpower Ganondorf with their music.
  36. MiniMouseofPyru

    When You Die, What Game Would You Choose to Live In?

    I'd probably choose to live in Windfall because it's pretty laid back.
  37. MiniMouseofPyru

    Does Anyone else Miss the Hover Boots?

    I've never really cared for the Hover Boots. They were cool while they lasted, but they weren't too important and the boots were only in one game. I want to see them return though. I want see all the boots return, they should be in the next couple of Zelda games.
  38. MiniMouseofPyru

    What Zelda Games Got You Into The Series?

    It was A Link to the Past.
  39. MiniMouseofPyru

    Majora's Mask Poll: What Character Would You Like to See in a New Zelda Game

    Sakon. Sakon was never up to any good and he makes somewhat of a good thief. You know, prancing around with a bag of bombs on his shoulder. I would love it if he would be in a future Zelda game.
  40. MiniMouseofPyru

    Best Ganon Battle

    OoT or TP for me. Both games had epic final battles. OoX also had great final battles, but I don't think it was as near as epic as OoT and OoX.
  41. MiniMouseofPyru

    Twilight Princess What is One of the Best Songs in Twilight Princess

    Like most everyone said. Midna's Lament is obviously near the top of the "Best Songs in TP" List.
  42. MiniMouseofPyru

    Cutest Kikwi?

    I like the Kikwi with the green mustache. I believe her/his name is Erla.
  43. MiniMouseofPyru

    Which Style is Harder, 2D or 3D?

    The 2D games are by far the more difficult ones, but they are also the funner games in the series.
  44. MiniMouseofPyru

    Majora's Mask Favorite Character from MM

    My favourite character is the Curiosity Shop guy. I just like him.
  45. MiniMouseofPyru

    Which Triforce Do You Want?

    I don't know. If a chose a Triforce I'd be some sort of special person since there are supposedly only three people in one era that can obtain a third of the Triforce. I'd also be really special since I get to choose the Triforce. If I chose power, it would make me feel like I'm power-hungry and...
  46. MiniMouseofPyru

    Spirit Tracks ST Prequel?

    That sounds like it would be interesting.
  47. MiniMouseofPyru

    Descendants Identical! Implausible!!

    This hardly bothers me at all. Zelda is a fantasy series, it doesn't make much sense at all anyway. Reusing characters doesn't hurt the series due to that.
  48. MiniMouseofPyru

    Trolling Ghirahim in the Thunder Dragon Trial

    I'm probably going to do this next time I play SS. It's always fun trolling people...
  49. MiniMouseofPyru


    ZD's marathon was much, much, much, much better. BUT the Zeldathon is pretty awesome.
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