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  1. Giri

    Scrapper notifications for social groups? (Poll)

    Unlike Mature discussion, social groups don't get much posts and don't get heated up. The discussions would be chill. And also, some groups have potential to be great place for discussion. So I think it's a good idea. What about you?
  2. Giri

    Official Suggestions Thread

    That's a good idea. We should start a poll on that
  3. Giri

    Never really liked anime, but...

    Mob Psycho 100, Boku no Hero Academia, Dragon Ball If you're okay with watching 13+ mature content ie you've watched death note so i guess you're probably ok with it Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin, Vinland Saga Personal recommendations: Sousei no Onmyoji, www.working, 7ds
  4. Giri

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I'm trying to defeat Big Green Chuchu in MC w/o taking damage. It's an insanely hard achievement. The chuchu jumps like crazy the third time. I always take damage at that time
  5. Giri

    Microsoft Mixer is shut down :(

    As y'all know mixer is shut down as of 22 July. I haven't been able to follow the incident much for some reasons. All I know is that it has moved it partners to Facebook gaming and Ninja gets 30M.
  6. Giri

    Spoil a name by changing, adding or deleting a few letters

    https://youtu.be/uW40_CZ0Bx0 The basic idea is to change a name into something hilarious (or an attempt) Eg P1:Sailor Moon P2:Sailor Moan I'll start Lord of the Rings
  7. Giri

    Was There A Hero Before Skyward Sword Link?

    Tho it's Canon, that doesn't sit well with the story because the people who injured in battle in demise are different, which is a big contradiction. Therefore, the manga shouldn't be taken into consideration imao. The hero Zelda refers to is some random Hylian who was chosen to be her bodyguard...
  8. Giri

    Watch Anime Together

    Which BnHA season are you talking about? I assume it's 1. And why not multiple options (since you can discuss more n 1 series) and why not vote be visible publicly? I'd like to recommend www.working, wagnaria!, Uzagi chan wa asobita (Uzagi wants to hang out) and Mob Psycho 100 they're awesome...
  9. Giri

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  10. Giri

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Completed Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 1/10 weird **** :fpalm:. I can get why some ppl don't like it even tho it's got a lot of comedy. If you didn't like Aho girl, you wouldn't like this Started K-on!!. I didn't like the previous season much, now I'm giving this a go. Started Darling in the Franxx.
  11. Giri

    Happy Birthday, Doc :party: :party::party:

    Happy Birthday, Doc :party: :party::party:
  12. Giri

    Leafyishere terminated

    He literally makes reaction videos of other YouTubers also known as commentary type videos. In all these years never did it seem like he was hating somebody. What is really the problem is his fan base. They were spamming other creators comment section. I would say he could have controlled his...
  13. Giri

    Leafyishere terminated

    So you basically haven't watched any of his content and decided to link a Wikipedia article that's being edited every hour? Let me add a few info The first incident was a very sad incident. And I feel sorry for Tommy. Here's what happened: Leafy took a video from r/cringe and that video...
  14. Giri

    What Annoyed You Today?

    YouTube YouTube YouTube
  15. Giri

    I ain't that simp Robby lol

    I ain't that simp Robby lol
  16. Giri

    Leafyishere terminated

    Shockingly, Leafyishere channel was terminated. It's also notable that YouTube may have took his old content into consideration before the ToS and community guidelines were properly laid out. It's unlikely that his channel will be reinstate RIP Leafyishere
  17. Giri

    Wendy is MINE punk!

    Wendy is MINE punk!
  18. Giri

    How do you feel about "Cringe Comedy"?

    I'm here to give a brofist
  19. Giri

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  20. Giri


  21. Giri

    :ghello: welcome aboard! Nice username ya got.

    :ghello: welcome aboard! Nice username ya got.
  22. Giri

    Most Justified Antagonists?

    Light Yagami from death note is the first that comes to mind. I'll edit in more later. Edit:- Agreed. And also Harry Osborne as goblin.
  23. Giri

    What do you think about archery?

    I loved archery in SS and TP. I'm glad I stumbled upon Hawkeye. I loved sniping with it. Using bomb arrows was fun too. I regret not having used bow in botw :(
  24. Giri

    Which Zelda character has the best haircut?

    Of course, For myself, I'm fine with my hairstyle
  25. Giri

    Which Zelda game would you want to be made into an anime?

    I would like to see a good anime yes! I haven't played much games yet. So I think I'll nominate MC and SS. I wanna see a genderbent Vaati so badly. I hope they do it lol SS would make a great choice too. Especially due to the fact that it has SkyLoft and I'd like to see Groose on anime. He'd...
  26. Giri

    How do you deal with writer's block?

    As a person not having English as primary language, I get that a lot. Sometimes my writing seems that like that of 5 year olds'. Not only that, I find it difficult to write about a given theme in a given time. I do have a solution, or rather a suggestion. Try to write about what you admire the...
  27. Giri

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  28. Giri

    Tips on eating healthier lunches

    If you can find rice with a very low level arsenic, then it's great. Fry cumin seeds in hot oil. Add rice and salt to it. Add water to rice 2:1 cover it and allow it to boil in high flame. Then steam the rice on low flame until all the water is absorbed. Add a few green chillies for taste If...
  29. Giri

    Happy birthday :party: :party:

    Happy birthday :party: :party:
  30. Giri

    What are the vegetables and fruits you like?

    What breed did you try? Sometimes, the taste and aroma varies largely with breed. Ya grew up on Popeye dintcha?! I sez it's great that ya like spinich !
  31. Giri

    Hey! It's been a year with y'all :hug:

    Hey! It's been a year with y'all :hug:
  32. Giri

    What are the vegetables and fruits you like?

    Vegetables: Banana (sauteed, or as chips) Mango (pickled) Brinjal, Beetroot (curry) Cucumber, carrot (raw) Ladies' finger Yam Fruits: Watah melon! Banana (Rasthali, Nendran-as chips) Mango (Banganapali, Imam pasand, Neelum, rumani) Jack fruit Chilli Lime, Lemon Grapes Coconut
  33. Giri

    Bar Jokes!

    A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for booze and a mop.
  34. Giri

    Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

  35. Giri

    Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

    Yeah, climate is another thing. But regarding safety, if an accident occurs it might be difficult to save a person inside a car as it's closed.
  36. Giri

    Happy Independence Day ! [IMG]

    Happy Independence Day !
  37. Giri

    Happy Independence day!

    Happy Independence day!
  38. Giri

    Happy Birthday :party::party:

    Happy Birthday :party::party:
  39. Giri

    Your Unexplained Encounters

    Agreed. There must be an explanation for everything. The fact that we cannot understand it doesn't mean it's 'unexplained' There is a myth in villages that ghosts appear below trees. But one possible explanation is that inhaling CO2 for prolonged periods of time causes hallucinations. Not only...
  40. Giri

    :ghello:Welcome to ZD

    :ghello:Welcome to ZD
  41. Giri

    The Legend of Eelda: Oceans of Time

    I'd love it! This lightened my mood Ganonshork is the villain We wield The Master Trident The Gorons look like sea urchin when they roll Rito are seagulls. Imagine Fi's voice submerged in water
  42. Giri

    Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

    Admit it, Learning to drive a bike is way easier than learning to drive a car. For me, I suck at handling cars. I'm probably gonna mess up driving exam when I'm 18 XD Whereas it's a different case for bikes. You can learn to drive it within two-three days. Also, you can feel the wind graze and a...
  43. Giri

    Post a fact about the user above!

    The above user is a coffee lover @twilitfalchion who's that guy on the gif? Someone from Detective Conan?
  44. Giri

    What should I watch before One Punch Man?

    Lol! As we know, it's a parody anime. And a spoof is best watched after the movies/anime it spoofed. So what anime are being spoofed in opm? What should I watch for lmao totally? I noticed it opens with a piccolo reference XD
  45. Giri

    Hey! It's good to see a fellow Indian here! Where are you from? I'm from Tamil Nadu. And I'm...

    Hey! It's good to see a fellow Indian here! Where are you from? I'm from Tamil Nadu. And I'm also curious to know whether you support any cricket team
  46. Giri

    How important is social media to you?

    I use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Bigo Live(banned now), Discord, Reddit, InBook and WhatsApp (Rarely). I used to use Fb few years back after that, everyone moved to insta. So FB and Messenger are pretty much dead at this point for me. I don't use WhatsApp much, it's kinda toxic with all the...
  47. Giri

    The little things in life

    Being a teacher's pet. Standing out with my friends and whispering when a very boring topic is taken. Fighting for lucky controllers while playing at friends Perfect wheelie without loosing balance The happiness to see lots insta dm after staying logged out for a long time Messing around in...
  48. Giri

    What can you talk about for hours?

    I love the ocean. I too am passionate about the ocean! I was so fascinated to know that deep down, light doesn't even penetrate yet organisms survive. Also, unlike other sharks, Greenland Sharks live in deep sea. The oldest one is 400 years old. What do you know? Maybe kraken really exists...
  49. Giri

    How were you as a student?

    Were you obedient? Do you ask a lot of doubts or were you hesitant to ask doubts? Were you the lecturers' favorite? Which subject was your favorite? Were you punctual? Were you hard working? Do you listen very seriously? Have you slept? Did you have a lot of friends? I was the one who was the...
  50. Giri

    Zelda 1's Dungeon theme.. other games?

    https://youtu.be/GZf0gxV3O-k ^^This?
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