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  1. Caramel H

    Who is your celebrity look-alike?

    My whole life I've been compared to Dakota Fanning. We look almost identical but I have different colored eyes. What about you?
  2. Caramel H

    Link = Doom Guy?

    Obviously I am obsessed with LoZ, but I also really love the Doom games. Weeks ago I watched a video theorizing that Link and Doom guy are the same, as if to say the Doom games are Zelda games but very gory and in the future. I'm not saying I believe this theory, but I thought it'd be fun to...
  3. Caramel H

    Are the 6 sages dead in Ocarina of Time?

    I just got done watching a video called "Ocarina of Time - 20 Years of Perfection". Around the 13 minute mark, the commentator is talking about the sages and gives an assumption that they're dead. Is this true? Or were they transported to the sacred realm? This whole time I assumed they simply...
  4. Caramel H

    What do you think of Youtube Rewind? What should it have been?

    How do you all feel about that monstrosity of a video? Or do you like it? Why or why not? I think it's terrible for many reasons, but unfortunately I feel the video speaks for itself on why. The pandering is probably the biggest reason why I dislike it. Youtube Rewind should have showed...
  5. Caramel H

    Most emotional you ever got playing Zelda?

    Depending on the cutscene, my emotions towards my favorite Zelda games vary. Personally I think the most emotional I ever felt was after beating Ocarina of time for the first time and seeing the "The End", it's seriously impossible for my not to cry everytime I've seen that after I finish...
  6. Caramel H

    This or That Questions for your Boredom

    Copy, paste, and answer below :) Facebook or Twitter? - Facebook Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? - Ice cream cone Mobile Games or Console Games? - Console While walking: Music or Podcasts? - Podcasts iOS or Android? - Android Form or Function? - Function Pop or Indie? - Indie Cake or Pie...
  7. Caramel H

    Favorite Link and Zelda?

    My favorite Link is a tie between the Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. Ocarina Link reminds me of Edward Elric, if he could talk. Twilight Princess Link is very similar but he seems more compassionate than Ocarina Link. Something that makes me like these Links the most as...
  8. Caramel H

    What is your least favorite thing about your favorite Zelda game?

    Twilight Princess is my favorite. Something I've always disliked about it was some of the NPC designs. I remember seeing that there were 2 main designers, one for some of the NPCS and the other designer made the main characters and the atmosphere of the game. The woman who designed some of the...
  9. Caramel H

    Slowest Loading Screen in a game you've endured?

    For me, it was the Finding Nemo game for the gamecube. There were so many loading screens and they all took forever. I've always loved that game but I've never dealt with loading screens as long as that.
  10. Caramel H

    Microsoft Who's playing RDR2?

    I love it so much :) I'm on chapter 4.
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