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  1. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Character Select Screen

    22 is the most reasonable one simply because we know there are 52 play styles. Link has four, everyone else has 2. That means someone else has 4. (Ganon if I had to guess)
  2. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Who Are You Most Looking Forward to Playing As?

    Ghirahim. Me and my friend have wanted to co-op Ghirahim and Zant since day 1. Also, to anyone questioning playable villains: Ghirahim and Zant both have weapon icons in the features trailer.
  3. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Princess Agitha Playable!

    The overwhelming majority of interesting supporting characters in the Zelda series are female, so it makes sense. Aonuma said the roster was about half female. Most of the other half likely consists of all the Zelda villains, most of which are male.
  4. Megamannt125

    Call Me Nostalgic, but I'm Not Extremely Enthusiastic

    In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask there were neon lights and robots. The series has always been pseudo-medieval, and all technology is magic fueled. Your point is moot.
  5. Megamannt125

    My Theories - Regarding Timeline Placement and the Protag's Identity

    1. Link's origin - Zelda had Hylia, and Ganondorf had Demise. They are technically separate characters, but were caused because of that deity. SS Prequel. 2. WW Link's origin - WW Link was said to have no connection to the past hero, Adult Timeline had no Link during the great flood, meaning...
  6. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Roster Wishlists

    Bringing this back now that continuity purists have been proven wrong by Midna.
  7. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Cia of Hyrule Warriors

    It's sad to see a new female Zelda villain who has a lot of potential but is reduced to "talking breasts who's main obsession is the Oh So Perfect Male Protagonist" I do like her, but I just would've liked to see someone who WASN'T another Veran. Zelda is known for a diverse cast, so what's the...
  8. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Roster Wishlists

    That's kind a moot point. It's not like all the playable characters will be on one screen at once. Regarding a lot of objects on screen at once, that's also a staple of the Warriors series and we've seen that in gameplay with hordes of moblins and hylian soldiers... Also, I have no idea why...
  9. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Roster Wishlists

    Huge rosters are a staple of Musou games. Aonuma himself said he was surprised by the size of the roster in this game. And as for continuity issues, we're not even certain this takes place ANYWHERE on the timeline, and even if it did, the description of the backstory (Link defeating some evil...
  10. Megamannt125

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Roster Wishlists

    What are some of the playable characters you think will get in, or hope will? Here's my personal wishful roster.
  11. Megamannt125

    A Link Between Worlds New Main Villain?

    Many people thought Ghirahim might be a woman when we first saw glimpses of him as well. I'm not buying the whole "Female Ganondorf" idea. Make up and long hair do not make a woman. They share the same earrings with Ghirahim. I'd say this person shares qualities with both Ghirahim and Ganondorf...
  12. Megamannt125

    A Link Between Worlds ALttP2: the Villain

    Vaati. -It's obviously not Ganon unless Nintendo decides to revive him for whatever reason (But I could go into a rant as to why I would absolutely detest that) -ALTTP1's connections with Four Swords from the GBA re-release (The Palace of the Four Sword was even included) -Nightmare's final...
  13. Megamannt125


    Not feminine guys/girls, just flamboyant ones. The kind that throw it in your face that they're gay/bi/whatever and act like that because they think they're supposed to. When I was a young teenager and I came out I did the same thing and have hated it since.
  14. Megamannt125


    I don't believe in any gods. However I don't completely denounce the idea of some kind of grand cosmic god being. I don't believe in the tyrannical magical man in the clouds that people kill over though, that's just ridiculous.
  15. Megamannt125


    There's absolutely nothing wrong with Homosexuality. It is impossible to find any reasons as to why it could be bad in a scientific point of view. I dislike it when people use their orientation as a defining feature of their personality though.
  16. Megamannt125

    Twinrova in "The Hero Is Defeated" Timeline

    Death means nothing in Zelda. A villian or monster can easily be revived if someone has enough magic to do so.
  17. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Windfish in Skyword Sword?

    The Wind Fish could be a descendant of Levias. Hyrule Historia says that Jabun isn't Jabu-Jabu for instance, but a descendant of him. Could be the same case here.
  18. Megamannt125

    Gossip/Sheikah Stones - What Are They All About?

    Form of communication between the Sheikah, later adopted by the Royal Family. Hence the name "gossip" stone and only being hearable using the mask of truth (a Sheikah related item)
  19. Megamannt125

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Ghirahim. Anyone who says otherwise clearly hasn't seen his pure form, stunning features, and beautiful physique.
  20. Megamannt125

    Spoiler The Link Defeated Timeline, How the Games Connect? (not About the Origin)

    Yes, they are the same Link. It isn't consistent with official artwork or with Zelda's words in the linked ending, but it's the same guy. Link defeats Ganon, gets transported to Holodrum and Labrynna later, saves them, and then sails away to train.
  21. Megamannt125

    Could Laruto and Fado Make an Appearence in SS?

    Or their ancestors maybe? Why do I say this? Because the Earth and Wind sage play a key role in the Master Sword's power, and since Skyward Sword tells of the origin of the blade, it wouldn't be completely unreasonable to believe they would be in the game. What do you think?
  22. Megamannt125

    Timeline Release?

    I've thought of this as a possibility for a while. It has been 25 years, and timeline theorizing has slowly been dying out. It'd be a perfect time to release it. If it was released, i'd be happy. Although I can imagine some theorists getting angry because their timeline turned out to not be the...
  23. Megamannt125

    Adventure of Link Towns and the Sages.

    1. It was relevant before the split idea was concieved, now it's just an easter egg. There's no possible way it could have any real relevance at this point because: A. On the AT, Hyrule was flooded and forgotton except for WW Link who only knew about the MS and basic Hyrule lore, he was never...
  24. Megamannt125

    What Happened to the Dekus and the Gerudos?

    Realistic answer: Nintendo was lazy and didn't really a see a point in adding all the uneeded races. Theorist answer: The dekus died out over time, as for Gerudo, in TP, they could easily be in another part of the desert. As for WW, one could interpret that they became pirates who lived in the...
  25. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    That makes alot less sense than them building around it considering in many parts the grass is covered in stone. Where does it say that? I'm fairly certain that the types of water do not matter with Zora, since they've lived in the ocean and in freshwater. Common sense is not always valid...
  26. Megamannt125

    Prediction: Zelda 25th Anniversary Surprise= Skyward Sword.

    Timeline discussion is a dying sport though, sadly. I highly doubt that releasing it would stop people from buying future games. Timeline discussion has always been just something extra to talk about, people play Zelda games because they are fun, not for the timeline. Fans have been debating for...
  27. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    So, I made it to the City in the Sky finally in my replaythrough of Twilight Princess, and just as I remembered, there are sections with grass and trees. I don't just mean areas like the beginning where there is a ton of cutable grass like moss, I mean actual grass textures. How did that get...
  28. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    You're resosrting to personal attacks instead of using evidence. Like I said, no, they didn't. There are organic parts of City in the Sky, it isn't all mechanical afterall. How did the patches with trees and grass get there unless the land was once organic but made mechanical? The Zoras turned...
  29. Megamannt125

    Who in the Zelda Series Would You Like to Play As Other Than Link?

    I would like a treasure hunting adventure game in which you control Linebeck.
  30. Megamannt125

    Prediction: Zelda 25th Anniversary Surprise= Skyward Sword.

    Nintendo has said that Skyward Sword would be released after OOT 3D is released, which is released June 7, so I highly doubt that. If anything, it'll likely be a new game or maybe the Timeline will finally be released.
  31. Megamannt125

    Your Skyward Sword Wish List

    1. More Focus on Sidequests 2. More Focus on content in the overworld 3. More Focus on making Puzzles and Bosses challening 4. Alot of exploration and non-linearity Length: 50 Hours Number of Dungeons: 5-6 Number of Field Dungeons: 2-3 Plot Synopsis: Link has to defeat the Dark Interlopers...
  32. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    There you go again. My theory has not been discredited, because I found a solution to the problem here: You've yet debunk my theory with contradictory evidence, the only arguement you've put up is your original post, and as I said, my theory can still work even with the idea that Skyloft was...
  33. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    Did you accidently double post or are you implying that Skyloft and Hyrule are the same thing? I'm not quite sure how you're discrediting my theory, it seems like you didn't even read my entire theory. DISREGARD THIS: Also I never said Skyloft and City in the Sky were the same. I said that the...
  34. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    What? How does that mean that the Oocca existed before Skyloft?
  35. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    Source on the joining of the two lands? Or whatever it is you were trying to say, you didn't make yourself very clear. Also they did not create the Hylians, that was a mistranslation. The Japanese version of TP says they created Hyrule.
  36. Megamannt125

    Spoiler Oocca = Skyloftians, Interlopers, More

    So, I am in the middle of replaying through Twilight Princess in anticipation for Skyward Sword, and noticed something interesting i've yet to notice. Rusl implies that the Oocca created the temple of time before giving you the Golden Cucco to grant you access to the Sacred Grove. This would...
  37. Megamannt125

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Huh... guess you're right. Wonder why I didn't notice that before...
  38. Megamannt125

    Spoiler ~Another Look at the E3 2010 Skyward Sword Trailer's Intro

    The Fairy Girl and the Skyward Sword So, Locke's article made me think a bit more. As he pointed out, the D Icon looks EXACTLY like the fairy queen. Down to every detail, she no longer has the diamond on her head or the sword-like hair. It gave me an interesting idea. Notice how in the...
  39. Megamannt125

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    He gets hit by the large Bokoblin/Moblin creature with the wooden shield.
  40. Megamannt125

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Something to note is his health doesn't go down at any point in the trailer, even when he gets hit. We can assume that the health and shield meters were "disabled" in this version of the game.
  41. Megamannt125

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    I was aware, but that topic is meant to be in general about the GDC trailer, but no ones talking about the trailer really other than the figure, so having a thread devoted to the figure would be ideal.
  42. Megamannt125

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    It's confirmed to take place in Hyrule.
  43. Megamannt125

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    I thought i'd make one single thread about him and all the theories surrounding him so we can keep them all in one place and discuss them. Theories: -He is the personification of the Gilded Sword -He is Vaati -He is Majora in human form -He is a Dark Interloper -He is a Shiekah -He is one of...
  44. Megamannt125

    The New Guy is a Sheikah? Return of the Sheikah?

    I think it's a possibility, but he resembles Midna more than he does Impa, so he might be a Dark Interloper.
  45. Megamannt125

    Shield Meter!?

    I really hope it's durability. Maybe shields break after a while. It would give us a reason to use our rupees and go to stores instead of them just sitting around and cluttering up.
  46. Megamannt125

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    Just pointing out some things here. 1. The man on top of the statue is not the Skyward Sword, he doesn't even resemble the sword, and the biggest contradiction to that theory is the fact that the Skyward Sword appears on the bottom of the D-pad, looking exactly like she did in the artwork. 2. He...
  47. Megamannt125

    I Want Castle Town to Look Like the Beta Pictures of OOT Castle Town

    I don't want a castle town at all. I want small settlements and villages scattered all over Hyrule because the Kingdom of Hyrule hasn't been formed yet.
  48. Megamannt125

    Spoiler How Can TMC Be the Beginning of the Split Timeline?

    No, but like I said he implied it, here's what I mean: At the line about calling it the first Zelda game, he implies that it currently is the first Zelda game in the timeline, but he doesn't want to directly say it, because he believes that will mean they can't ever make a game before SS for...
  49. Megamannt125

    Spoiler How Can TMC Be the Beginning of the Split Timeline?

    I used to be an avid supporter of MC coming first, but with Skyward Sword, it makes it a bit harder to place. If Skyward Sword is how I imagine it (Hyrule becomes established), then there's no way MC could be before it, not to mention what Aonuma said about Skyward Sword being the first Zelda...
  50. Megamannt125

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    Do you remember Twilight Princess? It was so unbelievably hyped, and it lead to the games downfall. Now, Twilight Princess is a great game, but the expectations for it were IMMENSE, it caused disappointment. A similar thing happened to Brawl. They learned from both, they don't want to ruin your...
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