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  1. Link Floyd

    What Should A First Time Player Expect?

    As someone who still doesn't own a Switch, the reveal of this remake has made me want to pick up the console before it's release. I've never played LA so what should I expect going into this game? I know the remake will add new things and make improvements, but are there any tips you would give...
  2. Link Floyd

    Movie Sequels that are better than the original

    It's pretty rare, but sometimes a sequel to a movie outshines the original. Do you know any movies like that?
  3. Link Floyd

    Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Thread

    For ZDers who are fans of the Kingdom Hearts series, this thread will focus on the upcoming game next year. Trailer discussions, theorizing, and hopes/wishes can be discussed here. To start, what did you guys think of the trailers shown at E3?
  4. Link Floyd

    2D Remake?

    Seems like a lot of the fans are hopeful for a remake of one of the old 2D Zeldas, ALTTP especially. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the next Zelda game for Switch will be a 2D remake? If so, what game would it be? I know this is unlikely, but I would love a remake of Minish Cap...
  5. Link Floyd

    Worst Decade for Music?

    The 50s gave us Elvis, the 60s gave us The Beatles, the 70s gave us Elton John, the 80s gave us Madonna, the 90s gave us Nirvana, and the 2000s and beyond gave us...Miley Cyrus. *shivers* Everyone has their own preferences, but for those of you who know a lot of music throughout the decades...
  6. Link Floyd

    Post-Game Content

    Why do Zelda games last post-game content? I always thought there needed to be more after completion of the main story. If they ever created a Zelda game with post-game content in the future, what would you want it to be?
  7. Link Floyd

    Dealing with Death

    Over the last decade, I lost my grandparents. I noticed that as they passed away, I dealt with each death a bit differently. Maybe it was because of how close I was to certain ones, or my state of mind, but overall I always felt a giant gap in my heart. I either cried a lot or not at all. How...
  8. Link Floyd

    Zelda Tattoos

    Anyone here got any Zelda tattoos? If not, what kind of Zelda tattoo would you get? The Triforce, Majora's Mask, Tingle maybe? I personally would love getting a tattoo of something from Majora's Mask, or maybe the Hylian Shield.
  9. Link Floyd

    Medievil Remaster

    Noticed there wasn't a thread for this so thought I'd make one. ^^ Medievil is a PS1 classic that definitely deserves a remaster, like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. I loved this game growing up too, even though it scared me! So what do you guys think? Is Medievil worthy of a remaster...
  10. Link Floyd

    Evolution Worlds

    Evolution Worlds was a highly underrated JRPG that came out on Gamecube in the early 2000s. It combined the two original Dreamcast titles (The World of Sacred Device and Far Off Promise) into one game, and added English voices. Has anyone else played this game or the Dreamcast versions?
  11. Link Floyd

    Infinite Timelines?

    In Majora's Mask, Link plays the Song of Time in order to go back to the beginning of a 3 day cycle so he can save Termina from the falling moon. On the official Zelda timeline, there's a split at Ocarina of Time, but not for Majora's Mask. Because Link goes back in time basically an infinite...
  12. Link Floyd

    Ultimate Nintendo at E3 Will Focus on the New Smash Bros.

    https://www.polygon.com/2018/4/26/17288862/when-is-nintendo-e3-2018-direct-super-smash-bros So apparently Nintendo will focus mostly on the new Smash Bros. for Switch at E3 this year. I personally find this to be pretty underwhelming, probably because Nintendo has disappointed me greatly within...
  13. Link Floyd

    Will 2018 surpass 2017 in gaming?

    2017 brought us great games such as Breath of the Wild, Nier: Automata, and plenty of others. So far, it's looking like 2018 has much more to offer, with the Spryo remaster, a Spider-man game, and more coming in the fall. I can honestly say I'm very impressed with the number of quality titles...
  14. Link Floyd

    Count Dankula and the Nazi Pug

    https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/count-dankula-mark-meechan-prosecution-free-speech-battle/ I've been following this story on and off, and the fact that's it's in the news is pretty ridiculous. So apparently this YouTuber named 'Count Dankula' taught his girlfriend's pug to do Nazi salutes...
  15. Link Floyd

    Transgenderism: Mental illness?

    I've seen a lot of people debating whether transgender folks are mentally ill. In my opinion, being mentally ill is when there's something going on inside that's interfering with everyday life, and there are plenty of transgenders who are able to function everyday without issue. However...
  16. Link Floyd

    Animes like Steins;Gate?

    I'm having trouble finding good anime to watch. I'm in the mood for something similar to Steins;Gate, something with interesting characters and thrilling plot twists. Any suggestions?
  17. Link Floyd

    Stand-Up Comedy - Mrs. Rosenburg vs. The 2016 Election

    Hey guys! I started writing again. :3 This is part of a story I've been working on for years. I hope you enjoy! Mrs. Rosenburg VS. The 2016 Election [Stand-Up Comedy – A Continuation] The year is 2016. The month is November. The political climate: Pathetic with a chance of stupidity...
  18. Link Floyd


    What is your opinion on them? Do you like to read/write them? Or do you find them to be cringeworthy?
  19. Link Floyd

    Z e l d a W a v e

    These are honestly the coolest versions of Zelda songs I've ever heard. What do you guys think? I would probably describe this as Zelda music meets neo-psychedlia. :)
  20. Link Floyd

    Do you nickname your pokeymans?

    Hi friends. Do you guys like to give your pokeymans nicknames? If so, how do you nickname them?
  21. Link Floyd

    Favorite MCU Moments

    Hey fellow Marvel fans. :) I was curious about some of your favorite moments from the MCU. It can be a scene or maybe something funny that your favorite character did or said. So what are some of your favorite MCU moments?
  22. Link Floyd


    Who here uses Facebook? I think it's a good site for keeping in touch with friends and family but other than that, it's cancerous. So do you use it? And whether you do or not, do you like it or dislike it?
  23. Link Floyd


    Does anyone here actually like this site? I find it to be totally pointless.
  24. Link Floyd

    Are you a Hero or a Villain?

    In your life, would you consider yourself the protagonist or the antagonist? Do you think you do the right things for the good of others like a hero, or do you feel like you're in it for yourself and will achieve success at the expense of other people like a villain would? Do you consider...
  25. Link Floyd

    If the Tetraforce Exists, who has the 4th piece?

    I think most of us who are deeply involved in the world of Zelda have stumbled upon the Tetraforce theory at some point or another. Long story short, it's the idea that there is a fourth piece of the Triforce that is located in the middle, upside down. So if we assume the Tetraforce exists, who...
  26. Link Floyd


    Do you enjoy debating with other people? Or does it make you uncomfortable? If you do enjoy it, do you prefer doing it with friends or anonymously on the internet?
  27. Link Floyd

    Milo Yiannopoulos

    Recently, I discovered this guy on YouTube. I found him to be pretty hilarious for a political commentator and I like how he shuts down the extreme left by using logic and common sense. I don't agree with all of his views but I do find him to be one of the most legitimate political...
  28. Link Floyd

    Ancient Tree Stump in BotW (A possible hint at Kokiris?)

    Recently, I stumbled upon the Ancient Tree Stump in BotW. It's located in Central Hyrule southwest of the Castle. After close inspection, it seems that there were once settlements around this tree. A small pond of water surrounds the stump and you can see the remains of houses underneath it...
  29. Link Floyd

    Which Harry Potter character do you identify with?

    Since I've been rewatching the films for the past few weeks, I've been thinking about the characters a lot and how they grew and developed over the course of the movies/books. I'm not sure which character I'm most like, to be honest. I feel like I'm about 50% Hermoine, 25% Harry, and 25% Luna...
  30. Link Floyd

    Where did the cats go?

    In Breath of the Wild, we have dogs, wolves, goats, and of course, viscous half horse half lion things called Lynels. But we never see any cats, do we? Where did they go? We see them in TP, specifically gathered by that golden guy's house in Castle Town, so they have existed in Hyrule at some...
  31. Link Floyd

    2D Zelda with the Best Soundtrack

    Which 2D Zelda has the best soundtrack in your opinion? I'd have to go with Minish Cap. The overworld theme is the best and I enjoy all the songs in the forest areas. So which 2D soundtrack do you like the best?
  32. Link Floyd

    "I wish I'd never been born."

    Has anyone ever thought this before? I know this is a rather dark subject, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about. Sometimes I wonder how life would have been if my parents never had me...How different their lives would be. Same goes for my friends and other relatives. Sometimes...
  33. Link Floyd

    Tingle vs Bolson

    Who would win in this ultimate Hyrule Celebrity Death Match???
  34. Link Floyd

    BotW's Tingle

    Which character in BotW do you feel is the new Tingle? My personal pick is Bolson, the carpenter boss. Not only does he sell you things for an outrageous amount, he has his very own special dance. So who is the new Tingle in your opinion? And thank you @Deus for inspiring this thread. XD
  35. Link Floyd

    The World Beyond the Game

    For those of you who grew up playing video games, did anyone else think there was more to see beyond the boundaries of the game? I remember as a kid I always wanted to explore what was beyond Hyrule. XD
  36. Link Floyd

    Guardian Reactions

    So apparently if you manage to lure a Guardian all the way into a town, the people will actually run away in fear screaming, "It's a Guardian!" I think it's pretty neat that they programmed this to happen in the game, since the last thing on our minds is bringing an ancient, viscious robotic...
  37. Link Floyd

    Multiple Kiltons?

    Either Kilton is more than one person or he has an insanely speedy air balloon. No matter where you warp to during the night (as in, a warp point near a town) Kilton will always be there, even if you just saw him all the way in Gerudo desert and you just warped to Zora's Domain. So why is...
  38. Link Floyd

    NPCs and the Blood Moon

    Was reading about BotW stuff online and came across an interesting tidbit. Apparently some NPCs have a reaction before the blood moon happens. For example, the guy at the Dueling Peaks stable who is interested in the moon has a strange reaction right before the blood moon appears. And apparently...
  39. Link Floyd


    Anyone have this game? Is it fun? It looks pretty entertaining and I plan on picking it up when I can afford it. :) It's similar to Tomodachi Life, except in this game it's an RPG and the Mii's you create fight monsters and bond with eachother. :D
  40. Link Floyd

    Wind Waker: Chaos Edition!

    Been watching this playthrough on YouTube and found it pretty hilarious and entertaining. Thought you guys might enjoy it. :) Has anyone else played this version of the game themselves? Did anything funny or crazy happen to you that you'd like to share?
  41. Link Floyd

    Rank the Harry Potter Films

    Rank the Harry Potter films from your favorite to least favorite! Here's mine: 1. Chamber of Secrets 2. Prisoner of Azkaban 3. Sorcerer's Stone 4. Half-Blood Prince 5. Order of the Phoenix 6. Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 7. Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 8. Goblet of Fire
  42. Link Floyd

    Lynels and Ancient Arrows

    I think most of us BotW veterans know that shooting an ancient arrow at a Lynel makes them disappear. But why is this? I guess this could be considered a theory thread, but there could also be an explanation behind this I'm unaware of. So why do Lynels disappear as soon as they are hit with an...
  43. Link Floyd

    Iron Knuckle Origins

    What IS an Iron Knuckle? Where do they come from? I was reading online and one site said that they were knights appointed by the King (and we can assume that King is Ganondorf, based on the Iron Knuckles hostility). So are they Hylian soldiers who have been manipulated by Ganon and turned evil...
  44. Link Floyd

    The Next Musical Instrument

    We haven't had a whole lot of musical instruments for Link in the Zelda series. In OoT and MM, we had the ocarina of course, and in the WW, we had a magical baton called the Wind Waker! So if Nintendo were to bring back the musical instrument mechanic, what instrument would you like to see Link...
  45. Link Floyd

    Has Zelda made you better in school?

    With all the puzzle solving, Zelda games definitely keep you thinking and guessing. I know for me, whenever I head into a new dungeon I have to prepare myself to think a certain way. I've also noticed that I can apply this way of thinking in classes like algebra or chemistry, and thanks to Zelda...
  46. Link Floyd

    Which one is more frightening: The Forest Temple or the Shadow Temple?

    I know this sounds really weird but I always found the Forest Temple to be a lot more scary than the Shadow Temple. I guess it was because of the eerie music and the general vibe of the place. It always felt more remote/isolated than the Shadow Temple which was right behind Kakiriko village. So...
  47. Link Floyd

    Should Zelda be more...magical?

    Often times when we think of The Legend of Zelda, we also think of swords, shields, and the princess herself. The land of Hyrule is definitely a unique place filled with mystery and magic. But...could we use more magic? Most of the games involve the usage of different weapons or swords, and...
  48. Link Floyd

    Interesting Ways to Defeat Enemies

    Has anyone ever killed an enemy in a different way other than by sword or arrow? Maybe you used a boulder, or set them on fire with a torch. If it's interesting enough to share, post it here! :)
  49. Link Floyd

    Pineapples or No Pineapples?

    So do you like pineapples on pizza? Or do you find that to be a sin against the good will of mankind?
  50. Link Floyd

    Let's Play Videos: Yay or Nay?

    What do you think about Let's Play videos? Do you enjoy them or do they annoy you? For me, it really depends on the person doing the Let's Play. Do they make me excited to play the game? Do they make me laugh? If so, it's a video I can enjoy. But as for the majority of these types of videos, I...
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