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  1. Zeldafan777

    E3 Let Down?

    Certainly in terms of Zelda, E3 was a big let down for me. Games such as AC3, ZombiU and Batman Arkham City look awesome and I'm really excited for the Wii U, but I can't hellp but think that Nintendo could have done better this year. What do you guys think?
  2. Zeldafan777

    Whats Your Favourite Minigame?

    Out of all the Zelda titles, what is your favourite minigames?
  3. Zeldafan777

    What Was Your Favourite Side-quest?

    Mine was probably the Gratitude Crystals... Dunno Why...
  4. Zeldafan777

    Hardest Puzzle in Zelda Game...

    What is the hardest puzzle you've ever come across in a Zelda game? Which one made you do a victory dance when you figured it out?
  5. Zeldafan777

    General Modern Do You Like the Fact You Can Replay Final Boss Fights in Zelda Games?

    Ok, Its OK to do the final boss a few times, but I hate the way the quest is never in a "completed" state because you can play the boss over and over again...
  6. Zeldafan777

    Spoiler Did the Twilight Princess Ending Stink?

    For me, it did. It was a great final boss. The ending however, wasn't. After an epic showndown with Ganondorf, the ending didn't do it justice at all, for me. I didn't do justice for the game itself, after such a brilliant adventure. Also, I hated the way Zant was a kind of a puppet, and I would...
  7. Zeldafan777

    Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass - Gap Fillers?

    I love the two DS Zelda titles. After all, it was Spirit Tracks that introduced me to the Legend of Zelda series. Two years on from completing Spirit Tracks and falling in love with Zelda, I now have realised that PH and SP weren't huge games in the series. I now have played several games from...
  8. Zeldafan777

    Is Using a Gaming Guide/walkthrough Cheating?

    Does using a walkthrough site like Zelda Dungeon defeat the purpose of the game?
  9. Zeldafan777

    General Classic Ocarina of Time- Hammer (Fire Temple)

    I'm having trouble in the room with the hammer. Any tips?
  10. Zeldafan777

    Exterminate a Zelda Charachter

    If you had to get rid of one (or more) Zelda charachters from the series, who would it be?
  11. Zeldafan777

    3DS: Hit or Flop?

    The 3DS has been on sale for quiet a while now, but there are many figures that show that the DSi is still outselling the 3DS. I'm going to buy it for Ocarina of Time, but do far the performance of the 3DS had disspointed me, and alot of the gaming world. What are you're views?
  12. Zeldafan777

    Will the Nintendo 3DS Be an Important Console for Zelda Games?

    Is the new Nintendo 3DS going to play an important part in the release of new high profile Zelda games (e.g. TP, OoT) or will it only see the release of smaller Zelda games (e.g SP, PH.)?
  13. Zeldafan777

    Favorite Zelda Quotes

    There's piles of Zelda quotes out there, but which is your favorite
  14. Zeldafan777

    What Type of Graphics Do You Prefer in the Zelda Games?

    There's been a few types of graphics in the Zelda games, but this poll picks your favorite.
  15. Zeldafan777

    Legend of Zelda Anniversary

    Hey is it just me, or is the Legend of Zelda anniversary begin brushed a-side and no special merchandise being released like at Mario's 25th? This is kinda buggin' me. Zelda has to get some notice for being in our life for 25 years :dry::(
  16. Zeldafan777

    General Classic What Classic Zelda Should I Choose?

    I hope to buy a new Zelda game, preferably on the NES or SNES, from the Virtual Console. I have 800 points but I'm not sure which game to buy. Any suggestions?
  17. Zeldafan777

    Has a Zelda Game...

    Many Zelda games have different effects on people, but did a Zelda game ever do the above to you?
  18. Zeldafan777

    Ocarina of Time What Did You Hate About Ocarina of Time?

    Although Ocarina was a brilliant game and im many's opinion the best Zelda game, what did you not like?
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