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  1. Zachie

    What is your favourite MMORPG?

    So a couple months back I really got into Final Fantasy XIV after obsessively playing World of Warcraft for years.. and honestly I just can't even go back to WoW anymore. What is your favourite MMORPG (massively multiplayer online rpg)?
  2. Zachie

    Would you rather see Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess brought to Switch?

    Personally, I'd like to see Skyward Sword. The Joy-Con are already equipped with motion sensors so they wouldn't even need to change very much. But I feel like it'd also just be stupid easy for them to port Wind Waker & Twilight Princess to Switch since it's already available on Wii U and the...
  3. Zachie

    Should games & their sequels follow a number convention?

    If any of you have ever played the Kingdom Hearts games, you'd know that when they decided to make their games they definitely had no kind of naming convention in mind. Do you think that games should follow a set naming convention of Game 1, game 2: subtitle, etc.
  4. Zachie

    Would you like to see a completely Zelda version of Smash Bros?

    In the same vein as Hyrule Warriors, would you like to see a version of Smash Bros. only using The Legend of Zelda characters?
  5. Zachie

    General SSB what's your first smash memory?

    so, like, i've never played a smash game. well.. kinda. i owned SSB Brawl but couldn't play it bc my Dad hacked my Wii. -shrug- But when did you first play a Smash game? What were your first thoughts of it?
  6. Zachie

    The Game Awards 2018

    So we don't clog up the shoutbox too much, I thought I'd make this! :P Share your thoughts, happy moments, theories, hatred of certain people.. here! :D
  7. Zachie

    Let's Go is getting great reviews

    I am just stupid excited for this game! Please can it be Friday already?! Most outlets are giving it an 8+ and there's even some gameplay on YouTube of the first hour or so if you want to check it out! :) Just so excited..
  8. Zachie

    Uber Eats

    Do you use Uber Eats to get food? Bc I do, and far too much if I'm honest
  9. Zachie

    Have you ever seen a cow?

    Simple question! Have you seen a cow before? Have you touched one before? Have you milked one before? All very important questions!
  10. Zachie

    Photobucket Is The Devil

    Photobucket has recently changed their policy to completely disallow all third-party use of their hosting beyond a very expensive monthly plan. (Image hosting is expensive, and hotlinking makes it more expensive.) With this change, they've started to display this error where other images should...
  11. Zachie

    Nintendo @ E3 2017 News & Predictions

    So Nintendo and all of their E3 shenanigans are happening in around 8 hours. What are you hoping/expecting to see from them? I'd like a bit more news on the upcoming Pokemon/Fire Emblem games. I heard a rumour that Oddyssey was being moved up and Xenoblade 2 was delayed so I'd like to see that...
  12. Zachie

    Pokemon Direct Announced for 6/6

    PREPARE YOUR BUTTS MY FRIENDS BECAUSE THERE'S A POKEMON DIRECT COMING TOMORROW! Here's everything we know so far! It'll be at 7AM P.T & it will be 8 minutes long! What do you think they're going to be announcing?
  13. Zachie

    Seeking Gaming Partners Thread

    Hey hey hey hey!!!! I've been wanting to pick up a lot of games lately but I get kind of bored if I'm playing multiplayer games on my own so I thought I'd make this. If anyone is looking for someone to play a game with why not just post here & yell at people until you find someone. Right now...
  14. Zachie

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Updated to 1.1.0

    Nintendo has updated Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch to version 1.1.0 and there's a pretty sweet set of patch notes to go with it! See below. Opponents’ names are displayed in the rear view mirror view in online matches. Invincibility period after a spin-out or crash is longer in online...
  15. Zachie

    World of Warcraft

    Thinking about renewing my subscription but would want people to play with first, lol. Anyone play? Anyone in the same boat I am? Wouldn't mind getting a group together & levelling from level 1 on a new character. I have an add-on called Zygor Guides that helps with gameplay by showing the...
  16. Zachie

    Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

    Earlier today Nintendo Switch version 2.2.0, the patch notes don't do much but here's what they say: "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience". I'll use this thread to alert you guys to any other Switch updates. For now, DISCUSS!
  17. Zachie

    BOTW on Switch Has Outsold the Switch

    Soooo, in an absolutely insane turn of events, the Nintendo Switch version of BOTW has outsold the Nintendo Switch console itself. The Switch has sold 906,000 units and the Switch version of BOTW has sold 925,000 units. That means that an extra 19,000 copies of Breath of the Wild have been sold...
  18. Zachie

    Version 1.1.2

    Earlier today Nintendo released BOTW version 1.1.2 which brought with it mainly quality of life upgrades for the game. The official word from Nintendo is: Version 1.1.2 Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience. One thing they don't tell you though, is that they...
  19. Zachie

    BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread

    @Satan Minor spoilers may be found ahead. So, how about them Lynels aye? They're pretty much the toughest bosses of the game, id venture that to most people they're actually tougher then the final boss. But I like that you get to take up their weapons & shield afterwards, and they're a...
  20. Zachie

    Full GameInformer Article (Screenshots!)

    Here's the full GameInformer article through screenshots from the digital edition. Quick note: there is a lot of images so it will be very taxing on your internet.
  21. Zachie

    Part of Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement Confirmed

    In GameInformer Breath of the Wild was confirmed to take place after Ocarina of Time, and they use the dilipidated Temple of Time to point this out. This is seemingly confirming Downfall Timeline, since in the other two the world is reset to normal.. right? It could still possibly be Adult...
  22. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia

    Here's the trailer for the upcoming remake of Fire Emblem 2! Looks really interesting, but pretty obviously an older game.
  23. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Direct (18/1/17)

    Here's the full Fire Emblem direct which showcased all of the new games coming in 2017, as well as FE Switch which is coming in 2018!
  24. Zachie

    Fire Emblem: Honest Game Trailer

    In case you missed it, here's the Honest Game Trailer for Fire Emblem from Smosh Games!
  25. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Warriors

    Here's the thread for Fire Emblem Warriors! Coming to NEW Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch!
  26. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Here's a topic for the upcoming mobile game! Not long to go, now!
  27. Zachie

    Proposed Forum Changes

    Hey friends! With some new things happening in the world of gaming, I suggested an idea to the staff that we add an extra forum, and remove an existing one. This is where you can give your feedback & even suggest something extra. Since Fire Emblem is looking to be rather big over the next...
  28. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Here's the trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, and boy does it look great!
  29. Zachie

    Fire Emblem Warriors

    Thoughts? I'm really really really excited for this, and expecting to see a lot more during the Fire Emblem Direct on the weekend!
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