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  1. butchb

    What to do?

    I can finish my game with the crappy little pro controller(wth no more amiibo) ,start from the beginning with the game pad on the new (pe owned)game I bought at Gamespot or buy another game and forget it. I can't get the game to copy or anyone that is tech savvy to do it for me. I've tried and...
  2. butchb

    Memory card

    I need to transfer data on memory card to a new wii u setup. Had to get a new one but managed to save the card I had in damaged set. Anyone know how to do it or point me to a step by step video maybe?
  3. butchb


    Screen on my console got smashed,probably cost more for repair than to buy a new one. Can I buy the console seperate and if so where? Thanks.
  4. butchb


    Tried them early in the game,big mistake! Now I have done the four divine beasts,hearts up ,weapons up and skills up so I'm going to kill some Lynels before I go to the castle. Any suggestions from you guys on weapons & strategy would be appreciated.
  5. butchb


    I got the expansion pass awhile back but can't remember( if I ever knew) where I can get the details of what is in it etc. Anybody help?
  6. butchb

    Wolf link

    Great amiibo ! I get used to having him with me and don't wanna do without him anymore. The thing I can't figger out is it says he will help you find shrines but he never seems to be bothered with that when he's with me. Is there a command or a way to get him to do that you know about?
  7. butchb


    Are the only places you can warp to shrines and towers?
  8. butchb

    Ancient core

    Where can I find a giant ancient core?
  9. butchb


    What do I cook to get level 2 & 3 cold resistance,more spicy peppers with meat?
  10. butchb


    How long does a ancient bow last?
  11. butchb


    Trying to get elixirs by cooking monster parts and a critter that is described as being good if cooked with monster parts but after many combinations all I come up with is dubious food.I'm trying to get the bottles of elixirs,can anyone help?
  12. butchb


    Is there a quicker way to reload when doing the amiibos other that shutting down completely?
  13. butchb


    When I try to use a shield to deflect the beam should I just hold it in front of me or should I thrust it ? Can't seem to get that move right so I get fried lol.
  14. butchb


    Where do I find info on ancient arrows?
  15. butchb


    I can only find 2 ancient shafts,need some help. Lotsa springs and screws but just two shafts.Thanks
  16. butchb


    Don't know the rules on how many times you can post on here so let me know. I was watching zackscott on youtube use amiibo and he sure gets a lot of good stuff and one right after another! Anyone know how he does it ? All I've gotten so far is some meat and shrooms.
  17. butchb


    Is there a certain place this works? I've enabled it and tried & tried but can.t get it to give up anything. I press L to get it going but should I press something else as well ?
  18. butchb


    Where do I find bottles? Can't find this info on the cheats I have looked at.
  19. butchb


    how do I save my progress manually in Breath of the Wild?
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