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  1. Skullkid96

    Looking to start a ssmb4 and mk7 group

    I'm looking to start a group to play ssmb4 and mk7/8. I'm interested in learning more about ssmb4 (since I'm bad at it) and racing with other people in the Mario kart games. My Nintendo Id is Termina96, if your interested please messagee or leave a reply here
  2. Skullkid96

    Art Block How do you Artists get through it

    Since I began High School back in '11, I've been in a art block. Yeah I might do a drawing here or there, mostly cartoons that I dislike and anime/manga style drawing that I'm ok with but don't want to draw all the time. I recently been doing small sketches and watching youtube videos drawing...
  3. Skullkid96

    Looking for a korean psychological crime thriller

    Hello everyone, i've been looking for this south korean psychological crime thriller movie. What i remember of the plot was this forensic artist who recreates the faces of victims skulls, one day he gets a new assistant that helps him with his work. Even though he is considered the best at it...
  4. Skullkid96

    Finally Got My Minish Cap Copy!

    I've been trying to play LOZ: Minish Cap for a long time, since nintendo doesnt want to release it on 3ds, and I don't really have funds for the wii u download. I finally found a copy for the GBA, every time I went to my local pawn shops I looked for it in their gameboy games. This time I got...
  5. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Game help, bomb bag lady

    I need to finish the bomb bag ladies side quest. Its on my on going events, even though i got the bomb blast mask and the big bomb bag. Any one know?
  6. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Little Bugs that bother you

    While playing the Majora's Mask remake, I noticed like every one else. That the swimming isn't as good, and for me causes little bugs or glitches. Like in the Beaver Bros Race side quest, when swimming against them. I noticed that if your not in the exact center of the hoops, Link will either...
  7. Skullkid96

    MM-3DS Getting exclusive MM 3ds n Limited edition

    Do you guys think that if you were to be at like a best buy or a gamestop the night MM3D is release, you'll be able to get the MM 3ds console and limited edition? I mean, you know they'll be maybe a little excess of them and being there during the midnight release you'll be able to get it? i'm...
  8. Skullkid96

    Do you shoot or hunt?

    I was wondering how many people here shoot guns and or goes hunting? if so what kind of guns do you own?
  9. Skullkid96

    Limited Edition Nintendo DS Lite Fakes

    how hard do you think it is now to purchase limited edition ds's? On amazon you can purchase ds lite shell that look like the original limited edition but they are fake shells, there are people how have bought fake limited edition legend of zelda phantom hourglass shells. do you think there are...
  10. Skullkid96

    OoT-3DS OoT 3ds Demo Cart

    I know this is not all that rare, but I have a OoT 3ds cart, i've been playing it for awhile and I have the retail game and everything, just having the demo cart is nice to have. feel free to comment here's the menu and title image
  11. Skullkid96

    Zelda Art Custom LOZ OoT3d Cover

    here's a custom cover of OoT3d, its based on a custom cover that exists for the n64 version, i just made it for the 3ds version of the cover.
  12. Skullkid96

    Any Monster Hunter Players Here?

    does anyone here play Monster Hunter? the one i have is Ultimate 3 for 3ds and wii u.
  13. Skullkid96

    Anyone One Importing the New Nintendo 3ds?

    I was looking at the new 3ds at playasia, and i am thinking about importing it with a japanese game. not sure what game maybe one that has a bit more english or just import the japanese smash bros. I think it looks very cool and always wanted a japanese 3ds, and importing the new one would be...
  14. Skullkid96

    Watch Me Play Outlast

    If you guys want to i'm playing outlast on hard, I would like for you guys to watch it http://www.twitch.tv/mastesc96 it's postponed for now
  15. Skullkid96

    Possble Nintendo 3ds Mod??

    Alright guys, this a somewhat of a pointless mod and something that'll most likely amaze me. So the mod i was thinking about putting a regular 3ds into an original ds case, I did measurements and looked at images of the original ds since I haven't owned one since '04, and what I seen is some...
  16. Skullkid96

    Person in the E3 Trailer

    It's just a little pointless thread but did you see the Herder in the trailer? he stands by the tree's on the right than leaves when the mech shows up and shoots at Link. It's just a small thing I noticed in the trailer.
  17. Skullkid96

    Looking for Hunters (monster Hunter)

    I'm looking for players to play mh3u, I got it on sale and am looking for people to play with. I'm not high ranking though. My Nintendo I'd is Termina96
  18. Skullkid96

    Personal Message in Hylian

    I'm posting this because i feel like it, and maybe the zelda community will figure out what it says. its a link that'll do to my deviantart account. http://cliffordartist.deviantart.com/art/personal-letter-in-twilight-princess-hylian-425037390?ga_submit_new=10%253A1388982720
  19. Skullkid96

    2DS Reminisces Gameboy?

    I know these is really late, but does anyone else think that the 2DS is like gameboy in design? just being non foldable and other things kinda look and feel like a gameboy.
  20. Skullkid96

    Zelda Art Custom LOZ ALBW Cover

    Here's a custom cover I made for A Link Between Worlds, I didn't really like the cover we got. The little "Basic reading ability needed to fully enjoy this game.", on the top right corner on the back is kinda insulting to some. The back is a nod to ALttP snes back. here's the link to the image...
  21. Skullkid96

    The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Cover

    I was wondering if any one with a scanner can scan HQ version of The Legend of Zelda A link between worlds cover? Because my little sister wanted to look at my case of the game, and "accidentally" spilled kool aid on it! So my cover is ruined so I need a new one. Can anyone help me?
  22. Skullkid96

    Taking Your Hand Held Console to School?

    Has any one taken their handheld console to school before? this handheld gen or a older gen. I've taken my 3ds to my high school homecoming last year and playing OoT during float building or hiding in the art room playing it. It was exciting! because OoT is one of my favorite zelda games and...
  23. Skullkid96

    A Link Between Worlds Wind Waker Easter Egg

    I don't know if any one else found this, but it's a portarit of Makar from the wind waker in one of the house in Kakariko Village. It's the house that's above the treasure chest mini game.and east of the bird statue.
  24. Skullkid96

    A Link Between Worlds *SPOILERS* Ravio *SPOILERS*

    Don't look if you didn't beat A Link Between Worlds this contains spoilers Does any one else thing that besides being a merchant that Ravio was more important that just that? I was surprised who Ravio was, then again He did have some sort of presence that he had. I think it's fitting that...
  25. Skullkid96

    Majora's Mask and Lorule

    Here's my theory on majora's mask and ravio. What if the Dark Tribe that Happy Mask Salesman gets the majora's mask from is from Lorule, and That lorule is the downturn version of Twilight Realm. Its just my theory and that Ravio is the person who gets majora's mask from the dark tribe or a...
  26. Skullkid96

    Pronouncing Nintendo Games in a Different Langauge

    I was wondering if you speak a different language, how do you say things like video game or handheld. I have some examples, I speak the native american language Lakota and only a few people know these words because not a lot of people speak Lakota anymore just a few. But these are the words for...
  27. Skullkid96

    Inuyasha Disc Trade?

    I was wondering if any one has an extra Inuyasha Third season disc 2, i bought season 2 used but it didn't have the second disc >_<, and had the third movie instead which i have. So does any one want to trade the disc im looking for the third movie?
  28. Skullkid96

    Spoiler Halo 4

    I know this is kinda late, and in a wrong game genre forum. But I finished halo 4 a couple of days ago, and i've been playing the halo series since the first one, what i've got to say is that they better bring Cortana back! Why would you want to get rid of her? she was the second part to Master...
  29. Skullkid96

    A Link Between Worlds The Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds!

    in the e3 nintendo direct we have a glimps of zelda 3ds Title!!!!1
  30. Skullkid96

    A Link Between Worlds Zelda 3ds Title

    Do you guys think that Zelda 3ds should have a different title or have ALTTP2?
  31. Skullkid96

    Looking for a Certain Pokemon Creepypasta

    On creepypasta wiki, i read an interesting pokemon creepypasta, the vague description is that a brother and sister find their old gb and pokemon games although the brother uses a gameshark on his games and loses anything he had. The rest i don't remember any one got a clue on which it is?
  32. Skullkid96

    Game Help Embarrassed to Buy a Pokemon Game

    Recently I've been wanted to buy a pokemon game, and i haven't played one since yellow, (many moons ago.) and i posted a topic on which game i should play for now and some of you have suggested soul silver or heart gold. I've had the chance to buy one of them new, but when I go ask for the game...
  33. Skullkid96

    Oracle Series Oracle Game Release Date

    On the 3ds eshop they have releasedd the release dates for the oracle games, and they will be releases on the 30th of may!! Or did every ine already know this n im just late on this
  34. Skullkid96

    Which Pokemon Game?

    I was wondering which pokemon game should i start up with? i played pokemon games before but haven't played them in quiet a while. the last one i played was yellow for the original gameboy, and yes that was some time ago and yes im going to try pokemon again. Should i try the black and white or...
  35. Skullkid96


    How many fans of jthm are here at zelda dungeon? And do you have all the comics or the collection or all of them?
  36. Skullkid96

    Help Finding an Artist

    a couple of month ago zeldadungeon posted something on the artist who did the a link to the past concept artist or the one who did those cool looking drawings.
  37. Skullkid96

    Creation of the Master Sword?

    In OoT it is stated that the ancient sages created the master sword, and in skyward sword, link creates it from the sacred flames. The creation of the master sword is a little bit confusing but if you look at it from a realistic way the story of how the master sword was created could have been...
  38. Skullkid96

    90's and Today Anime/manga Vs 80's

    Here's another manga/anime thread, this one as the title suggests is about the different art form between the style of manga today and late 90's to early 90's and 80's. Examples are Dragon ball vs. Bleach, now I never read bleach but I looked at its art form and noticed that it and naruto and...
  39. Skullkid96

    Helping Find a Certain Manga

    Hello everybody, i was wondering if you guys on zd who read manga (if there are any) can help me find a manga i read but can't remember. One part of the manga I can remember is its about vampires and the main vampire could change into any person he wants too, so he changes in the princess of the...
  40. Skullkid96

    A 3ds Remake Of......

    Hey You, Pikachu! any one agree on this? i think it wound be cool or seaman from the dreamcast one of the two or both. bet you was thinking of Majora's mask or ALTTP didn't you?
  41. Skullkid96

    The Tree in Hylia Lake

    In OoT, when you go to hylia lake theres the tree on the top of the water temple when you go to it it's dead but after the water temple is beat the it has three big claw marks on it. What do you think put those marks there?
  42. Skullkid96

    Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

    I was playing skyward sword...for the third time, and I love the game so much but Fi is used too much I really think that she walks you through the entire game, one example is when you here the mogmas talk about the key to the Earth Temple after they leave Fi jumps out say " master, upon hearing...
  43. Skullkid96

    OoT-N64 Fire Temple

    I it just me or is the original fire temple music make the temple scary and gives you the feeling to just hurry and finish the temple to get out! any one else?
  44. Skullkid96

    General Modern Spirit Tracks

    what are thoses arches in the game? they look like stargateszs
  45. Skullkid96

    Killzone 3 Multiplayer

    hey guys, what do you think of killzone 3's multiplayer i know it's kinda late but im just playing it
  46. Skullkid96


    Is yu gi oh even popular any more? i know about 5 years ago it was. but today....that's why im asking because all the stores i go too have the cards but doesn't look like anyones buying them.
  47. Skullkid96

    Playing Though Again..

    I hate that the game has too walk you though on the controls! i mean that yea someone who never played to game would like it but it's annoying! i really don't like it but that's my opinion. what's yours
  48. Skullkid96

    Skyward Sword The Horde in Hero Mode

    I got to girahim but i keep running out of fairies any tips
  49. Skullkid96

    General Modern Wait What?

    Last nite i was playing ocarina of time 3d and i was at dark link, i was fighting him, but i stab him twice and slashed him once and i defeated him. That was the fastest i ever killed him under 15 seconds. was it a glitch
  50. Skullkid96

    Best Setup for Ss

    what do you think is the best setup for skyward sword, my is ok but its like i can't get the full motion controls with it.
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